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The Deal (2016) HD online

The Deal (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: The Deal
Director: Daniel S. Kaminsky
Writers: Daniel S. Kaminsky,Will Strouse
Released: 2016
Budget: $20,000
Duration: 16min
Video type: Movie
The Deal is a psychological thriller about unexpected change. The fat girl's skinny. The stoner's a success. And the nerd who did magic tricks is now the life of the party. But for Bryce, the prom king-quarterback, change isn't good, especially when what's left of his life vanishes before his eyes.
Cast overview:
Jake Weary Jake Weary - Bryce
Alexandra Shipp Alexandra Shipp - Monica
Daniel Amerman Daniel Amerman - James
Michelle DeFraites Michelle DeFraites - Becca
Bobby Soto Bobby Soto - Hector