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Boonie Bears Bear Jars (2011– ) HD online

Boonie Bears Bear Jars (2011– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation
Original Title: Bear Jars
Released: 2011–
Video type: TV Episode
Logger Vick learns from the radio a new way to capture bears. He puts some nuts into a clay jar and puts it outside the bears' abode, hoping that the bears will become powerless to his attack once their paws get stuck inside the jars. Vick later improves the trap by replacing the clay jar with iron ones and glues them onto a tree.
Episode credited cast:
Rick Jay Glen Rick Jay Glen - Briar (voice)
Joseph S. Lambert Joseph S. Lambert - Singer - End Theme Song
Siobhan Lumsden Siobhan Lumsden - Radio (voice)
Paul 'Maxx' Rinehart Paul 'Maxx' Rinehart - Logger Vick (voice)
Toni Thompson Toni Thompson - Warren (voice)
Justin J. Wheeler Justin J. Wheeler - Bramble (voice)