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Scandal: Body of Love (2000) HD online

Scandal: Body of Love (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Scandal: Body of Love
Director: Peter Diamond
Writers: Sebastien Chartier,Peter Diamond
Released: 2000
Duration: 1h 23min
Video type: Movie
Steven, a young handsome millionaire marries Jane, a former prostitute. During lovemaking happy husband dies after drinking before this heart pills. Wife accused of murder, but her lawyer, Tom ably proves that she is not to blame, and the case is closed. But everything is so simple in fact, as it seems? Not behind this apparent simplicity of some terrible secret?
Credited cast:
Jason Schnuit Jason Schnuit - Tom (as Jay Stewart)
Amber Newman Amber Newman - Jane
Nichole O'Connell Nichole O'Connell - Karen
Michelle von Flotow Michelle von Flotow - Sandra Jackson (as Michelle Hall)
Robert Donavan Robert Donavan - Judge
Jarod Carey Jarod Carey - Steve (as John Smith)
Tony Piano Tony Piano - Freddy Denitro
Zoe Paul Zoe Paul - Stripper
Anthony Skordi Anthony Skordi - Man in Office / Mob Guy
Danny Pape Danny Pape - Johnny Tambata
David Usher David Usher - Goon #1
Marine Soimaud Marine Soimaud - Marine
Gina Ryder Gina Ryder - Blonde Girl (as Gina Lascano)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chloe Chloe - Karen

Reviews: [3]

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    This excellent soft core effort deserves to be put on tape or better yet, DVD. It stars, among others, hardcore star Chloe Nicole. She's an excellent actress. It also has the sexy Amber Newman in it. What a combination!
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    I've always been a big Amber Newman fan. Even though she hasn't been in a softcore film in a few years, Amber is still hanging around at the top of my Skinemax Top 10. This is, in my opinion, the best film she had a starring role in, far better than "Sin In The City."

    Amber Newman stars as Jane, a woman who seems to have bad luck with men--one of her former boyfriends was murdered, and her current one died on her while they were having sex. Since he died on top of her--literally--she's the primary suspect. Jason Schnuit, a softcore regular, plays Tom, the attorney who successfully gets her off--until she gets into even more trouble. During one of the film's relatively tense moments, Tom is interrogating Jane about another crime in which she's the prime suspect. She answers, and gives us our quote of the movie (which can't fully be displayed here...for obvious reasons):

    "I can be very persuasive. Right now, you don't know whether you want to kill me or **** me."

    The word left out starts with an F. You folks probably know what it is.

    The supporting cast standout is Michelle Hall, another one of my favorites. She stars as Sandra Jackson, Tom's lovely assistant and occasional sex partner. Chloe Nichole plays Tom's girlfriend, who seems to be oblivious to the fact that Tom's bedding down two other women.

    The sex scenes are the typical ones found in other Click Productions films made in the same time period: Guitar-heavy music and obviously canned moaning. Amber Newman and Michelle Hall gyrating about outweighs those distractions, however. Chloe wasn't too bad, either. For a woman who primarily does hardcore films, she actually has some sort of acting ability, which is a plus.

    Although the film is somewhat formula in its execution, "Body Of Love" is one of my favorite films of the 1999-2001 softcore explosion, simply because Amber Newman gives such a worthwhile performance.

    Women: A (Amber Newman and Michelle Hall, two women on my Skinemax Top 10, are in the cast, making it very hard to grade this film lower than anything in the "A" range. Chloe, Zoe Paul and Gina Ryder can also be found in this film, thus solidifying the grade nicely.)

    Sex: B+ (The sex scenes were fine, but not quite top notch. The music and canned sounds detract from it somewhat, but since Amber and Michelle are in them, the grade stays fairly high.)

    Story: C (An average story at best. In fact, I'm not quite sure what it was supposed to accomplish, as it broke down somewhere toward the middle and gave way to Amber coming out of her clothes frequently, which isn't a bad thing at all.)

    Overall: A- (The weight of the first two categories carry this flick and keep it in the "A" range, barely. Amber Newman gave a B+ performance in this flick, which is extremely high for her. The sheer amount of sex scenes she participates in, along with Chloe and Michelle Hall getting naked, make a strong case for giving this film an A- and not a B+. In short, "Body Of Love" is a fair softcore film, but not the best one in the "Scandal" series--that would probably belong to "Lawful Entry.")
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    This is an above average effort from the softcore industry. From the "Goodfellas" like opening to the dramatic conclusion, "Body of Love" truly delivers the goods. Amber Newman lights everything around her on fire. I only wish the two cops that bust Amber & Chloe having sex had more scenes, they're right out of "Adam-12" and have a great presence.