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Critical Eleven (2017) HD online

Critical Eleven (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Romance
Original Title: Critical Eleven
Director: Robert Ronny,Monty Tiwa
Writers: Jenny Jusuf,Ika Natassa
Released: 2017
Duration: 2h 15min
Video type: Movie
Ale and Anya first met on a flight from Jakarta to Sydney. Anya lured on the first three minutes, seven hours later they were sitting next to each other and know each other through conversation and laughter, and eight minutes before separating Ale sure he wants Anya.
Credited cast:
Reza Rahadian Reza Rahadian - Aldebaran Risjad (Ale)
Adinia Wirasti Adinia Wirasti - Tanya Baskoro (Anya)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Hannah Al Rashid Hannah Al Rashid - Tara
Anggika Bolsterli Anggika Bolsterli - Keara
Carlos Camelo Carlos Camelo - Peter
Hamish Daud Hamish Daud - Donny
Nino Fernandez Nino Fernandez - Agnes Husband
Refal Hady Refal Hady - Harris
Slamet Rahardjo Slamet Rahardjo - Ale's Father
Dwi Sasono Dwi Sasono - Doctor
Mikha Tambayong Mikha Tambayong - Renata
Revalina S. Temat Revalina S. Temat - Raisa
Astrid Tiar Astrid Tiar - Agnes
Widyawati Widyawati - Ale's Mother

Due to the growing excitement and many requests from readers of the novel for them to be able to attend and watch the film at the gala premiere of this film on May 5, a pre-order session for 555 seats with two options of showtime (5 PM and 7 PM) was opened on April 29 at 11 AM. All the tickets were sold out in 22 minutes.

Jenny Jusuf who wrote the script for this film has confirmed on her Twitter and Instagram account that she's currently working on the script for another film adaptation of Ika Natassa's novel, The Architecture of Love.

The author of the novel, Ika Natassa, came under fire on Twitter when she strongly condemned a clueless and eager teenage fan who watched the bootleg version of the movie on YouTube and complimented her on it.

Adinia Wirasti got a Best Actress nomination in Festival Film Indonesia 2017 for this part and a Best Supporting Actress nomination as well for her work in Cek Toko Sebelah (2016). She is the only actress who snagged both nominations that year.

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    This is simply a love story between two people who are facing their worst nightmare, the test for their marriage.

    I initially came to cinema only to see how Ale and Anya being portrayed by nation's best actor and actress. I was not really fond of the book, but gladly the movie turned out to be astonishing (seriously, the trailer alone was captivating!). I'm still amazed by its breathtaking cinematography and I love every scene in New York. It beautifully captures the honeymoon phase of Ale and Anya's journey.

    I was overwhelmed by the sizzling chemistry between the main leads. I knew they would be great but I didn't expect them to be that amazing. They indeed have done a brilliant job there. Every little detail they showed through their body languages during their exchanges like the touch, the glances, the deep gaze, and the hugs convinced me they're truly a newlywed couple and very much in love. Not to mention they looked so good together. Every scene of them being together was pure gold, and it left good impression to my watching experience.

    That aside, although the heartbreaking scenes were done right, there was something unsettling which affected my overall opinion about the movie. I felt there's something that took big part in driving the characters' actions but it was never shown. That important detail like how Ale being 'different' according to Anya's claim was just being told when the couple were arguing. Was that presented subtly? Did I miss that one out? All I could get as the root of the conflict are both were dealing with grief differently, Ale couldn't shut his mouth, and Anya kept her inner struggle within herself without trying to share it to her husband. However, not sure if I was just insensitive while I was watching it, but I honestly found it extremely difficult to relate to them. I watched this twice only to understand the characters better but the impression is still the same. Thanks to the casts' interview clips and the book, I got much more depth about the characters so I appreciate the movie more. To conclude, Critical Eleven could be a hit or a miss. Without trying to discredit the production team (who already did amazing job), I think the main casts, Reza and Adinia, made the movie more appealing in a whole new level rather than the story itself. That said, if you look for a romance drama movie flooded with beautiful view(s), heart-wrenching scenes, and best chemistry, this one is definitely for you.
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    I watched this movie last week, and my the hype is satisfied. Been worrying about this movie when it was announced, since the novel fan base argue and mostly did not agree about the movie.

    So, without further ado, here it is.

    It's the story of a married couple, Ale and Anya. The term "Critical Eleven" itself is a term used in airplane world. The term itself was used to describe how their marriage life is as we see it. Depicting the reality of a lost of their first child in their little family, Reza Rahadian and Adinia Wirasti portrayed Ale and Anya perfectly.

    My God their chemistry is over the top. Every scene, be it fighting couple scene or the lovey dovey one truly catches the moment. Audience can feel the love or the hate just by those scene alone.

    The music score? I don't have to talk about it that much. IT IS PERFECT. Isyana Sarasvati with her signature voice and the song that she wrote is just absolutely perfect. Truly captures the moment when it was played during some scenes.

    The cinematography? Well let me put it this way. The way I see New York based on other movie, it's just like a big city, crowded with people and very very hectic atmosphere. But here, in Critical Eleven, they managed to show the audience about the other side of new York, with those beautiful shots of Central Park and all.

    The supporting actor and actresses are very carefully picked to and fortunately they did good. Slamet Rahardjo? He is a veteran actor and portrayed Ale's dad perfectly. The same goes for Widyawati as Ale's mother. Oh, and Anya's friends? They were absolutely funny at times and comforting as well.

    Final Verdict: 9/10. I recommend you to watch this BIG TIME.
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    There is something about the movie that I feel too unrealistic and I can't wrap my head around it. The story revolves around the struggle that faces a new couple, living by Central Park as a plot seemed completely unnecessary. As two educated adults, I thought they must have a particular good reason to stay there, paying astronomical amounts in rent, but Anya character only cited that she is comfortable there, then why is she so miserable the whole time? I reason maybe they lived there because NY as a community is very open and welcoming, but they seemed unusually lonely there, no friends, no activities, just straight unhappiness and gloom all the time. I just can't seem to relate, if you're gonna be miserable, why not travel or do something else given that money seems to be of no problems to them. The acting seemed too one dimensional for me that there are multiple scenes in which I know beforehand what they were about to say exactly - or perhaps these could be just one of those scenes that is formulaicly written for indonesian romance-genre viewers. The first 60-80 minutes were just boring and unnecessary to sit through then it got mediocre till the ends. Well, if you've got nothing to do, you might as well do something else that you might find fun instead.