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Everything's on Ice (1939) HD online

Everything's on Ice (1939) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Music
Original Title: Everythingu0027s on Ice
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Writers: Adrian Landis,Sherman L. Lowe
Released: 1939
Duration: 1h 5min
Video type: Movie
A rascal turns his little niece into a skating star, but spends more money than she makes.
Cast overview:
Irene Dare Irene Dare - Irene Barton
Edgar Kennedy Edgar Kennedy - Joe Barton
Roscoe Karns Roscoe Karns - Felix Miller
Lynne Roberts Lynne Roberts - Jane Barton
Eric Linden Eric Linden - Leopold Eddington
Mary Hart Mary Hart - Elsie Barton
George Meeker George Meeker - Harrison Gregg
Bobby Watson Bobby Watson - French
Mary Currier Mary Currier - Miss Tillifer
Maxine Stewart Maxine Stewart - Hat Check Girl
Wade Boteler Wade Boteler - White
Pierre Watkin Pierre Watkin - Hotel Manager (as Pierre Watkins)
Larry Jackson Larry Jackson - Papa Penguin
Kenny Williams Kenny Williams - Dr. Penguin

This film's earliest documented telecasts occurred in New York City Wednesday 12 November 1947 on the DuMont Television Network's WABD (Channel 5) and in Washington DC Wednesday 19 September 1947 on WTTG (Channel 5).

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    Cute little Irene Dare was only 7 years old when she made a few skating movies that pretty much came and went without much notice. Shirley Temple was still a popular box office attraction, and combining the skating talents of her 20th Century Fox contract player Sonja Henie, RKO created their own version. Several years later, Republic would try and make a star out of skater Vera Hruba (Ralston), and while she didn't make much of an impression during her brief film career, little Miss Dare came off much better than the Czech Ms. Hruba who had very little personality on screen. Irene Dare doubles in that department, and that makes these films acceptable programmers that rarely seen today are still a few notches above the Republic skating films Hruba attempted to become a star in.

    Set in Brooklyn, this focuses on wise-cracking Roscoe Karns attempts to turn his niece (little Miss Dare) into a skating star after seeing her on ice at Radio City. She stars in a pageant as Uncle Sam (and later does a Hula) and is an instant success. Romantic complications in the plot concern her cousin (Lynne Roberts) and handsome Eric Linden, and comedy comes in the form of Dare's lovable but slow-burning father (Edgar Kennedy) who wants to buy a barbershop, and Karns who is involved in shady deals that threaten to deplete Dare's earnings which spoils Kennedy's plans to ensure his daughter's future. What is so nice about this little musical is that Dare is a refreshing change to Temple's cloying cuteness. Dare doesn't try to be adorable; She just is and she isn't "in your face" adorable.

    A graceful skater, Dare could have gone on for a few more years, but no information seems to exist as to what happened to her. Her acting is natural, and while her line readings seem definitely coached, they manage to come off as believable. The film is far from perfect to be sure, but for late 1930's audiences, it was pure escapism, and remains entertaining today. One mistake on IMDb has actress Mary Hart listed as the credited name for Lynne Roberts, but Ms. Hart actually played Kennedy's social climbing wife (Elsie) who happened to be the sister of Karns' con-man character.
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    Maybe it was the quality of the version I saw, but the dialogue seemed stilted and it wasn't very funny- which was disappointing because Roscoe Karns is so brilliant. Dare doesn't seem to get a break in showcasing any ice skating talent and it seems she is just there to help the plot limp along.

    The whole plot seemed muddied and muddled from the beginning. The only saving grace of this movie was that it was great to see Roscoe Karns and Edgar Kennedy. I think this movie could have been made better by putting a stronger emphasis on Dare, giving her something decent to work with and by having used actresses who knew how to play off of the other characters.
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    This films combines in the worst way the ice-skating revues of the six year old Dare with a totally predictable and not so funny romantic plot. The choreographies with Dare look really as if they were spliced in from another movie. Especially her last performance as a penguin coming out of an egg [taking up about the last ten minutes of the film] is sure to test your patience and goodwill.