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The Mindy Project Mindy Lahiri Is a Misogynist (2012–2017) HD online

The Mindy Project Mindy Lahiri Is a Misogynist (2012–2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: Mindy Lahiri Is a Misogynist
Director: Ike Barinholtz
Writers: Mindy Kaling,Lang Fisher
Released: 2012–2017
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
As Jeremy recovers from his heart attack, the practice needs another doctor. Jeremy and Jody want to hire a woman, but Mindy isn't sure about sharing the spotlight. Meanwhile, she and Ben are getting serious.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Mindy Kaling Mindy Kaling - Mindy Lahiri
Ed Weeks Ed Weeks - Jeremy Reed
Ike Barinholtz Ike Barinholtz - Morgan Tookers
Beth Grant Beth Grant - Beverly
Xosha Roquemore Xosha Roquemore - Tamra Webb
Fortune Feimster Fortune Feimster - Colette Kimball-Kinney
Garret Dillahunt Garret Dillahunt - Jody Kimball-Kinney
Bryan Greenberg Bryan Greenberg - Ben
Rebecca Rittenhouse Rebecca Rittenhouse - Anna
Brianna Reed Brianna Reed - Lindsay
Charlie Sanders Charlie Sanders - Robert
Nate Berkus Nate Berkus - Nate Berkus
Rebecca Ann Johnson Rebecca Ann Johnson - Robyn
Quinn Sullivan Quinn Sullivan - Dr. Nichols
Dylan Ballard Dylan Ballard - Gregory

Ben makes two Marvel references in the episode. At first, Ben mentions Wolverine's bone and adamantium claws giving an impression that he is a Marvel geek. Later, he scolds a boy in a wheelchair to stop playing Spider-Man after getting hurt by it. Ben says to the boy that he should now play Professor X and try to move things with his mind. In reality, Professor X's power is telepathy (ability to read minds), not telekinesia (ability to move things with mind), which Ben should probably know.