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Bob le bricoleur Drive Thru Disaster (1998– ) HD online

Bob le bricoleur Drive Thru Disaster (1998– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Family
Original Title: Drive Thru Disaster
Director: Stuart Evans
Writers: Miranda Larson,James Mason
Released: 1998–
Duration: 11min
Video type: TV Episode
Leo is filming the team building a new drive thru at Chef Tattie's milkshake bar, and Scoop wants to be the star.
Episode credited cast:
Lewis Andrews Lewis Andrews - Brandon (UK) (voice)
Daniel Bacon Daniel Bacon - Leo (US) (voice)
Claire Margaret Corlett Claire Margaret Corlett - Dizzy (US) (voice)
Kazumi Evans Kazumi Evans - Saffi (US) (voice)
Joanne Froggatt Joanne Froggatt - Wendy (UK & US) (voice)
Sarah Hadland Sarah Hadland - Dizzy (UK) / Betsy (UK) (voice)
William Haresceugh William Haresceugh - JJ (voice)
Blake Harrison Blake Harrison - Scoop (UK & US) (voice)
Holly Hazelton Holly Hazelton - Mila (UK) (voice)
Mia Hope Mia Hope - Saffi (UK) (voice)
Lee Ingleby Lee Ingleby - Bob (UK) (voice)
Iain Lauchlan Iain Lauchlan - Chef Tattie (UK & US) (voice)
Erin Mathews Erin Mathews - JJ (voice)
Colin Murdock Colin Murdock - Bob (US) (voice)
Paul Panting Paul Panting - Muck (UK) (voice)