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Reich und schön Episode #1.266 (1987– ) HD online

Reich und schön Episode #1.266 (1987– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.266
Writers: William J. Bell,Lee Phillip Bell
Released: 1987–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Eric is shocked when Clarke announces that he created the showstopper design. Clarke asks Eric for a chance, but also reminds the Forrester patriarch that he saw him at the hospital with Beth Logan a while ago. Eric is livid about Clarke's gall to blackmail him. Kristen tells her presumed best friend Margo how much she loves Clarke. Ridge lures Brooke to visit him at work, where he shows her the new gym and most importantly steam room. Ridge wants to try out the new amenities immediately. Donna asks Rocco to cover for her with the family while she is out of town. When she tries to keep the true reason from him, Rocco reminds her that she can trust him. Donna therefore confesses that Stephen Logan is still alive and that she wants to convince him to come back to Los Angeles.
Episode credited cast:
Bryan Genesse Bryan Genesse - Rocco Carner
Lauren Koslow Lauren Koslow - Margo Lynley
Katherine Kelly Lang Katherine Kelly Lang - Brooke Logan
Teri Ann Linn Teri Ann Linn - Kristen Forrester
John McCook John McCook - Eric Forrester
Daniel McVicar Daniel McVicar - Clarke Garrison
Carrie Mitchum Carrie Mitchum - Donna Logan
Ronn Moss Ronn Moss - Ridge Forrester