» » If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Recycle Races/Change is Good (2015– )

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Recycle Races/Change is Good (2015– ) HD online

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Recycle Races/Change is Good (2015– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation
Original Title: Recycle Races/Change is Good
Director: Emmanuelle Gignac
Writers: Elana Lesser,Cliff Ruby
Released: 2015–
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
RECYCLE RACES. At the recycling center Mouse and friends have lots of fun sorting and recycling. Mouse is soon whisked away on an unexpected wild ride, which inspires the gang to make their own "wacky rafts" out of plastic bottles. CHANGE IS GOOD. Mouse decides to use a bottle as a piggy bank to save up for something special. With pluck and luck, he soon finds his goal getting closer.
Episode credited cast:
Mason Mahay Mason Mahay - Oliver (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett - Dog
Jessica DiCicco Jessica DiCicco - Pig
Lara Jill Miller Lara Jill Miller - Cat
Roger Craig Smith Roger Craig Smith - Mouse / Moose

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is based on the "If You Give..." series of children's books written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond. For the series, the artists wanted to stay as true as possible to the look of the books when creating the characters and backgrounds for animation.

Each 22-minute episode is made up of two 11-minute stories. Both segments use the same object to launch the stories. In "Recycle Races" and "Change is Good" the object is a plastic bottle.

Safety first! Mouse and friends always make sure to wear their life jackets when they're headed for water.

Although Mouse gets to ride with a surfer in episode 106's "Beach Day," episode 114 is the first time we get to see Mouse surf all on his own! He's a very talented Mouse.

Although we've seen the town park many times before, episode 114 is the first time we see the pond. The weeping willows are in keeping with the characteristics of water features in parks in the northeastern part of America.

The 'boats' in episode 114 aren't only completely made of recycled items, they are all a unique reflection of the characters. The design team especially loves Dog's pizza boat made of recycled condiment containers.

The title "Change is Good" speaks to two important messages for children! One: having some change for a special treat can be great! But more importantly, second, adapting to change is an important skill. In this story, Mouse changes his mind at the last moment and uses the change he's collected to get Oliver a gift, instead of buying himself something.

The 'Sofa World' location is inspired by 'Leon's,' a well known Canadian furniture retailer.

What happens to coins that are tossed into fountains? Well, it depends on where the fountain is located. But for the most part, the money is generally given to help the poor.

Lisa Loeb's song "Mouse Without a Trampoline" is the only ballad of the series, with only Mouse singing.

Mouse's conflict in episode 114 - whether to buy the trampoline for himself, or the soccer ball for Oliver - is a great teaching moment, where the conflict is really about needing versus wanting.