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Ankahee (1985) HD online

Ankahee (1985) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Ankahee
Director: Amol Palekar
Released: 1985
Duration: 2h 15min
Video type: Movie
Renowned Indian astrologer Jyotibhaskar Pandit Satyanarayan Chaturvedi, wishes a doctor, who is about to perform surgery on a woman, good luck, but also tells him that his patient is going to die. The doctor scoffs at this, and proceeds to the operation theatre. The patient dies, and the doctor is humbled before the astrologer. The astrologer lives with his wife, Devki, and an only son, Nandu. Nandu is of marriageable age, and he would like to see him get married to a woman named Indu Agnihotri. But Nandu loves another woman by the name of Sushma Chatopadhya and is determined to marry her. And then his father tells him that he is fated to have two wives in this lifetime - the first will die within eleven months of the marriage - and that's when he will re-marry. Modern-day educated Nandu must now decide to believe his father and let go of Sushma, or defy his astrological beliefs and marry her.
Cast overview:
Amol Palekar Amol Palekar - Devkinandan Chaturvedi 'Nandu'
Deepti Naval Deepti Naval - Indumati 'Indu'
Devika Mukherjee Devika Mukherjee - Sushma Chatopadhya
Shreeram Lagoo Shreeram Lagoo - Jyotishbhaskar Pandit Satyanarayan Chaturvedi
Dina Pathak Dina Pathak - Savitri Chaturvedi
Anil Chatterjee Anil Chatterjee - Mishra
Vinod Mehra Vinod Mehra - Doctor
Vidhu Vinod Chopra Vidhu Vinod Chopra - Patwardhan
Chandu Parkhi Chandu Parkhi - Drunkard
Anant Bhave Anant Bhave - Psychiatric Doctor
Bal Sapre Bal Sapre - Mhatre
Vidula Vidula - Seema

Voice of Devika Mukherjee in the movie was dubbed by the renowned actress Reema Lagoo of 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' fame.

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    For starters, this movie proves what a fine story-teller Amol Palekar is. He drops his garb of a simple lovable person next door and dons the role of a selfish lover (as Big B in Silsila) and attempts to cheat his fate. What follows next is the turmoil of human mind. How far could a person go living with a guilt? And is life about cutting losses and opting for a lesser sin?

    Vinod Mehra has a minuscule role, but drives home very valid points home.

    Shreeram Lagoo is at his usual best.

    Deepti Naval steals the show, though the role has shades of Smita Patil of Arth.

    Devika Mukherjee barely leaves a mark.

    Amol Palekar, as an actor and director - hats off!!

    Songs of Bhimsen Joshi are noteworthy.

    If you have to watch this movie, then watch it for a story teller who is at his budding stage.

    Bottomline:: We are all blessed with freewill.
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    hi, Despite being a regular IMDb visitor this is actually my first post.I have watched so many really good movies over the last 2 years that commenting on this one is a little intriguing.but more than that i was so taken aback that i had to do something to vent my amusement and elation so i rushed to the site and now i m writing a review.More than a review it is just an experience oozing out to the web page. Although i have grown up watching all kind of Hindi cinema i am not such a big fan of it(now that i have watched cinema from all round the world)as far as story driven movies are concerned.More than stories generally our movies are all about stars and now a days a few typecast characters.Instances of movies purely driven by a strong story are not umpteen to say the least. Well after watching ankahee today i can safely add it to the list of great story backed cinema. such a lovely script,with a quite an out of the league music,which is so unconventional but complements the film superbly are what make this movie a radical experience.Watch it to believe it and expect no fireworks because there are not any.The movie just flows without much ado but but leaves you spellbound. And i had never heard of the name is such a pity and there are only 10 votes for the film vindicates the fact that this jewel is still lying somewhere undiscovered by movie-buffs.So go-out today and bag a copy.
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    This movie attempts to make a very commendable point, but fails miserably. The whole story seems forced, and the direction is really poor. Like most Bollywood films, its predictable, but the end is downright stupid. There really are better ways to make your point. The story is utterly senseless. I like Amol Palekar a lot, but this is really not even a watchable film. Skip it if you dislike unnecessary melodrama and a story so committed to making its point, it fails to make any semblance of sense.

    Deepti Naval steals the show. Amol Palekar is just tiresome to look at. Devika Mukherjee should have had more of a role, she shines in whatever little role she has. The cast is great overall, except for the actor who plays Indu's (Deepti Naval) father. The music is great, and purely classical.

    This movie could have been a LOT better if they had worked a bit more on the story. And a lighter premise than death would have made way more sense to prove the point. This morbid premise just makes the movie melodramatic and implausible and also makes a mockery of death.