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Lonely Planet Turkey (1994– ) HD online

Lonely Planet Turkey (1994– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Adventure / Reality TV
Original Title: Turkey
Released: 1994–
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Episode cast overview:
Justine Shapiro Justine Shapiro - Herself - Traveler

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    Of the half-dozen or so shows I've seen hosted by Justine Shapiro, this is the first that I would describe as "so-so." Usually, I find a ton of interesting facts and scenes and culture she presents but I didn't find that much of interest here. Oddly, the major city that most people are familiar with - at least in name - as far as Turkey goes - Istanbul - is not even mentioned on this "tour." How can you leave out that city?

    Anyway, I did find out Turkey has 80 million people and is on the borders of Europe to the west and Asian and the Middle East elsewhere. Shapiro called it "Europe" throughout ("The most wool made in Europe is made here.") but this country sure had the landscape and feel of the Middle East.

    Perhaps the most interesting feature was the classical "ruins" that are so-well preserved considering their age. There is a theater in Ephesus that holds enough seating for about 24,000 in which the acoustics are still fantastic to this day. We got a tour of a big house that someone had lived in a couple thousand years ago! One English tourist/historian commented that "Turkey has more classical sites than Greece and Italy."

    Later we see Justine get a Turkish bath for $3, visit underground tunnels and homes in Kaymaki where early Christians went to escape persecution; learn what makes a good Turkish carpet and see some more ruins here and there. All in all, it's okay but not fascinating. It didn't make me want to visit the country although Justine said "the hospitality is incredible here."