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The Tick The Tick (2017– ) HD online

The Tick The Tick (2017– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Comedy
Original Title: The Tick
Director: Wally Pfister
Writers: Ben Edlund,Ben Edlund
Released: 2017–
Duration: 29min
Video type: TV Episode
The Tick, a clueless but well-intentioned superhero pursues the ultimate evil enemy, The Terror with the help of his reluctant sidekick.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Peter Serafinowicz Peter Serafinowicz - The Tick
Griffin Newman Griffin Newman - Arthur Everest
Valorie Curry Valorie Curry - Dot Everest
Brendan Hines Brendan Hines - Superian
Yara Martinez Yara Martinez - Ms. Lint
Scott Speiser Scott Speiser - Overkill (credit only)
Jackie Earle Haley Jackie Earle Haley - The Terror
Kyle Catlett Kyle Catlett - Young Arthur
Joanna Adler Joanna Adler - Dr. Creek (as Joanna P. Adler)
Malachi Weir Malachi Weir - Thug #2
Christian Navarro Christian Navarro - Sidekick
Devin Ratray Devin Ratray - Tinfoil Kevin (credit only)
Kahlil Ashanti Kahlil Ashanti - Goat
Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi Goldberg - Whoopi Goldberg
Richie Moriarty Richie Moriarty - Mr. Everest

This is the third time "The Tick" is being serialized on tv. Once by animation and once by live action and this venture, another live action.

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    This episode is much improved over the Amazon pilot, which, to me, fell flat. Dot is a great inclusion and they changed Arthur's back story a bit and reworked the first episode into a much neater story. This was a solid start to what might be a promising series to tick fans. It's hard to pull off the Tick's silliness and simple-mindedness in a way that works. The Cartoon did it. Patrick Warburton didn't. Peter Serafinowicz does a better job than Patrick, but he still comes across as just silly sometimes, but it's the best live-actor Tick so far. He was funny when bullets were bouncing off him.

    As a tick fan, I say, solid start and nice tight episode.
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    originally posted on 27 August 2016, 3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

    "The Tick" is a half-hour superhero short film that was released by Amazon about a week ago as a project that may be taken up for a new series if enough people in the audience love this pilot episode. The director is Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, who is known for his work with Christopher Nolan, and the screenplay comes from Ben Edlund, the man who actually invented The Tick a long time ago. There have been other shows in the past about this hero in a blue costume already. I think Peter Serafinowicz is doing fine here for the most part with the comedy, but sadly his co-lead Griffin Newman did not convince me at all, be it either in terms of drama, which was his task in here, or his rare clumsy attempts at delivering comedy. He felt entirely interchangeable with any random young actor I must say. The ending indicates that that the makers weren't sure either how to go on with his character or the actor if the show gets picked up, so it's all possible into every direction. Overall, I must say I did not enjoy these 30 minutes as much as I enjoyed JCVD/JCVJ and I probably would not watch a series based on The Tick unless it improves dramatically compared to this prologue here. I don't recommended the watch. Whoopi Goldberg's cameo felt pretty pointless and she was just in here because she is Whoopi Goldberg, but Jackie Earle Haley may make a memorable villain. I truly hope they can step things up if this one is really turned into a series. The potential is there.