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Forget (2009) HD online

Forget (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Forget
Director: Jacob Landis-Eigsti
Writers: Jacob Landis-Eigsti
Released: 2009
Duration: 1h 43min
Video type: Movie
Forget tells the story of a man named Ben who loses his memories. He finds himself caught between 2 realities, unable to distinguish what his life is and who he is. He struggles to understand the truth, discover himself and his past, and keep alive a relationship that is being upset by his instability.


Credited cast:
Alison Landis Alison Landis - Emily
Allison Landis Allison Landis - Emily
Jacob Landis-Eigsti Jacob Landis-Eigsti - Ben Paulson
Jesse Landis-Eigsti Jesse Landis-Eigsti - Dale
Emily Miller Emily Miller - Kate
Tyler Yoder Tyler Yoder - Dr. Colworth