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The Will (2013) HD online

The Will (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Fantasy
Original Title: The Will
Director: Mack Duncan
Writers: Mack Duncan,Mack Duncan
Released: 2013
Budget: $1,000
Duration: 5min
Video type: Movie
Gary, Roger, and Jessica are named in their Aunt Gertrude's will. In order to collect the inheritance, Roger must spend a month in a haunted house, Jessica must avenge Gertrude's murder, and Gary must spend a month with a cursed monkey chained to his wrist. Bad luck follows Gary, pushing him to the breaking point. Will Gary crumble under the monkey curse or come away a better man?
Credited cast:
Lia Adams Lia Adams - Jessica (as Caelia Adams)
Michelle Burchfield Michelle Burchfield - Woman at Bus Stop
Jermain Byers Jermain Byers - Gary
Tommy Cannon Tommy Cannon - Man at Bus Stop
Mack Duncan Mack Duncan - Car Thief
Clifton Gray Clifton Gray - Lawyer
Sharon Marado Sharon Marado - Tracey
Adal Robles Adal Robles - Roger
Shane Shellenbarger Shane Shellenbarger - Boss (voice)
Adrienne Stephany Adrienne Stephany - Mother
Ariel Stephany Ariel Stephany - Daughter

Screening at the 14th Annual Phoenix Comicon Film Festival (6-6-2014).