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Scorpion (1989) HD online

Scorpion (1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Scorpion
Writers: Ando Kimura,Gil Rosenblum
Released: 1989
Duration: 1h 46min
Video type: Movie
An army of killer scorpions terrorize a small town.
Credited cast:
Marc Butcher Marc Butcher - John Drake
Dominique Harris Dominique Harris - Gillian
Rachel McBride Rachel McBride - Coral
Melinda Pierce Melinda Pierce - Jessica Ludwig
Hugh Ecklund Hugh Ecklund - Dr. Edward Ludwig
Hai Ching Hai Ching - Sheriff Ken Wong
Ashley Stanton Ashley Stanton - Kimberly Drake
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Carmen Amberg Carmen Amberg - Carmelita
Tony Bosch Tony Bosch - Cop
Julie Eddo Julie Eddo - Mary
Jeremy Geller Jeremy Geller - Ricky
Maria Gonzalas Maria Gonzalas - Anna
Sandra Grant Sandra Grant - Roberta
Tammy Ingrim Tammy Ingrim - Cop
Michael Puttnam Michael Puttnam - Mitch

5,000 Emperor Scorpions were used during production, using a quarter of the film's budget.

Filmed consecutively with Eve (1989) and Savannah (1989), using much of the same cast, crew and locations.

Hugh Ecklund's character, Dr. Edward Ludwig, is named after the director of the 1957 film "The Black Scorpion"

As a practical joke, Dominique Harris brought a live scorpion to the set of '"Savannah" (1989)', another film in which she was starring, which was shooting at the same location. No one noticed, and there are two scenes in "Savannah" where the scorpion is clearly visible on Dominique's lap.