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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Family / Reality TV
Original Title: Bug Juice
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Series
"Bug Juice" tells of teen agers at summer camp. This documetary lets the campers talk about their feelings and show events in their life at camp such as love, heart break, best friend fights. When the show first came out, the summer sessions at Camp Wayiatah in Maine, but every summer the camps change.
Series cast summary:
Jon Adler Jon Adler - Himself 14 episodes, 1998
Rhett Bachner Rhett Bachner - Himself - Boys' Counselor 14 episodes, 1998
Stephanie Etkin Stephanie Etkin - Herself 14 episodes, 1998
Luna Hammond Luna Hammond - Herself - Girls' Counselor 14 episodes, 1998
Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson - Himself 14 episodes, 1998
Kisha Kisha - Herself 14 episodes, 1998
Asa Korsen Asa Korsen - Himself 14 episodes, 1998
Hassan A. Omar Hassan A. Omar - Himself / - 14 episodes, 1998
Malik Sollas Malik Sollas - Himself 14 episodes, 1998
Caitlin Welby Caitlin Welby - Herself 14 episodes, 1998
Annie Annie - Herself - Girls' Counselor 13 episodes, 1998
Sarai Fife Sarai Fife - Herself 13 episodes, 1998
Everett Boyle Everett Boyle - Himself 11 episodes, 1998
Alison Harding Alison Harding - Herself 11 episodes, 1998
Jenny Jenny - Herself 11 episodes, 1998
Lauren Lauren - Herself 11 episodes, 1998
Martha Martha - Herself 11 episodes, 1998
Connor Shaw Connor Shaw - Himself 11 episodes, 1998
Megan Tarr Megan Tarr - Herself 11 episodes, 1998
Andy White Andy White - Himself 11 episodes, 1998
Jason Wool Jason Wool - Himself / - 11 episodes, 1998
Peanut Peanut - Himself - Boys' Head Counselor / - 9 episodes, 1998
Geffen Geffen - Himself - Dog 8 episodes, 1998
Morgan Will Morgan Will - Himself - Boys' Counselor 8 episodes, 1998
Jonathan Jonathan - Himself - Counselor / - 6 episodes, 1998

Reviews: [12]

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    I absolutely loved this show. Never understood why it was called Bug Juice though. I must have been about 13 when it came out. I remember they ran it over the summer holidays on channel 4, between re-runs of Pugwalls summer and Saved by the bell or something like that. I remember sitting there and wishing i was at summer camp too - ha ha. All the kids in it looked to be having so much fun, it was all about "discovering who you are" and "growing up." First kisses and all that stuff. I remember there was this really cute guy in it, i think he was the main reason i got up in the mornings that particular summer. They should have more teen docu-soaps like this, i thought it was great!
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    I'm 15 and I still watch Bug Juice (well, I watch it in the summer, because that's the only time they show it, as far as I know). I think it's a really good show, and most of the episodes are fun to watch. Some are boring because I can't always relate to them, being one who's never gone to camp. Mostly, though, I like the episodes where they show romances forming and things like that. The show is about campers (most around the age of like 13 or somewhere around there) and the show takes you into their experiences and allows you to watch these kids grow into like families with their fellow cabin-members. The show has tons of drama, excitement, romance, comedy, love and friendship, and pretty much everything else all rolled into one. It's great; it has something for everyone- even my 22-year old sister likes it! I'd totally watch the new season (as well as the old ones)!
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    Bug Juice first came on when i was in 7th grade and I liked it a whole bunch. Then they kept on showing the same ones and as i got older they got more cornier. Although some still i enjoy even now and i'm in 9th grade. I hear there making a new season so i'm looking forward to that. But Bug Juice is about the adventured of kids at Camp Waziyatah in Maine. Grove 4 are the boys and Hill 4 are the girls in which you look into what goes on in there cabin. An okay show.
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    blac wolf

    This was one of the first attempts at reality television directed solely for teenagers. The first season was located in Maine at Camp Waziyatah. It had interviews like "Real World confessionals" where certain kids could vent about daily life at camp. The normal struggles of being away from home for the first time and being able to interact with the opposite sex outside of a school setting drove this show. The show starts out with the first day of camp and the different personalities that encompass each bunk. The kids grow close and it's interesting to see how the campers really become friends because they want to and not because they're forced to. Of course, there are fights about boys and couples break up everyday but isn't that obvious, it is camp after all. If the viewer watches every episode, they will want more when the end of camp approaches. It's just a very honest look at the awkward years. And great to watch when you want to pretend you're still just as awkward.
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    Sorry more as a Question to the show i watch it as a kid I'm 25 now why did you stop the show after 3 years i think it was great as a kid growing up in the late 90's to maybe seeing it back be great too new or old episodes.................6.................6.................6.... .........
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    Why are they still airing this show? It was filmed in 1998. I'm 23 and these kids are my age now! They should film another season if they want to keep capitalizing on this show. or... Disney could follow another "Reality TV" trend that MTV has set. "The Real World: Las Vegas" has returned to their luxury penthouse for a 5 year reunion. Disney could bring the,then, 13-15 year old kids from "Bug Juice" back for a 10 year reunion. They could film the twenty-somethings and find out, "Where are they now?" This would work as long as they aren't in frat houses or burger joints. If that's the case, it would make for a pretty sad show. I hope that all of the cast is doing well. So the question is... "Where are they now?"
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    That sums it in a nut shell. Bug Juice was pretty much centered around teenagers at summer camp who were all pretty much fishing for drama. There was always someone in a fight over a guy or girl, and someone was usually crying over something. The show had all the elements of the Real World with the raging hormones of the teenage cast adding extra excitement.

    The show proves, like all other shows of it's kind, that drama is a huge ratings factor as it is one of the Disney Channel's biggest hits. Who would have thought that The Disney Channel with all of its G rated cheesiness would get in on the dramatic world of reality TV.

    With every season presenting characters to love, some to hate and that guaranteed drama, Bug Juice definitely serves as an entertaining reality TV show!
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    Well i started watching bug juice when i was 12 I"m now 14 i love bug juice!,now that I'm getting a bit older i think i can relate to it more,just b-cause of the guys and friendship.I was really mad when they stopped showing it,i was hoping they'd make another season i hope they do,cause really,I LOVE BUG JUICE!I thought Connor was really cute,and all the drama wit Stephanie and sarai was crazy,'cause really anyone can have fun at camp what makes it better about this one is DAT they made it into a show which sum teenagers can really relate, to like me i was sad when they showed the last episode,well dats all i can really say about bug juice ,dats a great show for teens
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    Bug Juice changed my life. I Know it sounds strange, odd , weird. But it did. I am from England, Bug Juice never aired there but five years ago i went on vacation with my family and saw it on the Disney channel. Once i saw this TV series I was hooked I wanted to go.It took a lot of convincing to my parents to allow my brother and I to go to Waziyatah. I have been going since i was 12 and it was my forth year this summer. If you are a teenager reading this come to this camp it changes your life. you make life long friends at wazi. It doesn't matter who you are or if someone at home doesn't like you everyone likes you at camp. You have so much fun. If you want to have a look go on to and check it out for yourself. It is so much fun I Love it there It is my Home Away from Home
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    For those of you who have no idea what Bug Juice is or was, it was a children's reality show about real kids living at summer camp. Bug Juice is the show that inspired me to go to camp. It was full of romance, friendships, fights, overcoming your fears, and dealing with the struggles of living away from home for 2 months. It was an amazing show that is no longer shown on t.v. regularly, but is amazing non-the-less. The show was never dull and always attracted my attention. It's really nice for kids who have never been to a summer camp to really see what it's like before going. Plus Disney did a really good job of picking camps to showcase because who wants to see a show that's at a camp for like only a week. The length of the camps where perfect for this show, and the environment they where in was fantastic. They where camps all over the U.S., that each provided unique activities for the campers. It was a truly amazing, unscripted show.
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    One of my friends, we call him "The Clown", says this about the show, "Yo, this show be boutin to drop off the chains." I love this show I watched all of the different seasons of the show. I have to say that the one at Waziyata was my favorite, now it's time for the 4th season and I can't wait at all. Neither can clown dinks. If I was on the show it would be just about the greatest thing in the entire world. Mainly because me and my friend are hilarious and some of the girls that go to camp are wicked hott!! Woooooooooo. I think they should have a reunion show, with all of the past campers and have me and my friend there so we could ask them what it was like being on the greatest show in the world. The only thing i don't like is when every1 acts like a gigantic puss when it comes to real life. You know what I mean? Like when the kid from Bug Juice 3 was climbing the rope or somethin and he started ballin his eyes out cuz he panzed out on the 20 ft. high monkey poles. I hope they have another season over this summer. If anyone has heard about a Bug Juice 4 get back to me at my E-Mail should be in the thing up top. If you couldn't tell by now I think the show is awesome.
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    I can't stand this show! It is filled with a bunch of irrational teenagers who can't control their emotions. "I can't [cry, cry] climb the rope. What shall I ever do? My friends will hate me!" or "I can't believe she left camp! I was going out with her. I actually thought our relationship would last, we've know eachother for two whole weeks." I can't believe someone would actually produce a show on this camp. I can't say that it wouldn't be fun though. If I went to camp that would be on TV, I would make it worth watching. I would make it more interesting. Right now, though, the show stinks. If you're watching Disney, check out something worth watching like Boy Meets World, So Weird, or In A Heartbeat.