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The Male Man (1931) HD online

The Male Man (1931) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short / Comedy / Family
Original Title: The Male Man
Director: Dave Fleischer
Released: 1931
Video type: Movie

Reviews: [2]

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    Just found this obscure Max Fleischer cartoon on the Uncle John's Crazy Town blog. The author of it claims this is the greatest cartoon ever made. Well, like most Fleischer cartoons from the early '30s, there are lots of stream-of-conscious gags here. They are related by Bimbo's adventures as a mailman. Among the gags I liked: Seeing the face of a stamp lick his sticky bottom (of the stamp!) on the envelope, having the envelope given to Bimbo by some skeletal ghouls (don't ask!) enlarge as he keeps walking, and seeing a silhouette of a dancing lady underwater (again don't ask!) which is revealed to be an octopus's legs! Not too many funny gags other than those I just mentioned. So while I don't think this was the greatest cartoon ever, The Male Man still provides some amusement for a Fleischer cartoon.
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    Bimbo is a mail carrier and is totally incompetent. He loses mail from his bag and much of it goes down storm drains. The strength of this cartoon is the random, train of consciousness events that take place. After failure to deliver time after time, he heads for a haunted house where the ghouls in the basement give him a letter to give to Davey Jones. It's a visual delight with lots of random stuff and with little resolution.