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The Wrong Guys (1988) HD online

The Wrong Guys (1988) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: The Wrong Guys
Director: Danny Bilson
Writers: Paul De Meo,Danny Bilson
Released: 1988
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
Five former cub scouts have a reunion and go camping on the mountain they never conquered. High jinks ensue due to their childhood enemies and a group of escaped convicts who mistake them for an FBI unit.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Louie Anderson Louie Anderson - Louie
Richard Lewis Richard Lewis - Richard
Richard Belzer Richard Belzer - Belz
Franklyn Ajaye Franklyn Ajaye - Franklyn
Tim Thomerson Tim Thomerson - Tim
Brion James Brion James - Glen Grunski
Biff Manard Biff Manard - Mark Grunski
John Goodman John Goodman - Duke Earle
Ernie Hudson Ernie Hudson - Dawson
Timothy Van Patten Timothy Van Patten - J.T.
Bunny Summers Bunny Summers - Louie's Mom
Carole White Carole White - Ginger Grunski (as Carol Ita White)
Garth Winsome Garth Winsome - Marsha Grunski
Dion Zamora Dion Zamora - Kid Louie
Joshua Horowitz Joshua Horowitz - Kid Richard

All five of this film's lead actors (Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer, Franklyn Ajaye, and Tim Thomerson) have backgrounds in stand-up comedy, and this film was largely an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of televised stand-up in the mid-to-late 1980s and the relative fame of these comics.

Brigid Brannagh's film debut.

A poster for the Rocketeer appears in Louie's room in the opening credits. The Rocketeer was created in 1982 as a throwback to the Saturday morning serial heroes of the '30s - '50s. While anachronistic for a room preserved since the early '60s, writers Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo had been working to bring the comic to the big screen since 1985 and would go on to co-write Le avventure di Rocketeer (1991).

Both Josh Saviano and Jonathan Brandis play characters in the flashbacks here, and would later become well known for playing adolescents in flashbacks for programs that aired on ABC, with The Wonder Years (1988) and It (1990), respectively.

Much like in I guerrieri della palude silenziosa (1981), Brion James plays a character stalking a group of people through the wilderness.

Of the cast, Tim Thomerson, Timothy Van Patten, Art LaFleur, and Biff Manard all appear in Alien - Zona di guerra (1985), the earlier film from the writing/directing team of Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo.

Bunny Summers played the mother of Louie Anderson once before, in Balki e Larry - Due perfetti americani: Unaired Pilot, before Anderson was re-cast with Mark Linn-Baker when Balki e Larry - Due perfetti americani (1986) went to series.

John Goodman also played an escaped convict the year before, in Arizona Junior (1987).

Franklyn Ajaye's 2002 book, Comic Insights: The Art of Stand-Up Comedy, features interviews with three of his co-stars here, Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, and Richard Belzer.

According to Louie Anderson, Sam Kinison was originally intended to play the role of the villain Duke Earle, who ended up being played by John Goodman.

Writer/director Danny Bilson has said this was inspired in part by his childhood experience of scouting with the themes of family and friendship as an emotional center of the film coming from the stand-up of Louie Anderson.

When the Pancake House cashier, played by Zoaunne LeRoy, says "everybody's a comedian," it could have been an inside joke about this production. In addition to the five leads, Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer, Franklyn Ajaye, and Tim Thomerson, at least four supporting actors had professional stand up comedy experience too: Biff Manard, Cynthia Szigeti, Lenny Clarke, and Rita Rudner.

The Scoutmaster is played by Jimmy Weldon, a man well known in the California area for hosting a children's program in the '50s and '60s featuring Webster Webfoot, a duck voiced by Weldon, who was mostly presented in a Webelos scout uniform.

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    I saw this movie and thought it was pretty darn funny. The plot is original and the acting is true. Richard Belzer, Richard Louis and John Goodman were great. And Louie Anderson did a great job as the cute-as-a-button momma's boy!! 3 stars!!
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    Dancing Lion

    Hindered by a lack of budget, in that what is really needed is a better hand at editing and cinematography, what remains is a silly, heartfelt romp.

    Look at the cast: John Goodman, Ernie Hudson, Louie Anderson, Richard Belzer and Richard Lewis. Each of the stand ups are given a chance to show off, most notably Lewis's dealing with a demon wood cot.

    Far from a perfect film, it has moments that anyone that camps for recreation with find almost unbearably funny, simply because it is true. Watching Lewis fight the cot, while another man is fighting one of those wretched tin tent stakes, trying to put up a Voyager style tent better suited for a MASH unit than an overnight camp, was so close to several of my own Cub Scout, and Boy Scout memories, that I was actually, indeed, laughing out loud.

    Here is a film that should be remade, with the original cast and script.
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    "The Wrong Guys" may never be as funny as one might wish it to be, but truthfully it does get by on the likability of the characters and does generate enough laughs to make it pleasant viewing. It's written by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, the guys who'd written the cult favourite low budget sci-fi item "Trancers", with Bilson also serving as director. A quintet of stand-up comedians play the main characters, Cub Scouts as children who get together as grown men for an outing. However, they will face opposition not only from their long ago bullying nemeses the Grunski brothers, but an escaped criminal psychopath (John Goodman) who mistakenly thinks them to be FBI agents. All of the main characters fit into comfortable roles tailored to their own personalities: top-billed Louie Anderson is the upbeat guy with the can-do attitude who marshals the others when it needs to be done, Tim Thomerson, a.k.a. "Jack Deth" of "Trancers" is still the surfer dude, Richard "Belz" Belzer is the sleazy womanizer, Richard Lewis the insufferable neurotic, and Franklyn Ajaye the touchy-feely radio therapist. With such a cast on hand, it's quite possible some of their best lines were improvised. Lewis's misadventures with a cot provide a highlight, while the Grunskis do battle with a nefarious squirrel and Tim and Belz attempt to hook up with some of the ladies at a nearby retreat. The top notch cast also includes Brion James and Biff Manard as the Grunskis, Ernie Hudson and Timothy Van Patten as Goodman's reluctant companions, Art La Fleur as pancake restaurant boss Woody Winslow (it's therefore noteworthy that this movie reunites him, Manard, and Thomerson as they were ALL in "Trancers"), Rita Rudner as Pam, Carole Ita White as one of the Grunski wives, Josh Saviano and Jonathan Brandis as the young Belz and Tim, Lenny Clarke as the cab driver, and Kathleen Freeman and Alice Ghostley in cameo appearances at the end. Maybe the humour is at times a little childish and silly, but nobody going into this should really expect anything more. It never really gets too unpleasant, and the cast all do a nice job; James and Manard are a hoot as the Grunskis. At least the movie doesn't go on any longer than it needs to. Six out of 10.
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    No, "The Wrong Guys" isn't the funniest movie, and it may not be the most well made of films, but it is a fun movie to watch. It's stupid, good, clean fun made by a bunch of comics who clearly just wanted to do a movie together.

    Given the state of movies today, this one doesn't seem all that bad by comparison. Just how many sequels to "Scary Movie" can there be anyway? And "White Chicks"??? Give me a break. Give me Richard Belzer tumbling down a mountain-side and landing on a 30 year old pack of "Fizzies" any day of the week.

    The Gruntski Bros. are hilarious, and John Goodman is so over-the-top BAD that it's good. The scenes when these guys were kids are freaking outstanding: Belz sneaking up on Louie's older sister is classic.

    Does it get better than "The Wrong Guys"? Sure it does. But it gets a helluva lot worse too.
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    I recorded this movie off the TV years ago and it's still one of our favorites. Although I had labeled it Den 7 Reunion, I finally found out it is called The Wrong Guys. I think it's great, fun, entertainment, and John Goodman was great in this movie. This movie was made when movies were still good clean fun. Put yourself in the movie, imagine your old gang getting together after 30 years, going to the places you went to when you were 10 years old. Finding things you had lost back then. Having strange things pop up while being out in the boonies where you can't get any help and having to figure it out for yourselves while trying to run from a crazy mad man trying to kill you! Finding your engine in the tree and finding your old enemies after you at the same time! My kids really love this movie and I sure wish they would make more like it!
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    I saw this movie when it first came to the theaters in 1988 and though I knew it wasn't of award winning caliber...I kinda liked it. It tells the tale of 5 former cub scouts reuniting to take on the one task they never got to finish as kids - which is to climb Mt. Whitehead. Of course now the cub scouts are all grown up and have developed their personalities in a variety of ways, but none too differently than they were as children. Richard Lewis is still neurotic, Richard Belzer is still a playboy, Franklyn Ajaye is still sort of the Dear Abby of the group, and Tim Thomerson is still the surfer dude of the group. Of course the top billed star is Louie Anderson, a "true believer" in everything Cub Scout related. He still lives in the same house with his mother, still goes over the Cub Scout manual daily, is brave, reverent and clean, and is the one who reunites the others for one more grand adventure in Scouting. Compounding their task, however, is the Grunski brothers, two bullies drummed out of the Cub Scouts by the above mentioned. By coincidence they run into their old den and decide to harass them a bit, albeit harmlessly. Not so harmlessly is three escaped convicts, who think Pack 7 is from the FBI and are intent on wiping them out. All in all, the movie still has bits of charm. Observe Richard Lewis trying to get comfortable on a folding cot, for example, and you have a really funny bit going for you. Upon further review, the entire film needed more of that type of observational humor. It doesn't hold up well after all these years but still remains a guilty pleasure.
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    I definitely recommend it! My husband & I both like it a lot. We've mentioned it to friends and most have never heard of it; those who knew it remembered it for its cast. The characters are thoroughly lovable, funny, and are hilariously portrayed by an exceptional cast. The plot itself lends a lot of opportunity for comedy & chaos and, I think, the writers developed it well. We laughed a lot and we always look for it in video stores, although it's very hard to find. We'll just have to buy a copy!
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    Arabella V.

    Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer, Tim Thomerson, Franklin Ajaye and John Goodman star in this 1988 comedy. A group of pals have a cub scout reunion and become hunted by a criminal thinking they're FBI. Louie can't stop thinking about his childhood and decides to reunite with his friends, Richard, Belz, Tim and Franklin. He talks them into having a cub scout reunion at Mount Whitehead. Soon, they're mistaken for FBI agents when a criminal, Duke (Goodman) begins hunting them. They try to explain they're not who he thinks and use their cub scout survival skills against him before he kills them. I grew up watching this film and always liked it. It's a great 80's comedy with a good cast I recommend.
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    This is absolutely the worst comedy I have ever seen. It's hard to explain though, because (unless you've seen this) I bet you've never seen a comedy that was not good or bad; it's just there (That's the original part-not good or bad, just there)!

    Let me say that I have seen every comedian appearing in a main role, and like them all. That's what makes this such a mystery. The supporting leads are actually acting (although the dialog is bad). The only character that is fairly good is the one played by John Goodman. He does a pretty good job with what little dialog he has, and actually has one funny line (I won't spoil the only funny line in the movie, in case you decide to watch anyway. It involves a pancake.) The big mysteries are the main leads. I won't call them characters, because no characters have been developed. This script is so juvenile that they don't even bother to give the leads fictional names. They all just use their own. They don't even seem to be trying to act. It's as though they are all reading out loud to each other from scripts that the local junior high sent to them. I actually wrote a paper like this for my English class when I was thirteen-it wasn't funny either.

    Bottom line, just don't bother to rent this. It isn't funny. It doesn't even have the kind of bad dialog you can groan to. I just sat there and stared through the whole thing. It was so boring I couldn't even work up any irritation at how bad it was. I can't imagine how this is even getting a rating of 4 here.
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    Big fan of 80's movies and B movies. Underrated allstar cast. its clean, fun comedy suitable for the whole family. Especially entertaining was scene of cast as children. take a watch, pretty good.
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    Have been less amused with movies with double the budget. didnt have highest of expectations but laughed out loud several times. cast full of funny guys, worth a watch.
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    This film starts out as your basic camping comedy. Like all camping comedies it decides to ditch the simple camping going wrong and go somewhere completely different. Sort of like how the first two Meatball films turned to having a competition with the rival camp or how Ernest Goes To Camp turned to a save the camp with the delinquent kids plot. So we have the save and the rivalry. This one does do something different veering it away from crazy camping hijinks and it is a bit of a darker tone as it becomes a homicidal maniac goes after our guys cause he thinks they are FBI or something.

    The story has a group of old friends from a scout troop having a reunion. This team failed their last mission, having gotten severely lost the last time they got together. Their group is made up of mainly comedians from Louis Anderson to Richard Belzar. They also have B movie mainstay Tim Thomerson. John Goodman plays the maniac who along with two other fugitives from the law goes after the troop. His character is at times to dark for the film, then at times becomes goofy as he shoots down a pancake sign. He just does not seem to know where to go and he goes everywhere.

    The film itself is a somewhat funny comedy. It starts out as them having a few misadventures then turns to them trying to escape the madman. While this turn is a bit to dark at times, it adds something original to a formulaic film. It also has two guys who were kicked out of the troop still holding a grudge and these two guys have some of the funnier moments in the film. So while not an excellent comedy of the past, it does have its moments and is a bit more than your standard camping comedy.
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    This film is not one of those films so bad you get annoyed and mad because it seems to be so up its own arse and yet it completely not funny. It's just that there is nothing of interest in this film. There are no real jokes that make you amused, you just watch for 80 minutes, then turn it off. I bought this on very budget DVD and I'm glad because it's not worth much. This isn't even one of those films that's so bad you can watch it with friends when getting drunk/high and have a good giggle. I didn't hate it like I hate some films, but it is rather boring, and not worth investing any time in.

    The only people who voted 10 on the votes for this film must have been connected to it somehow because I cannot imagine anyone actually liking this film other than small children passing time
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    Five guys who were in the cub scouts together reunite years later to go camping. Were they run into their childhood nemeses as well as escaped convicts in this supreme unfunny supposed comedy. Most of the cast are content to simply phone it in, and don't really seem to care about the film in the least. The writers were so lazy that the names of the characters are, for the most part, the name of the actors that respectively play them. Richard Lewis's shtick gets really old REALLY quick. Even the late great character actor, Brion James can't save this stinker. (Even though he's one of the few actors in the film that doesn't totally embarrass himself) I hardly cracked a smile, much less had anything that would reasonably be even misconstrued as a laugh. Awful.

    My Grade:F
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    Bad, bad, bad. How do movies like this get made? Badly written, poorly acted; I could go on, but why bother? As an aside, note that the characters' first names are the same as the actors playing them : this is a dead giveaway that no one on the set is even interested enough in their role to bother learning someone else's characters names!