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Blinder (2013) HD online

Blinder (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance / Sport
Original Title: Blinder
Director: Richard Gray
Writers: Scott Didier,Michele Gray
Released: 2013
Budget: $5,000,000
Duration: 1h 42min
Video type: Movie
There's nothing more tightly-knit than a small town footy club. So when a scandal blows apart the Torquay Tigers, lives are thrown into chaos. After ten years away, one-time Torquay legend Tom Dunn (Ackland) returns to face his demons and pull the club back together. To reunite their team and rebuild their lives Tom and his mates will have to dig deep, face up to past mistakes and rekindle their love of football. After everything is done and dusted, it's not about giving your best, it's about doing your best.
Credited cast:
Oliver Ackland Oliver Ackland - Tom
Jack Thompson Jack Thompson - Coach Chang
Zoe Carides Zoe Carides - Ally
Anna Hutchison Anna Hutchison - Rose
Josh Helman Josh Helman - Morts
Caitie Ross Caitie Ross - Young Girl
Rose McIver Rose McIver - Sammy Walton
Damien Di Paola Damien Di Paola - Coach
Angus Sampson Angus Sampson - Franky
Lisa Kowalski Lisa Kowalski - Dee
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Addam Bramich Addam Bramich - Chris Knights
Ava Deluca-Verley Ava Deluca-Verley - College Girl
Nick Farnell Nick Farnell - Joe
Dan Haberfield Dan Haberfield - Port Arlington Coach
Dan Heubel Dan Heubel - Football player

Both Rose McIver & Anna Hutchison star in Power Rangers though at different times. Both Rose McIver stared in Power Rangers RPM & Anna Hutchison stared in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Reviews: [24]

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    I am really shocked to read all of the good reviews of this movie. I thought it was terrible; it was badly over-acted and the storyline was unrealistic. Anyone who knows anything about football must realize that the main characters dreams of being drafted after getting a few tackles while playing in the Bellarine league is ridiculous.

    The movie is about rape yet the word isn't mentioned once and the "villain" in the movie is the girl who was raped because she sent photos to a newspaper. Bad acting, bad storyline and a terrible representation of Australian culture. I gave it two out of ten because the girl who played the rape victim was the only shining light. Do yourself a favor and skip this film.
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    Being an American in Australia, I'm an outsider to footy culture and was a little apprehensive about going to see Blinder. That being said... I really enjoyed the film and would strongly recommend going to see it.

    It has something for everyone. My wife loved it and she normally isn't a big fan of sports films!

    The story isn't your typical team overcomes adversity to win a championship. It deals with complex issues that everyone faces in their lives. The characters have depth are genuine in a way that just about anyone can relate to them.

    My wife and I discussed the film for hours after first seeing it as it brought to light many issues prevalent in sports relating to binge partying and the impact bad decisions can have on the rest of your life. It hit home in a big way...

    It also doesn't that the scenery and actors are beautiful.
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    Slow to start, and most of the first half of this movie really feels like you would have to be an Australian Ex-patriot in their mid thirties, or forties to really appreciate it, but this is a good movie that has real heart, and a good cast. All that said I am no fan of Aussie rules footie, but the NFL holds no place in my heart either so meh. The movie is just like any ordinary middle American sports movie/ coming of age film, but it is all centered around the main pot twist, and foul deed that muddied the lives of all of these people years earlier. I have never understood the idea of having a home to "go back" to personally as I traveled a lot as a kid, so the whole you can't go home again thing never makes sense to me because in the end in every story that tries to prove that to be true people end up at home no matter where they are right? There is a dirty secret that is blaringly obvious from the start, but it is well told, and all of the build up to the re reveal is eventually worth it so I would say watch it if you want an afternoon movie, but this one will put you to sleep if you are up late, and tired, so avoid wasting your time if that is the case. I Enjoyed it, and recommend it for the most part, so you can take it from there. There is just something so creepy about Angus Sampson though but in that can't look away way.
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    Blinder is an uplifting movie with some great football action in it. It showed surprising depth and an emotional side many football movies fail to portray. It's raw look into how much one unforgivable night can tear up friendship, a team and a close football community is compelling. Anyone that has played any kind of team sport will relate to this movie in one way or another. The plot keeps you guessing and Angus Sampson's comedy relief will have you fits. Go and see it, even the Mrs will enjoy it. It's about time another football movie was released. Jack Thompson gives an amazing performance as coach Chang. Get down and support our local talent and ultimately our great game. 10/10
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    A great Aussie movie that takes us to grass roots football at its best. It is set in a beautiful beach location that provides us with an eye catching backdrop for this Australian movie. Great cast, thoroughly enjoyable , realistic story line . Takes you on a journey about Life and the choices you make and how it could effect yours and others futures. Kept me entertained throughout the whole movie. Showcases Aussie rules in a country rural setting. There are some classic one liners that make you laugh. Some iconic acting by well regarded classic Australian actors such as Jack Thompson etc. Good to see a Aussie movie with an Aussie flavour. If its a classic Aussie movie you are looking for make sure you see it! Thanks and enjoy!
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    This movie was fantastic, my husband and I have been waiting for this to come out, and went to see it last night - we can not speak more highly of this film... It was motivating, real, honest and so well shot ! It was about life, mateship, team, goals.. making the right choices, and making the wrong ones... A small community and a small town footy club - so melbourne! in fact... Torqauy~ When a scandal happens on a 'party' night, the Torquay togers take celebrating their win too far... lives are thrown into chaos, a 15 year old girl gets caught up in the crazy world of what is reality of today at parties, drinks, drugs and immature boys getting together, it is not nice, but lets face it, it is reality!... This does happen, and this movie doesn't support it... but it shows us that we should be nieve .... however the point to all of this is 'never crossing the line'... it was wrong, and the small community of torquay had to suffer the consequenses to their actions, and they did!... They had to fight back, face demons and rectify mistakes made.

    We loved how real this was, and after one of the coaches (jack Thompson) speeches I was left feeling empowered! this movie is not just for men, it is for women, for mothers!.... do yourself a favour and go see this ! 10/10
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    I watched 'Blinder' with my husband - a little under sufferance, however I walked away having thoroughly enjoyed a story which, whilst i have not found myself in the middle of, would absolutely grip any small community. Growing up in a small town, I know what the local sporting clubs offer these communities and this is exactly the hysteria and stress created by any issue - large or small, because everyone knows everyone else's business! Whilst it is a film built around AFL football, i found it more of a story about the twists and turns of life and the relationships formed in small towns, particularly between groups of boys in football clubs. My brothers all played at the local club and friendships are strong in these instances.

    What 'Blinder' did was take me back to my younger days and I was able to re-live the memories of local characters and situations, some good and some not so good! I found the film to be a really good story and one which stirred emotions in different ways. There were some funny moments. There were some sad moments and even times when you really wanted the film to stop with the footy coverage and get back to finding out what was about to happen.

    I would recommend people to see the film and enjoy it for what it is. The cinematography is very Australian and some of the beach views are spectacular. I can tell you that my husband really enjoyed it - and i'd have to admit that i did as well.
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    With all the recent negative exposure and subsequent spin doctoring sport in Australia is receiving it was refreshing to see something in the media that did not shy away from controversy. Blinder for me was a seemingly accurate display of the effects that Mad Monday style celebrations can have on a whole group of individuals. Its not an art-house movie, but the quality of the film was surprising and it was great to see familiar characters and scenery on the big screen. The film may well become an excellent discussion piece within sporting clubs around the country about a subject that appears to be misunderstood or ignored. Aside from all that it was great to see some local Footy.
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    If your family loves sport, especially Aussie rules football and are involved at the local level, this is a great movie to share. Blinder gives you all the life lessons and emotions that come with being involved in a club. Friendship, relationships, family, love, loss, teamwork, boundaries, parties, drugs etc. How one moment can change your life and the life of those around you and shape your future. This movie will create a basis for healthy family discussions, especially teen children. Blinder would make a great book and a great tool to use in the school curriculum. I would recommend this movie to mothers, fathers, teens etc. The whole family will get something out of this. 9/10.
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    It's about time someone brought out a movie about our great game. All ages will enjoy this film there's something in it for everyone. Blinder is funny, gripping, real and captivating. I wish Angus Sampson played for my old club! The actors were believable and the footy scenes could not have been more spot on. We tend to forget what football is really about: teamwork, friendship, dedication, hard work etc. Blinder ticked every box and depicted football and it's connection within a local community perfectly. I have to say I was not expecting the twist at the end.. Having played footy I know football is more than just a game and Blinder interprets this flawlessly. Blinder is a 10/10 easy. Head to the cinemas and support this great Aussie flick!
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    Just caught this movie last night - was pretty impressed by the overall product.

    A good honest tale, showing how mate-ship in Australia holds blokes together. Mistakes are made and the consequences of those mistakes are told throughout the film.

    Jack Thompson - shows why he is an acting icon of Australia, and Angus Sampson just makes me laugh every time I see him - Angus you star! This film brings back memories of my days as a footballer, this film hits a lot more heights than my footy career! If I had one criticism - No Spiderbait music!! Other than that small whine, I walked out the cinema happy.
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    I am too young to remember the Club so Blinder is my first film about our footy. I found it highly entertaining with enough footy action to keep the boys happy and the girls from thinking there's too much. Had to bribe my girlfriend to go and see it and because she enjoyed it I do not need to suffer through a chick flick for the next 3 months.

    Blinder is a real story about how one night of partying can not only change your life but also the lives of your friends forever. It's about being mates in a small club and community where in the end everybody sticks together and it doesn't matter what happened or for how many years you have not seen each other.

    I highly recommend this movie and think there's a good lesson for young boys/adults who think because you play footy and are hailed as 'hero's' in your community, it doesn't take much for things to get out of hand to change your life.
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    If your Victorian and love you local footy this is defiantly a great pick. Filmed in Torquay (Best known for its surf) but it has a great football ground. A story about how one action could rip apart friendships, a football club and a town. No doubt this movie isnt for everyone, but all local footy fans should check it out.
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    I am not going to enjoy panning this movie. I am an Aussie rules fanatic with deep family connections to the game and I follow North Melbourne passionately. I have always wanted great movies about Australian Football to showcase to the world. A movie about Tom Wills should really be on screen Australia's radar. Instead, we get a cheap looking, soap opera acted time waster with unrealistic depictions of the game. Australian Rules in 2002 also looked cheap and fake at times but that was made 11 years before with a far smaller budget. That movie also had good acting and an interesting, provocative story.

    This movie's story isn't provocative or thought provoking, it's tasteless, nonsensical and exploitative. Why we feel the need to cheer on a bunch of creeps and losers who violate and humiliate an innocent girl, who gives the only stab at a good performance in the movie. Again, I wanted this to be great, with Sam Kekovich and Glenn Archer producing, and Mad Max Fury Road actors Angus Sampson and Josh Helman, likable blokes but who don't deliver here. Seriously watch The Club from 1980 or even Joffa's movie. Do not watch this dud.
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    After people at work were talking about this film...I thought it might be a great one to take my Footy Loving Husband along to! I actually enjoyed it a lot more then what i thought i would and the Husband LOVED it!! The clever way the story was told, kept you enthralled through out and the Director Richard Grey captured the feel of the local country footy club brilliantly...plenty of laughs and footy for the guys and drama with a bit of romance for the ladies.

    A great film for me is when all the loose ends of the story are tied up in the end and your seeing everything for a reason...this film accomplishes that perfectly...Another great Australian film and well worth watching 8/10 for me!! P.S Great Soundtrack!
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    I am not a footy fan but I loved this movie. It wasn't long ago when there was a similar scandal about photos taken at a party involving footballers so the content was relevant & not confined to football. Characters were believable, action exciting & acting excellent. As it ended I heard someone seated nearby say "That was good." The issues raised provided food for thought & much discussion for all. It gives an honest look at sporting clubs & the relationships that are formed in them. This is a microcosm of Australian society: those who want an easy ride, those who struggle to achieve, those who try to maintain integrity, those who prefer to pull down rather than build. There are not enough films that search the issues raised & show the harm that can come from a few silly decisions. It ought to sell well overseas as visually it was beautiful. I enjoyed the genuine "Australianness" of it: anyone overseas watching it will certainly see us as we are: mateship is not yet dead (forgive the pun!) but alive & kicking.
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    As a life coach, Sales Trainer and a one time Football ( Soccer ) coach in my native Scotland, I found this movie to be motivational on so many different levels. The emotion and passion throughout Blinder had me at the age of 46 wanting to pull on the boots again and run until I couldn't run any more. I found the story line easy to follow and found myself glued to the screen from start to finish. Not many movies in my life have had that effect on me and the inspirational speeches throughout the movie, were in my opinion up there with Samuel L Jackson ( Coach Carter ) and Al Pacino ( Any Given Sunday ). A movie I will definitely be recommending to all my connections all over the world.
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    I went to see this movie, after my cousin mentioned how much he enjoyed it. So I dragged my partner along,who was very happy to being seeing a sports movie instead of a chick flick for once, and we both really enjoyed it. I found it to be extremely motivational. Not being involved in sports growing up, I haven't ever been part of a team, so I found it very inspirational.My partner thought Angus was hilarious, and is still saying little quotes from the movie. Some of the emotional scenes impacted on me greatly, so much so that I got a bit teary. I laughed, I cried, I was motivated & inspired. I think if your looking for a movie that appeals to everyone on some level then this is it.
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    My advice to any one seeing this film would be to take most of the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Because despite what the papers and one SEN movie reviewer may have said this is a great Australian football movie!

    Saturday evening saw me taking along four not-committed movie goers to see BLINDER and Saturday night saw me exiting the cinema with four very happy movie goers!

    The script is great, going back and forth between scenes a decade apart, focusing on a country football team trying to win back to back premierships and the aftermath of a scandal which rocks the small town. While a serious subject, the football scenes and interactions between the players on and off the field as you're taken through the events do well to break up could have easily been a very heavy film.

    The director, producers and actors have done a brilliant job in honouring the heart of this film - the country football club. The football scenes are just what country footy is about, hard knocks, scoring goals and your team mates. The comrademanship between the four main footy players is great to watch, particularly Angus Sampson's antics both on and off the field.

    For an independently made Australian film this one is definitely a must see for anyone who loves football or a great story. Enjoy!
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    My partner decided to take me to watch Blinder, and obviously not being much of a sports fan I wasn't too keen on his choice of film.

    Sitting in my seat and thinking about what I could do to pass time I found myself glued to the screen. The story line was amazing and not your typical footy flick.

    This film isn't just about football it's about life and experiences, things we all can relate to.

    For someone who isn't into sports I loved this film, and would definitely recommend it to all.

    Great film from beginning to end!
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    I love Mercedes

    I really enjoyed it, made me laugh, made me cry.

    Well acted, well directed, with a great Aussie soundtrack behind it. Even, Silverchair and one of my all-time favourites The Fauves.

    Some ripping footy scenes, with Jack Thompson reminding me of my Under 19's coach, during my very brief playing days. This movie reminded me of my younger days, I could see myself wearing the yellow wig Frankie dons during a party for sure.

    If you keep your eyes out, you'll see some cameos from AFL greats, Paul from Big Brother even pop's up!

    Sammy Kekovich - maybe you need to take up commentary, a job well done.

    Overall a really good movie, Just go watch, you won't be disappointed - A really good movie.
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    I really enjoyed this movie. I must admit, Im not by any means a football fan, but decided to take my teenage boys. Im so glad I did! We all got so much out of it. There was enough content in it to keep me happy and the boys really enjoyed the football parts.

    What I really enjoyed about this movie is that it made me think..... Im still thinking about parts of this movie two days later, and to me that's how I rate a good film.

    My Teenage boys got a lot out of this movie, parts of the film resonated with them and they found some of the speeches inspirational. I would recommend this great Aussie movie.... especially for those in teams or those that appreciate local football.
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    Great movie! It really gave the viewer a sense of our great game but showed some of the social issues that young sportsmen are faced drinking, pier pressure drug use,sports people being viewed as heros. The main characters are haunted by a lapse in judgement which ruins their dreams of reaching the big time. The storyline kept you intrigued as it revealed more detail with each flashback. Also loved Coach Changs stirring addresses to the team. The story has a happy ending as all is forgiven and they get "The band back together". I really enjoyed this independent Aussie Flick! Congratulation to all who had the courage to make the film. They should be applauded
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    I found Blinder really compelling. Complex, unpredictable, great settings and really managed to fit in a lot of the details of going to the local footy.

    Torquay looks great in the movie and offers a fantastic variety of settings.

    My best guess on the bad ratings would be that it is is hard to keep track of chronology, and the some of the story-line crosses taboos.

    My favourite performance was Rose McIver as Sammy. Angus Sampson's Franky was also a highlight.

    I'd definitely recommend it.