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La fuerza cuatro (2013) HD online

La fuerza cuatro (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Action
Original Title: La fuerza cuatro
Director: Adam Lee,João Duarte
Writers: Adam Lee
Released: 2013
Budget: €100
Video type: Creative Work
In modern-day Nicaragua, a hardened NSA general enlists four grueling heroes to invade the country and save American democracy by assassinating a treacherous whistle-blower, while causing as many collateral civilian casualties as possible.
Cast overview:
Tommy Hay Tommy Hay - Brig. Gen. Jeremiah William Wayne
Adam Lee Adam Lee - Simon Anthony Hayesworth M.D
João Duarte João Duarte - Timothy Castello
Flav Ducci Flav Ducci - Gustav Henri Mollison
Matt LeWebb Matt LeWebb - Wallace Gillian McDuffle
Liam Spinner Liam Spinner - Argentinian-Italian Chef / Various Roles
Phil Knowley Phil Knowley - Slumbering Mexican
Al X. Al X. - Undead Nicaraguan / Various Roles
Asad Lakhpaki Asad Lakhpaki - Breaking News Narrator

The musical scoring and editing took up most of the post-production.