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Dai ying xiong (1978) HD online

Dai ying xiong (1978) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama
Original Title: Dai ying xiong
Director: Pao-Chang Han
Released: 1978
Video type: Movie
During World War II, Japanese soldiers invade a small Chinese town. Li immediately takes out four of the soldiers who want to steal some chickens. The story then follows the bumbling Japanese soldiers and their obese commander (Sammo Hung with a shaved head and Hitler moustache) until Li shows up again for a big forest brawl in yet another classic foot and fist battle. The film finally ends when the mean spirited Japanese give up on the war! This film reteams Bruce Li (who turned down the role of Bruce Lee's stand-in for Warner/Golden Harvest's 'Game of Death') with the director of 'Enter The Panther" (Sammo Hung as Han Po Cheung).
Credited cast:
Polly Ling-Feng Shang-Kuan Polly Ling-Feng Shang-Kuan - (as Polly Shang Kwan)
Bruce Li Bruce Li - (as Chung Tao Ho)
Peng Tien Peng Tien
Pei Ling Chen Pei Ling Chen
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Pin Chin Pin Chin
Wan Hsi Chin Wan Hsi Chin
Hou Chun Hsia Hou Chun Hsia
Wei Hu Wei Hu
Hua-Liang Hung Hua-Liang Hung
Ming Min Ming Min
Yun Nan Yun Nan
Te-Yun Pei Te-Yun Pei
Ting-Ken Shih Ting-Ken Shih
Yueh Sun Yueh Sun
Chien Tsao Chien Tsao

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    Release date given probably off by 2-3 years, I would date this as 1976 at the latest. The producer-director's name on screen is "Hang Po Chang", which would be an alternate transliteration of a known pseudonym for Sammo Hung Kam Bo, well known Hong Kong filmmaker, martial arts performer, and adoptive brother of Jackie Chan. A young Sammo Hung appears playing the role of the Japanese commander, thus introducing considerable humor into a subject that usually gets very heavy handed in HK 'fu films of the period (Japanese oppression during the '30s). In fact Hung is clearly using the film as an experiment, to see how much comedy he can inject into such a serious topic. Certainly more successful here than in Hung's first internationally admitted directorial effort, Iron Fist Monk. Includes a brief parody of Hung's even briefer appearance in Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. Also pay attention to a satire of the Japanese samurai films (which seemingly pops up out of nowhere), since Hung would later draw on this for his contribution to Tsui Hark's Zu: Warriors of Magic Mountain, in his early scenes with Yuen Biao. Otherwise, the film has a pretty strong narrative style to it, owing more to Hung's comic timing than to classic 'chop-sock' film plot strategies.

    Polly Shaun Kuan Ling Feng does very well in an atypical role for her. A young Paul Tien Peng also shows up looking very believable as a rebel organizer. Bruce Li - the best of the Bruce Lee imitators, and believable as both actor and fight-performer - turns in his usual solid performance.

    The film has a a fairly professional gloss to it, but still feels essentially like an 'old school' 'chop-sock' film.

    A major rediscovery of an essential early film by one of the master innovators of the genre.