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Dikari (2006) HD online

Dikari (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Dikari
Director: Viktor Shamirov
Writers: Viktor Shamirov
Released: 2006
Duration: 1h 40min
Video type: Movie
The sea, August, interesting and simple people. They tan, swim, play volleyball, basketball, drink, dance and then find someone to spend the night with. Many grew out of their student phase and can afford a more comfortable holiday but when July comes they grab a tent, jump into their cars and come here. Here, nobody talks about work and the size of your wallet means nothing. The focus shifts from one main character, to another, to a third and then back to the first with the ending being about the fourth who was the main hero in the previous episode. The story unfolds like a musical, where the rhythm is the method of storytelling.
Credited cast:
Marat Basharov Marat Basharov - Mister
Yuriy Kutsenko Yuriy Kutsenko - Ay-yay (as Gosha Kutsenko)
Vladislav Galkin Vladislav Galkin - Chornyy
Aleksey Gorbunov Aleksey Gorbunov - Baron
Evklid Kyurdzidis Evklid Kyurdzidis - Kisa Katzman
Irina Novak Irina Novak - Alina
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Natalia Dufraisse Natalia Dufraisse - Grystnaia rizhaia
Andrei Grinev Andrei Grinev - Goblin
Aleksandr Grishaev Aleksandr Grishaev - Kasatkin
Anna Nebogatova Anna Nebogatova - Diana
Marina Petrenko Marina Petrenko
Elena Polyakova Elena Polyakova - Ryba
Pavel Sborshchikov Pavel Sborshchikov - Boryusik
Dariya Semyonova Dariya Semyonova - Zhenya
Spartak Sumchenko Spartak Sumchenko - Mikha

Reviews: [4]

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    This is one of the movies, which deal with emotions more than actions. Yes, it is difficult to understand it, if you had never had spent summer vacation time in such a "wild" environment, being absolutely on your own - from the very beginning to the very end. Humans nature has many different sides and very often people must play their roles throughout the whole year, doing what they are supposed to do, according the rules, dictated by their positions and surroundings. And only during times of vacations they may remind themselves about being young and meet the old friends, forget about duties, accept the nicknames and enjoy this short summer period to get their batteries charged for the rest of the year. The feelings I've got after watching this movie are absolutely true. I always feel the same through the summer - high expectations at the beginning and nostalgic feelings that it is over at the end.
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    Brilliant snapshot of three generations of Russian/ex Soviet sexually active people on holidays in Crimea (now days part of Ukraine). Very thoughtful and lyrical movie in great traditions of Russian literature and modern day folklore. I am afraid it will lose a lot in translation. 5 out of 4 native Russian speakers will enjoy it. A must to see for foreigners learning Russian and trying to understand what is going on in this country. It is remarkable that the movie with so many nudity and sex stands clean from any accusation of being a porno. This is a distinction of true art. Great, recommended to over 16. It has references to many Soviet/Russian cult movies. One of the most obvious reference is to Three plus Two, which influenced Soviet "popculture" .
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    from earth

    First I thought it wasn't good, but when I paid attention it became one of my favorites. it's very funny. But um I thought his name was Gosha Kutsenka and not Yuri Kutsenka, but it could just be me.... This film gives a hilarious view of a "Russian" lazy summer on the Black Sea. It involves all the classic elements to keep the attention of today's people except unnecessary violence. It has foul language, nudity, and sex. Violence is only teased at on the volley ball court and earlier when 3 guys come to collect their girls from Aj-Yaj's camp area. Chernij is a funny character who is constantly cussing about something, and usually to himself. In short, it's worth it :)
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    The Movie 'Dikari' is about tourists who come to Black Sea region to have a holiday in tents... The aim of the Dikari(Wild) tourists is to find good tent place, get enough booze and find a partner for the night..The main characters are guys who visit the region regularly every year. So,they have enough acquaintances to make their holiday without any unexpected problems..Shortly, film tells about an ordinary summer season in the tourist region.The plot of the film is not very interesting,though the cast is not bad. Marat Basharov, Gosha Kutsenko (from 'Dozor's) have a good performance as main Dikari.As a result, Not good enough to give money for it...