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The Directors The Films of David Cronenberg (1997– ) HD online

The Directors The Films of David Cronenberg (1997– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Biography
Original Title: The Films of David Cronenberg
Director: Robert J. Emery
Writers: Robert J. Emery
Released: 1997–
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Episode credited cast:
Brooke Adams Brooke Adams - Herself
Marilyn Chambers Marilyn Chambers - Herself
David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Himself
Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe - Himself
Debbie Harry Debbie Harry - Herself (as Deborah Harry)
Holly Hunter Holly Hunter - Herself
Michael Ironside Michael Ironside - Himself
Jennifer Jason Leigh Jennifer Jason Leigh - Herself
Dave Mann Dave Mann - Himself - Voice Over Announcer
Peter Weller Peter Weller - Himself
Anthony Zerbe Anthony Zerbe - Himself

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    David speaks candidly about the making of his movies (up to and including eXistenZ). I learned many snippets about David (one of my favorite directors) that I was unaware of. Many of the actors that worked with David, give very insightful accounts of working with this *visionary*. A very entertaining 60 mins of interviews, and clips from Davids movies. If you are at all interested in David Cronenberg as a person, or his films, then this documentary will not disappoint you. I particularly enjoyed the interviews with; Holly Hunter, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Peter Weller. Although each actors comments were unique, there was a common thread and an equal respect from each of them in relation to David (the man) and his directing abilities. I just wish this documentary was made later in the piece, so that it included his most recent movies!!
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    Directors, The: The Films of David Cronenberg (1999)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Director David Croenberg sits down for the interview as he discusses his films and how he ended up getting into the business. Holly Hunter, Marilyn Chambers, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Ironside, Peter Weiler, Brooke Adams, Deborah Harry and Willem Dafoe are among the people interviewed and who share their opinions on the sometimes controversial director. Cronenberg starts off talking about how he thought he'd be a novelist but the New York underground movement made him realize that he could make movies. From here we learn about the making of SHIVERS, RABID, SCANNERS, VIDEODROME, THE FLY, THE DEAD ZONE, DEAD RIDGERS, NAKED LUNCH, CRASH and EXISTENZ. If you're familiar with the series then you know that these episodes are for fans of the director as well as those unfamiliar with the director's work but wants to know more about the films. Cronenberg is very open here sharing his feelings about not only his films but also other topics including his relationship with movie critics. Some of the best stories happen about the making of his early movies like SHIVERS and RABID and seeing how much money they ended up making the studios. There's also a large discussion about the controversy behind CRASH and how his agent begged him not to do it and instead wanted him to work on THE JUROR with Demi Moore. Overall this is another very good entry in the series that will certainly please fans of Cronenberg.