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A Royal Christmas (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Family / Romance
Original Title: A Royal Christmas
Director: Alex Zamm
Writers: Janeen Damian,Michael Damian
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Prince Leopold, heir of queen Isadora of Cordinia (a fictitious cheap Monaco version), enjoyed studying incognito in Philadelphia and shocks his mother by bringing home a lasting souvenir: Yankee seamstress and would be-designer Emily Taylor, to whom he proposed just before unveiling his royal identity. Isidora is hell-bent on chasing the commoner intruder and marrying Leo off to an eager, overconfident aristocratic youth friend, Natasha, Duchess of Warren. Leopold, the devoted palace butler Victor and his staff are rather pleased with Emily and her fast progress in society manners, but Isidora won't give up until she breaks Leopold's heart.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Lacey Chabert Lacey Chabert - Emily Taylor
Stephen Hagan Stephen Hagan - Leo James / Prince Leopold
Jane Seymour Jane Seymour - Isadora - Queen of Cordinia
Katherine Flynn Katherine Flynn - Natasha, Duchess of Warren
Simon Dutton Simon Dutton - Victor
Mitchell Mullen Mitchell Mullen - Bud Taylor
Katrina Nare Katrina Nare - Toni
Diana Dumitrescu Diana Dumitrescu - Olivia
Vlad Ianus Vlad Ianus - Will
Kate Loustau Kate Loustau - Galina, Baroness of Newbury
Ionut Grama Ionut Grama - Kent, Baron of Newbury
Alice O'Mahoney Alice O'Mahoney - Poppy
Anne Gould Anne Gould - Sister Agatha (as Annie Gould)
Mihai Niculescu Mihai Niculescu - Grand Duke of Canterbury
Olivia Krevoy Olivia Krevoy - Teenage Girl

The film started out as a sequel to A Princess for Christmas (2011), but when the husband and wife writer/director/producer team of Michael Damian and Janeen Damian encountered scheduling conflicts, the script was rewritten to be a stand-alone story.

Both Roger Moore of the semi-prequel A Princess for Christmas (2011) and Simon Dutton played the character of Simon Templar in different versions of The Saint (1962).

The Red carpet in the leaving scene is made of two different joint pieces.

The dress Emily wears in the wedding at the end of the movie is Lacey Chabert's actual wedding dress.

Much of A Royal Christmas parallels Meet the Santas. In both, an uptight, disapproving mother wears her hair in a tight French twist and invites an old flame to try to break up the happy couple. There's a big party that she hope's will show her child in a good light and leave the undesirable partner out in the cold. As both movies near their end, the mothers have a change of heart, lets their hair down, and shows up unannounced asking for forgiveness and bringing her old wedding dress for the soon to be bride.

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    I liked this despite myself, it was just so horribly addictive even though you knew exactly what was going to happen about 5 minutes in, right down to the little orphan girl and the Queens first love. This has a fairy tale (Cinderella or Pretty Woman) like quality to it which I guess we all secretly covet or at least Hallmark thinks we do.

    Here a prince posing as a common (college student) must reveal the truth about his royal lineage to his girlfriend -a seamstress from Philadelphia- who then must try to impress Leopold's mother, Queen Isadora when the couple travel to the castle (in the made up land of Cordinia) to spend the holidays with his family.

    I did enjoy Stephen Hagon who played the Prince, just a nice guy and his love interest (Lacy Chabert) was okay too, a bit too perky maybe. Jane Seymour was actually very good here, she gave me several laughs with her sneering, cold, bitchiness.

    There are some fun 'Upstairs Downstairs' or 'Downton Abby' moments as "Emily" bonds with the castle staff and I suppose this couple is meant to resemble William and Kate to further pull us into the fantasy. Regardless, I enjoyed this is a very simple sort of way. 12/16/14
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    A Royal Christmas is a glossy piece of holiday fluff. It's Christmas and who doesn't like a well put together, seasonal movie. Well to start with, some of the critics don't. But we always look for that next classic Christmas movie to go along with Miracle on Thirty-Fourth St., Alistair Sims' or George C. Scott's Scrooge, The Bishop's Wife, Christmas in Connecticut, The Holly and the Ivy and a few more recent ones that come close to being in the classics range like Home Alone or The Santa Clause. Of course, the great ones don't come along every year.

    As for this one, I really did take to the leading characters and actors in the movie, with longtime movie stalwart Jayne Seymour as the Queen, adding icing and some icy behaviour to this Christmas cake of a movie. She was impressive in her role as the mother from hell combined with her other role as an elegant and charming Queen of a fantasy land that reminds us of Monaco or Liechtenstein. Lacey Chabert, as the fun-loving seamstress/designer, is a girl with talent and personality who charms the Queen's son and the palace staff (if not the guards) and Stephen Hagan as Leopold James, the Prince Charming who certainly filled the bill as the tall, well-tailored prince madly in love with the girl of his dreams. Katharine Flynn as the wannabe bride, the Duchess of Warren, was the only weak link in an otherwise fine cast. The young couple in love are polar opposites in background and personality but a perfect example of two young people in love, in a fairy tale world of course.

    The music, the sets, and the upstairs-downstairs characters and everything about the movie were smartly arranged. The supporting cast was great, from Simon Dutton as the butler (watch for a surprise!) to the family of the commoner in love with her prince. Of course, it was all in the Hallmark tradition of giving us something Christmassy to wallow in for the holidays. See it and just let yourself enjoy the treat.
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    I enjoyed this Hallmark movie. The formula works - a girl falls in love with guy who turns out to be a prince. They travel to his European kingdom where she doesn't quite seem suitable enough a match.

    The lead actors are watchable enough. Lacey Chabert isn't stunningly beautiful but she is likable and isn't annoying. Jane Seymour acts well as the disapproving queen. She is still very slim. It's refreshing to see an actress not having undergone plastic surgery, unlike some actresses of her age. Her real life daughter Katie Flynn has a role here. The prince's accent sounds a bit un royal at times.

    One fault: The costumes are a bit cheap looking even taking into account it's a TV movie and not a big budget feature like "The Princess Diaries".

    Worth one watch.
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    totally unfair i would say people and critics are extremely harsh on this lovely movie.

    i checked this out for one lady Jane Seymore wow this woman is like a fine wine aged so well she was a former bond girl in live & let die 007 film.

    after watching a lot of Christmas & useless princess romance films specially by Disney animation or live action they suck at romance these days Disney should definitely get some lessons from this project.

    this is a direct to DVD and from Hallmark Channel made for TV released a month before Christmas last year.

    a Royal Christmas is a good entertainer despite the flaws it is similar to the princess diary or other famous movies but i found this better then those.

    the story is about Emily an American girl who designs clothes and works at her fathers shop she dates a guy who reveals his identity soon and tells her that his name is Prince Leopold from other country upon reaching the royal palace Emily finds it hard to fit into the royals as the queen disliker her very much now how Emily finds a solution to this problem the answer is in this film.

    Emily was not from a royal family and a common person but i liked the fact that not everyone was taking a dig at her but most of all they were happy to see her even the servants hearts were filled with joy.

    this is something that Hollywood lacks a lot this low budget TV movie owned them,period is fun filled along with everything that a large theatrical release holds from good dialogs to great sets and that mansion was epic.

    The Cast:i became a fan of Lacey Chabert after this honestly she fits into the role easily such a beauty got great eyes,Stephen Hagan is a handsome guy should be more famous,Jane Syemore what can i say she is bitchy,little cruel in her role a legend actress of our times,Katherine Flynn & Kate Laustau are two hot goddesses.

    Overall A Royal Christmas 2014 is for everyone it is G rated film little bit of kissing is shown but its passable i usually avoid Christmas movies because of same plot repeated over again but this one is a pure family film my rating is 9/10.Recommended
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    I love Hallmark Christmas movies, and I especially liked this one. It seemed a little too short, though. I noticed one of the other reviewers said that Disney should take lessons from Hallmark--guess what? Disney owns Hallmark and ABC FAMILY. Just different target audiences. But back to the movie... I liked all the actors, but it would have been nice to see Emily,s dad and her friend a little bit more. The castle and clothes were beautiful. The only thing that I found hard to believe was the village scene where nuns are selling things to raise money for an orphanage. If they are supposed to be near France (an industrialized country), why does the village look like it's set in the 1600s? Whenever an American movie has a scene in another country it always looks like something from "A Tale of Two Cities." Yes, I know, that was around 1812. Still, I really liked the movie. I watch Christmas stuff all year long. Just could have been longer. I recommend this film!
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    This is the perfect Christmas movie that is well written well acted and the soundtrack is perfect. Even though the story line itself centres around Leo and Emily and the Queen, every character right down to the servants gives this movie a strong foundation on which it builds itself on. All the little sub plots never leave this movie in a lull and there is an air of true Christmas spirit that leaves you wanting more. Our family enjoyed this movie together it seemed to really kick start the Christmas spirit within us and that's what Christmas movies are all about.I would easily say it's the feel good Christmas movie of the year.
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    Basing a romantic fantasy around a nonexistent, tiny Europoean principality was first invented for early twentieth century Viennese operetta. The most famous play to use this setting for ROmantic fantasy is Ferenc Molnar's THE SWAN which was made into a 1930's movie ONE ROMANTIC NIGHT and then a 1950's movie THE SWAN. The story had been updated several times for an American average girl to attract the Prince of such a fantasy Principality in movies such as THE PRINCE AND ME in which Miranda Richardson played the Prince's Ice Queen mother, a role copied by Jane Seymour in this charming 70 minute well photographed Christmas movie. The under time move is marked mostly by tight editing and excellent photography which catches your interest. Jane Seymour highlights this take with some elegant monologues about first stopping her rebellious son from making the mistake she made at his age then encouraging him to be happy making it. Other than that the plot is average and some of the humor lame but always charming and well photographed
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    While there were parts that were good, and I've watched it a few times (silly but sometimes heart-warming and cute), Hallmark made the American characters appear warm-hearted but classless, goofy, and downright stupid. Royalty doesn't float around the US falling in love & marrying classless, poorly-dressed dolts who would call a queen "your majesty-ness". Further, it's highly unlikely that Prince William walked into Buckingham Palace with Kate on his arm without Kate having some serious coaching, and untrained staff would likely never serve a queen. As for the comparison to 'a princess for Christmas', the only thing I will mention is that both movies portrayed the (American) women as weak and sloppy with neither having a decent career or job, and the costumes were hideous. Jane Seymour had some good lines, but she is portrayed a heartless witch with no other purpose, and the staff is portrayed as incompetent idiots. Victor and the Baroness are the only characters I really liked. More work next year Hallmark.
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    I enjoy watching romantic films, I like going into a story that I know is going to make me happy for a couple of hours and that it the purpose if this movie.

    The plot is a little cliché and seems right out of a fairy-tale but the acting is surprisingly good and the romance is cute. There are funny moments where Emily's lack of knowledge of etiquette and manners put her in awkward situations.

    It's a great choice to watch on a rainy Sunday with a friend and coffee, overall a cute movie but easily forgettable. (Also, if you're a Mean Girls' fan and want to see the actress who played Gretchen Wieners as the good girl then this is a good choice)
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    After all the "movies" being made these days this was a truly breath of fresh air. I've been renting/buying most of Lacey Chabert's Hallmark movies lately (some decent, some not so much) and this one by far is the best. Everyone was very relaxed and having a lot of fun. The prince guy was unexpectedly watchable (not too self-conscious and played remarkably well off of his co-stars). Even Jane Seymour seemed to be enjoying her part. So yeah, it's not an academy award winning drama or a complex spy movie... it's a Hallmark. It's on the light side and you pretty much know what's coming... except it was surprisingly engaging and highly entertaining. Best movie I've watched in a while. Give it a try.
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    "A Royal Christmas" is a very good movie that works as a very good Christmas film as well. That's because it also is a comedy-romance, and one with a different twist. Many a film has been made in which the commoner American (usually) makes all sorts of mistakes and wreaks havoc in and on a royal household. Instead, this film has an American commoner who rises to the occasion and foils the witty attempts of the royal head of household. Thus, "A Royal Christmas" is much more than another tale of princess meets prince charming.

    The film has a very good cast that bring the comedy off just right. The love interests are Emily Taylor (played by Lacey Chabert) and Leo James (aka, Prince Leopold, played by Stephen Hagan). Emily comes close to being too sugary at times, but fortunately, the timing in the screenplay creates switches at the appropriate moments to contain the syrup. Leo, on the other hand, starts a little cool in the first scenes, but then seems to get into his role with conviviality. There's a handful of supporting cast with smaller roles who do a lot to give life to the plot. But two other major leads stand out and guide the film to its successful finish.

    Jane Seymour is sparking as Isador, Queen of Cordinia, and Leo's mother. She has a match planned for him in childhood friend and sweetheart, Natasha, Duchess of Warren (played very well by Katherine Flynn). And, she loathes the thought of Leo marrying Emily, a commoner. Her conniving to make it all unbearable for Emily mostly backfires when Emily makes friends with the royal household staff, and takes a quick day-long lesson in royal behavior from Victor, the chief butler. Simon Dutton plays Victor wonderfully. He's the one staff person who isn't intimidated by the queen, while always maintaining his proper place (of course).

    Naturally, there's a happy ending in this film. There are more details and some small subplots within that add nice touches and enhance it as a Christmas movie. While it isn't loaded with laughter, the many foiled plots and scenarios just bring smiles and chuckles. As a chick flick, this would probably be rated tops. As a very good comedy-romance and Christmas film, it rates eight stars from me. It's a very entertaining movie that the whole family should enjoy.
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    Other than the cool castle, simply plug new characters into the formulaic Hallmark schmaltzy script and you will know 5 minutes into the story how it will end. Hallmark REALLY needs some new writers and directors! Same loud relentless non-stop music overpowering the insipid dialog.

    Same old plot: Prince meets commoner, falls in love. Prince takes commoner home to meet royal Mom. Royal Mom is tyrant, wants royal son to marry royal ex-girlfriend. Royal Mom plots against commoner who is busy making friends below stairs because she is so perky and friendly. Commoner sacrifices her happiness "for the good of the kingdom". Royal Mom sees the light, does a rapid 180, and urges Prince to follow his heart. No point in going on, you know what happens from here.

    Don't waste your time. There are way better things in life than this drivel.
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    I love the Hallmark Christmas movies and look forward to the new ones being released each year. The stories are delightful and uplifting with happy endings,and they are always enjoyable during the holiday Christmas season. Bringing joy and happiness to people is never "drivel."

    The concern I have is that the Hallmark movies have loud, annoying, incessant "bing-bong" music that overpowers the voices of the actors. There should be no music while there is speaking. Every word should be clear. There should be no competition between the music and the speaking.

    Please stop the loud music when the actors speak. I would love to watch your movies. I watched this movie for an hour and after that I turned it off because the music made the movie so distracting. If I can't finish the movie and it was that annoying, I have to give it a low rating. My brother and his family said the same thing and they turned it off half way through because of the loud, high-pitched music in the background. The older Hallmark movies were classically produced.
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    Princely boyfriend brings 'regular girl' home to the castle. Lacey Chabert character seems like such a defenseless 'victim' here of not knowing how to speak to people who just really live in a much larger house? She cowers and seems not to have any poise at all !

    Would this 'Prince' really want to be with her at all? Would anyone?

    They make her so mousy that when she learns anything ( like how to dance or eat an hors doeurves?). She has come into a whole different world? Really?

    It's outdated and although this character comes from the 'real world' she should have basic confidence in herself which makes me feel why is this guy interested in her at all!

    I wanted to like this movie but it's frustrating to see this young girl as such a 'victim!'
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    Look, I love a cheesy romcom as much as the next girl, but can the writers PLEASE make sure the script is at least marginally accurate? There were so many peerage mistakes in this movie that really irritated me.

    Lacey Chabert was charming and the Prince guy was reasonably believable as a young royal wanting to find a "real" girl but aside from that there wasn't much this film could offer. I really wish that Jane Seymour wouldn't degrade herself to projects like this (speaking as a Dr. Quinn fan).

    If you enjoy the fluffy, feel-good, holiday films that Hallmark make then this film is for you. If you're after a real life Cinderella tale then look elsewhere. May I suggest "Ever After"?

    3/10 stars. Sorry Hallmark. Not your best holiday movie.
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    In the first two minutes of the movie, there were two product placements: One for a big box store, and the other for a coffee product. I was confused; where we still in commercial break? No in fact, this is how Hallmark chooses to finance their predictable and pedestrian pablum.

    It is sad knowing the name Hallmark used to stand for high-quality, family fare. Unfortunately, they choose to produce films only children can enjoy. If you are older than five years old, don't bother.

    The one thing I did enjoy it was the palace most of the movie was set in.
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    This is typical Hallmark fare; Prince studies in the States, meets apple-pie, down to earth American girl with lovingly gruff widowed dad and takes her home to the Palace to meet mom the Ice- Queen Queen and his old girlfriend lying in wait. The royal decor is hilarious with deer-in-the headlights, garish portraits, suits of armour and gold everywhere; lots of gold. And just in case we viewers have forgotten this is a holiday movie we're beaten repeatedly over the head with Christmas trees standing awkwardly in every scene. Along the way, the girl predictably makes every ugly American faux pas known to sitcoms (you just KNEW she'd drink from the finger bowl, didn't you?), mugging to make the guards laugh, dressing inappropriately at every turn and giggling loudly all the way. But alas for the Queen, her campaign against the upstart begins to come apart at its snooty seams and the American wins the hearts of all around her, just as she already has that of the Prince. But will the Queen come around as well??????? The suspense will not kill you.
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    crazy mashine

    What wasn't awful about this movie?? First, I think it was awful that the plot and characters made a poor, classless attempt at trying to imitate "A Princess for Christmas"...which was a very good movie.......From the opening snowy scene in the a female star with dark hair and same length, and big a disgruntled royal eventually not feeling worthy of being with a Prince...on and on and its own pathetic way, it seemed like its purpose was to make a farce out of a "Princess for Christmas."........."Emily" was just too darn giddy and annoying throughout. And the scene with her and the Prince behaving like fools, trying to get a reaction out of the guards, was ridiculous! (not funny)...The dinner table scene with the guests, Emily was just too unbelievably dumb and ill-mannered by anyone's standards.......Jane Seymour is a good actress, but she typically ended too many of her lines with an inaudible whisper.....I think the reason for the Queen's dismay of the relationship was ultimately inadequate compared to her observation of "Emily's" immature, naïve, embarrassing behavior throughout......I mean really, why would an educated person with status, the Prince, find himself attracted to such a person.......At least in a "Princess for Christmas," "Jules" was mature, responsible, and sincere...and that was a quality, enjoyable movie entirely, that had appropriate light-hearted scenes.
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    This was on Netflix and because I like royalty movies and Jane Seymor, I thought to give this a try.

    As the previous reviews have said, this is VERY predictable. Too typical princess/prince movie and the writing was so lazy. This has probably all the clichés you could imagine. Prince studies in America, falls in love with a girl, who is SO down to Earth that immediately everyone else likes her, except the Queen. But you don't have to wonder if the Queen will like her at the end...

    And of course there is an ex-girlfriend, who is royal and who the Queen loves and wants her son to marry, the prefect match made in heaven. Yep, "never" seen that before. And what bothered me was that the girlfriend looked like 10 years older than the prince.

    The acting is almost okay, not the most convincing, but not as terrible as in some other movies I've seen. Stephen Hagan lacked charm and Lacey Chabert was cute, but didn't really manage to deliver the character's feelings. Jane was the best, but not at her best. In my opinion Princess diaries' Julie Andrews was better Queen.

    I think kids would love this movie, but as an adult, who has seen her share of movies, this was nothing but waste of time. The movie lost its entertainment value, because of all the clichés.
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    I could not watch more than 15 minutes of this movie. It started really quickly. No plot building between the major characters. It was like - here are a few people and here is the issue.

    The main characters (love interests) did not have any chemistry. The male was beyond charming, but the female, thought I love her in other things, lacked personality.

    I did see the last 30 minutes as well, waiting for something else to start, and could not stand Jane Seymore at any point, not even the end. I think if they would have let the characters and their stories develop at the start, this could have been a fantastic movie.
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    I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too…I myself will take up arms, I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarder of every one of your virtues in the field." – Elizabeth I, Speech to the Troops at Tilbury. "When I'm dead that boy will ruin himself within 12 months" – George V on his son, who became Edward VIII. Edward abdicated in the first year of his reign to marry divorcée Wallis Simpson. "Nothing that can be said can begin to take away the anguish and the pain of these moments. Grief is the price we pay for love." – Elizabeth II in a message to the USA after 9/11. "I don't care what kind it is, just get me a beer!" – Prince Philip, after being offered wine in Rome in 2000

    Royalty through the ages have been attributed with coining many quotes; in battle and even in their own court. Here is our list of the top 15 quotes from members of the Royal Family, past and present. "I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too…I myself will take up arms, I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarder of every one of your virtues in the field." – Elizabeth I, Speech to the Troops at Tilbury. "When I'm dead that boy will ruin himself within 12 months" – George V on his son, who became Edward VIII. Edward abdicated in the first year of his reign to marry divorcée Wallis Simpson. "Nothing that can be said can begin to take away the anguish and the pain of these moments. Grief is the price we pay for love." – Elizabeth II in a message to the USA after 9/11. "I don't care what kind it is, just get me a beer!" – Prince Philip, after being offered wine in Rome in 2000.

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    Christmas doesn't actually play a big part in A Royal Christmas. It could have taken place during any time of the year and it wouldn't have made a difference to the plot. It's also very formulaic. You know exactly where the story is going every step of the way because you've seen this story a dozen times. And yet I didn't hate it. I don't know why, exactly, but I didn't.
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    Like many romance movies involving royalty, this one is about the sweet but plucky commoner girl vs the tradition of royalty. In this case, the evil queen opposes her son's romance with a girl from Philly and wants instead for him to marry the noble girl, a Duchess, whom he has known since childhood.

    This story is not so much the story about the love of Victor and Emily as it is about Emily gaining the heart of the queen, who it turns out is maybe not so evil.

    In the end, it is Emily's integrity that wins the queen's heart when she realizes that Emily is more true than herself.

    Lacey Chabert always does a good job for Hallmark and here she plays the role of the tailor named Taylor very well. She sell the fact that her leaving is not just running away when she tells Leo it is the way things need to be. I wish I could say the same about Stephen Hagan. While he is quite the handsome man, he a little stiff, which may just be living up to the character of the prince. Jane Seymour is a real ice queen but that's her role. Katherine Flynn, as Natasha the Duchess, vacillates between plotting Emily's demise and actually respecting her and I don't think she is convinced of either one.

    It is a nice plot device that Emily sticks to her guns and actually returns to Philly. And the response to that is obviously predictable, with a tiny twist, but it is what we really want to see in the end.
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    I hate to break it to you, but this movie has virtually no plot. You wait around for about an hour an a half until the ice cold Dr. Quinn queen has a complete and utter personality change within 12 hours and then of course the remaining 20 minutes are just epilog.

    That pretty much sums it up. The concept is interesting, which is why this gets any stars at all, but the execution is horrible. The romance between the leads barely works and what is up with Emily's Dad's strange accent? That don't sound like "South Philly" to me. Our sweet innocent Emily hails from crime ridden South Philly while Prince Leo comes from a small unheard of country called Cordinia where everyone speaks in English accents and are members of the British Aristocracy.

    The movie is very forced with much manufactured drama. Natasha seems to be the most intelligent of the lot and is drastically underused. She even breaks and has a change of heart half way through her attempt at getting Leo's heart....huh? Usually this character is borderline evil and will stop at nothing to destroy the main romance. At least the queen keeps her stuff together until she implodes in one night and acts like a completely different character the rest of the movie. You spend most of the movie knowing this will happen, and just keep waiting and waiting for the filler scenes to process until it finally arrives.

    Where is the "special place"? Is it really the donation bin?

    You can see a lot the plot twists long before they arrive. Prince doesn't give up - check. Orphan girl gets adopted - check. Ice queen melts - check. Evil ex-girlfriend fails to win over the male lead - check. Queen has a secret long forgotten love interest who is a main supporting character - check.

    Also, Emily does not look like the type of girl that eats working class South Philly food - just look at her. Yet, she decides to spend a great deal of her time at the once in a lifetime European ball to - make a gigantic 4 foot deli hoagie? Wait what?

    Ah, I digress. This is worth watching if you are very bored but really there are better bad movies out there.
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    Pretty bad. Some of the acting was horrible. It was basically a cheesy lifetime movie