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Overland Pacific (1954) HD online

Overland Pacific (1954) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Western
Original Title: Overland Pacific
Director: Fred F. Sears
Writers: J. Robert Bren,Gladys Atwater
Released: 1954
Duration: 1h 13min
Video type: Movie
It's just after the Civil War and a railroad is expanding westward. Saloon owner Stewart brings in rifles hidden in whisky barrels and gives them to the Indians to attack the construction crew. He is trying to get the railroad to change it's route and go through his town. Posing as a telegrapher, railroad agent Granger arrives to see if he can stop the railroad's troubles.
Complete credited cast:
Jock Mahoney Jock Mahoney - Ross Granger (as Jack Mahoney)
Peggie Castle Peggie Castle - Ann Dennison
Adele Jergens Adele Jergens - Jessie Loraine
William Bishop William Bishop - Del Stewart
Chubby Johnson Chubby Johnson - Sheriff Blaney
Walter Sande Walter Sande - Mr. Dennison (Donnison in the credits)
Pat Hogan Pat Hogan - Dark Thunder
Chris Alcaide Chris Alcaide - Jason
Fred Graham Fred Graham - Jenks - Stage Driver

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    The B-western Overland Pacific documents the struggle to build a railroad and how the whites are just as brutal as the natives. It seems like an early try at political correctness, and you can't fault the filmmakers for having the best of intentions.

    Jock Mahoney headlines this frontier drama. Despite Mr. Mahoney's average amount of talent in the acting department, he does help bring subtle touches of realism to this picture. For example, when there is a brawl on the street and he brushes up against a building or a railing, we actually see dust fly. A lot of westerns are too clean; but the reality is that these old west towns are dirty and dusty.
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    I see that there are no reviews here so I'll add my two-cents. This was a very poor Western in just about every way. It deserves its 5.0 rating average. I usually like the stars, Jock Mahoney and Peggie Castle. Here they were attractive, anyway. Everything else about the film was cheap, unrealistic, actually embarrassing. Mahoney is known as a stunt man early in his career; here his fistfights were awkwardly staged acrobatic doings. Westerns that have battle-winning ploys at the end of throwing sticks of dynamite or lighting brush fires are a sure sign of a ludicrous movie, and the former was used here. The basic story (the bad guy's plot)seemed pretty thin and unworkable to me.