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Tal der Wölfe: Vaterland (2017) HD online

Tal der Wölfe: Vaterland (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Kurtlar Vadisi: Vatan
Director: Serdar Akar,Necati Sasmaz
Writers: Alper Erze,Cahit Kayaoglu
Released: 2017
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: Movie
Polat Alemdar Erhan and Cahit are yet again on the front lines only to discover a military coup attempt in Turkey.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Necati Sasmaz Necati Sasmaz - Polat Alemdar
Cahit Kayaoglu Cahit Kayaoglu - Cahit
Ertugrul Sakar Ertugrul Sakar - Yasin
Erhan Ufak Erhan Ufak - Erhan
Sinem Uslu Sinem Uslu - Tegmen Deniz Öztürk (as Sinem Öztürk)
Nezih Isitan Nezih Isitan - Dave
Yücel Erten Yücel Erten - Muhterem
Koray Karaca Koray Karaca - Vural Yarbay
Iskender Altin Iskender Altin - Soros
Tuncay Beyazit Tuncay Beyazit - Muhtar
Zumre Erturk Zumre Erturk - Canan Teacher
Akin Ayvaz Akin Ayvaz - Injured Soldier
Kadir Kandemir Kadir Kandemir - Yüzbasi Nevzat
Senol Ipek Senol Ipek - Ömer
Özcan Özdemir Özcan Özdemir - Soldier

Pana film made a trademark called "Kurtlar Vadisi Darbe" on May just three months before the real July 15th military coup started, Resulting in fear of the company predicting the outcome of the coup. But this was later addressed by Necati Sasmaz saying that they trademark a lot of keywords before hand to keep them at hand Kurtlar Vadisi Darbe was trademarked just in case they needed the name for future movies not to predict of future terrorism.

Reviews: [8]

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    Just a very bad James Bond movie, clearly Erdogan propaganda. Don't waste your time. The director is clearly under supervision of Erdogan, and that makes this more an anti-Güllen movie then a decent action movie. He could just as well have made a documentary. I regret watching it, total waste of time. They made it look like the country is under constant pressure from outside and armies are waiting to storm the country. It would have been a good concept for a movie but the fact that Erdolf clearly helped writing the script makes it not feel like a movie.
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    It was super movie And I like it specillay polad alemdar
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    First of all I think it's wasting time to comment about that terrible Erdoğan's ordered movie. It's clear that the purpose of the film is only make Erdoğan's supporters satisfied about themselves and on the other hand make the opposition hated. That's it

    Briefly no one can say this is a movie which is deserved to be watched. Thanks
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    It is an awful film, and more a 'propaganda' film who tries to bind their audiences with only usage of a real event. Just to illustrate my review I illustrate 3 points why I think that this film is more than awful

    1) The usage of music: the whole film music is kind of 'patriotic' and is not suitable for viewers other than Turkish, traditional Muslim, 'AKP' and Erdogan fans. It is too loud sometimes. Because of this fact I deduce that this is not a movie to be presented as a 'movie' for artistic audiences, but a mere propaganda to give the audiences 'to feel' the patriotism.

    2) The 'dark' forces are so vague that is only understandable for people with an AKP (political party of Erdogan) understanding. In the end you only think that 'Gulen' is the bad person, but then he is not only one. So the plot uses much more of a 'common' known enemy for this political view than an actually artistic plot.

    3) When a movie uses an 'event' as their basic material, the expectation of the viewer is if there a new element which is unknown. This can be a 'point of view' of the filmmaker of a 'real' event which we don't know. Either of these elements could not be found in the movie and the viewer (which is more Erdogan fans) went home with an 'all-known' feeling.

    As I deduced in my first paragraph I think this movie is not made for the artistic audiences, just for the political party fans. Because of this fact I give this movie a 'mere' 1 (awful) just because there is no '0' (worse than awful) rating in IMDb system.
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    My advice would: don't waste your time. You can better drink a cup coffee in a cafe, than to watch this film

    It is only a propaganda film of erdogan

    The quality of the film is also very bad.

    A rating of 1 is also to much for these kind of films
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    It's a bad action movie that has an awful and an irrational scenario. It does not worth to spend time and money. It's the worst movie that has made by Necati Sasmaz.

    The movie is obviously part of Erdogan's black propaganda against a social group in Turkey.

    As of today, About 17000 innocent women without any evidence and 668 kids with their moms have been jailed just in 1.5 years, because of tremendous paranoia and hatred. This and similar movies contribute very big social devastation.

    Don't waste your time and money...
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    I was a fan of Valley of the wolves until he became erdogans man and doing his propaganda on the movies and their weekly shows.His name was also on the news because of the investment that he made right before the coup attempt by buying the domain name which is called Kurtlar Vadisi Darbe which means Valley of the Wolves Coup.Than he try to find so much stories about that but it didn't work.In this movie its clearly a propaganda story just so he can back up erdogans coup.So much investment in the acting a scenes but the story based investment is so poor especially when its claiming to tell something about a real life story it needs strong evidence.So if you want to be brainwashed with erdogan propaganda please go ahead and watch it.
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    This is one of the best movie i have ever seen...It shows us the reals of the counter terrorism ....This movie shows us worlds wildest,civilian killer ,communist ypg-pkk terrorists attacks of invasion with FETO TERRORIST ORGANISATION AND ZIONIST AMERICAN TRAITORS...