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Raven: The Secret Temple  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Game Show
Original Title: Raven: The Secret Temple
Video type: TV Series
Raven travels to a distant Eastern land, taking with him sixteen of his finest warriors, in order to retrieve a hidden elixir that will restore his homeland, frozen by the evil Nevar, to its former glory. But Nevar has followed him in an attempt to stop his quest, and Raven must enlist the help of Satyarani, a friend fashioned from the very earth itself, to help guide his four teams of four warriors to victory - to the heart of The Secret Temple, where the elixir lies.
Series cast summary:
James Mackenzie James Mackenzie - Raven unknown episodes

At the start of the series, Raven and Satyarani hand out standards to each team. Looking closely at the Wolves in orange, one warrior is missing - Lymel, who was ill (and subsequently missed the second day) with an upset stomach. The filming of this segment minimizes the focus on the Wolves team, including missing a full close-up shot of the team, which each other team received.