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Bun-Bun (2003) HD online

Bun-Bun (2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Bun-Bun
Director: Katie Fleischer
Writers: Katie Fleischer
Released: 2003
Duration: 16min
Video type: Movie
Indulgent parents with one child and too much money. Couple number one has done the impossible: tracked down the last of a special stuffed toy rabbit. They give it to Emma, their daughter's friend, for Emma's second or third birthday. The problem is that their daughter wants Bun-Bun, and in the days after Emma's birthday party, the girl makes her parents miserable: crying all night for Bun-Bun, burying her own teddy, refusing to eat. The parents are at their wit's end. Where will love lead them?
Credited cast:
Susan Blackwell Susan Blackwell - Mother
Nick Chinlund Nick Chinlund - Father 2
Lola Daehler Lola Daehler - Daughter 2
Jason Dietz Jason Dietz - Father
Gabe Doran Gabe Doran - Dinner Guest
Kathryn Newton Kathryn Newton - Chloe
Blanchard Ryan Blanchard Ryan - Mother 2

Reviews: [7]

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    Gave a very realistic depiction of the dynamics between two different parenting styles: the one parent comes from the "when they cry, don't pick them up" school and the other comes from the "when they cry, give them love" school. Who's right? Is the child testing the parent's will or is Bun-Bun really that important to her? Well, it's hard to say, because their kid doesn't just cry: it cries and cries and cries, and then won't eat, etc. As any parent knows the implications here are non-trivial: if the kid is being willful, she's just learned a way to get whatever she wants, but if this is the kid's true love, she'll always remember how her parents went to bat for her. I liked the ending, as it too, is pretty realistic. It reminded me of the conversation between Martin Landau and Woody Allen at the wedding scene near the end of "Crimes and Misdemeanors", where they are discussing the consequences of doing something bad. Anyhow, whatever your position on child psychology and parenting is, I think it's well worth a look.
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    I saw this film on HBO and on Cinemax in the last month. It is tremendous. The story and script are so diabolically clever, sophisticated and ultimately moving. When you combine that with the wonderful performances, incredibly high end production values, and some truly imaginative and well executed direction - you have easily one of the best short films I've ever seen.
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    I loved it, who cares about names? Anyone who has a first child has lived this. I can see my wife and I doing the same thing! As a matter of fact I felt like crap knowing how those parents feel and what they went thru. Thanks! when my children are married I'm going to show them this so they can see what we went thru. The little girl did a wonderful job of of destroying the mother and father. It also shows how something as stupid as a stuffed animal could ruin a couple. Its funny to sit back and watch a part of your life played out. You can see other couples who are happy and the envy that comes with it, all in all, it was very well done
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    caught this late night, it was 15 min so i last thing before bed. but boy was i amazed! Bun-Bun captured in 15 minutes what most filmmakers do in an hour! It left me a little disturbed because there ARE parents out there just like that! Without revealing the plot, it would be hard to go into much detail, but be sure to catch this 15 minute flick if you see it advertised in the middle of the night... i guarantee you won't really be heading to bed when you thought! It not only kept me up for a while, i kept telling everyone at work about it for days. Seriouisly, 15 minutes of film captured my interest 100 times over! now if i could just get a copy of that for my collection....any ideas where?
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    I just saw this film at Muskegon Film Festival. Fantastic production value. Sharp and taut short film. It is a shame, from a moral point of view, how the story ends. I would not condone what the parents ended up doing but given the information that we have been given they really have no apparent choice.
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    "BunBun" is a cautionary tale, in the black humor mode, of expediency triumphant over deeply held principles of honesty, generosity and equality of responsibility. Children can be so demanding and`stubborn that parents will do anything for`peace.

    One viewer comment on the site called for discipline; is that viewer a parent? Parents feel guilty, ambivalent and anxious and csn only exert so much, non-abusive, control. All this is captured in only 15 minutes. The protagonists know they are transgressing but just want a good night's sleep. It may be immoral, certainly unethical, but it's also funny.
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    This movie is about a little girl who wants the same stuffed bunny doll another little girl gets for her birthday. The birthday girl names the bunny Bun-Bun and falls in love with it. The other little girl won't eat or sleep and cries her head off every night for Bun-Bun. Her parents are so fed up, they don't know what to do....until they sneak into the other little girl's room and take it away....making that family miserable, but they don't care....their little one is fast asleep with Bun-Bun and they can go back to sleeping and enjoying life again. This movie was a waste of time....I would've personally given that spoiled brat a really long time out for acting the way she did just because she didn't have that dumb doll. This movie is just encouraging parents to bow down to their kids and give in and give them whatever they want. WRONG MESSAGE!! Not one single person has a stupid is that?? This was like a low-budget episode of a fake Twilight Zone!! I give it 1 star out of 10!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!