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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Toransufômâ: Kârobotto
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Series
A Japanese remake of the popular animated series of the 1980's. Once again, Optimus Prime and his troops, the Autobots, are fighting to protect the earth from the Decepticons and the Predacons, led by the evil Megatron. To keep their identities secret, the robots of both size have the ability to transform in to various types of cars, trucks, airplanes or other machines.
Series cast summary:
Neil Kaplan Neil Kaplan - Optimus Prime 39 episodes, 2000
Daniel Riordan Daniel Riordan - Megatron / - 39 episodes, 2000
Jason Spisak Jason Spisak - Koji Onishi 39 episodes, 2000
Peter Spellos Peter Spellos - Sky-Byte 39 episodes, 2000
Sandy Fox Sandy Fox - T-AI 39 episodes, 2000
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Darkscream 39 episodes, 2000
Philece Sampler Philece Sampler - Kelly 39 episodes, 2000
Wankus Wankus - Prowl 39 episodes, 2000
David Lodge David Lodge - Midnight Run / - 39 episodes, 2000
Wally Wingert Wally Wingert - Side Burn 39 episodes, 2000
Jerry DeCapua Jerry DeCapua - Gas Skunk 39 episodes, 2000
Keith Diamond Keith Diamond - Rapid Run 39 episodes, 2000
Bob Joles Bob Joles - X-Brawn 39 episodes, 2000
Peter Lurie Peter Lurie - Slapper 39 episodes, 2000
Mike Reynolds Mike Reynolds - Railspike 39 episodes, 2000
Masao Harada Masao Harada - Heptor / - 39 episodes, 2000
Satoshi Hashimoto Satoshi Hashimoto - Fire Convoy / - 39 episodes, 2000
Chieko Higuchi Chieko Higuchi - Ai-chan / - 39 episodes, 2000
Norio Imamura Norio Imamura - Gaskunk 39 episodes, 2000
Masami Iwasaki Masami Iwasaki - Build Cyclone / - 39 episodes, 2000
Shôji Izumi Shôji Izumi - J-Five / - 39 episodes, 2000
Hari Kaneko Hari Kaneko - Baldigus / - 39 episodes, 2000
Akiko Kimura Akiko Kimura - Yuuki Onishi / - 39 episodes, 2000
Riki Kitazawa Riki Kitazawa - Greejeeber / - 39 episodes, 2000
Masayuki Kiyama Masayuki Kiyama - Brave Maximus / - 39 episodes, 2000
Yôichi Kobiyama Yôichi Kobiyama - Devil Gigatron / - 39 episodes, 2000
Hidenori Konda Hidenori Konda - Shuttlor 39 episodes, 2000
Takayuki Kondô Takayuki Kondô - Mach Alert 39 episodes, 2000
Konta Konta - Gelshark 39 episodes, 2000
Taiten Kusunoki Taiten Kusunoki - Black Convoy 39 episodes, 2000
Naomi Matamura Naomi Matamura - J-Four 39 episodes, 2000
Takashi Matsuyama Takashi Matsuyama - God Magnus 39 episodes, 2000
Junichi Miura Junichi Miura - X Car 39 episodes, 2000
Yoshikazu Nagano Yoshikazu Nagano - Build Typhoon 39 episodes, 2000
Ryô Naitô Ryô Naitô - Counter Arrow / - 39 episodes, 2000
Chôtomi Nimura Chôtomi Nimura - Eagle Killer 39 episodes, 2000
Hitoshi Nishimura Hitoshi Nishimura - Indy Heat 39 episodes, 2000
Masahiro Shibahara Masahiro Shibahara - Wild Ride 39 episodes, 2000
Hiroki Takahashi Hiroki Takahashi - Build Hurricane / - 39 episodes, 2000
Eiji Takemoto Eiji Takemoto - Art Fire / - 39 episodes, 2000
Yûki Tamaki Yûki Tamaki - Build Boy / - 39 episodes, 2000
Punch Ufo Punch Ufo - Speedbreaker 39 episodes, 2000
Osuke Yoda Osuke Yoda - Ox 39 episodes, 2000
Daran Norris Daran Norris - Heavy Load 38 episodes, 2000
Barry Stigler Barry Stigler - Scourge 38 episodes, 2000
Kim Strauss Kim Strauss - Ultra Magnus 38 episodes, 2000
Robert Axelrod Robert Axelrod - Movor 38 episodes, 2000
Michael McConnohie Michael McConnohie - Hot Shot / - 19 episodes, 2000
Dan Woren Dan Woren - Crosswise / - 19 episodes, 2000
Kirk Thornton Kirk Thornton - Dr. Kenneth Onishi / - 19 episodes, 2000
Steve Kramer Steve Kramer - R.E.V. / - 18 episodes, 2000
Michael Lindsay Michael Lindsay - Skid-Z / - 18 episodes, 2000
Bob Papenbrook Bob Papenbrook - Mega-Octane 18 episodes, 2000
Michael Reisz Michael Reisz - Landfill / - 18 episodes, 2000
Tom Wyner Tom Wyner - Grimlock 18 episodes, 2000

The unfortunate female driver who constantly bumps into the Transformers and winds up in difficult situations is never named in the show. She is called Kelly, according to the dubbing sheets. In the Japanese original, her name was Junko.

Continuing the tradition of American dubs making modifications to the original Japanese animated series, this cartoon also tended to extend and shorten scenes, or in some cases, include brand new animation.

This was the first ever "Transformers" series to occur in a separate continuum, without any links to previous series.

This is the only series in the "Transformers" saga with Decepticons and Predacons, where Megatron commands the Predacons first and later forms the Decepticons; Трансформеры: Битвы зверей (1996) had Predacons and later a Decepticon appeared, but that was an agent operating on his own agenda and lasted only for a few episodes.

The Predacon commander Sky-Byte takes the form of a biomechanical shark (based on the Трансформеры: Битвы зверей (1996) toy Cybershark). This could classify him as a Sharkticon, a shark-like Decepticon.

In the original Japanese series, each of Megatron's modes (a robot, jet, vehicle, bat, two-headed dragon, and a giant hand) have their own personality.

Originally the show was planned to run for 52 episodes, but due to Takara's financial problems in 2000 it was was cut down to 39.

Although the Maximals, the apocryphal rivals of the Predacons, were not mentioned in the cartoon, a toy of Optimus Prime bore the Maximal symbol, which made him the lone Maximal in the entire series.

This was the only "Transformers" series handled by Saban Entertainment (noted for their "Power Rangers" and "Digimon" shows).

This is the only "Transformers" show where Grimlock is not a dinosaur, nor a member of the Dinobots - his alternate mode in this show is a backhoe, and he is a member of the Build Team.

Sky-Byte is the show's "breakout" character. He became very popular among fans, even becoming one of the candidates for the official "Transformers Hall of Fame" at one point. Partially for this reason, he received a brand new toy in 2014.

Lex Lang (Tow-Line) and Sandy Fox (T-AI) got married in 2004.

This show features voice actors from the "Lupin III" franchise:

  • Armorhide is voiced by Richard Epcar, who has voiced Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa XIII and Inspector Zenigata
  • Lex Lang (Goemon Ishikawa XIII) voices Tow-Line
  • and Tony Oliver (Arsene Lupin III) and Doug Erholtz (Inspector Zenigata) voiced a few minor characters.

This was the first ever Japanese "Transformers" series to be dubbed and broadcast to an American audience.

The US broadcast of the series was severely affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks, causing many of its episodes to be held back, re-edited or be unaired in the U.S.

The Autobot Side Burn's alternate mode is a Dodge Viper sportscar. However, while a regular Dodge Viper has a V-10 engine, Side Burn is seen to have an engine block (seen in robot mode) with only eight exhaust pipes.

Released on the 15th anniversary of Трансформеры (1984).

Voice director Michael McConnohie, who voiced the Autobots Ironhide and Hot Shot in the series, also did the voices of the Autobots Tracks and Cosmos in Трансформеры (1984).

Due to the way his transformation scheme from a robotic shark to a humanoid robot is designed, Sky-Byte ends up having double shark genitalia on his right forearm. These are cleverly sculpted to look like arm blades.

This is the first "Transformers" show with the "Robots in Disguise" subtitle.

The series is not an exact English translation of the original Japanese anime. Instead it is more of a parody with many newly inserted gags, as well as references to earlier Transformers cartoons (for example T-AI says she's the daughter of Teletraan-I, the famous Autobot computer from Трансформеры (1984)). Many of the episodes were slightly re-edited or rewritten to be more fun and to fill in certain plot inconsistencies, although even the dubbing team has admitted that the first episode in particular was difficult to make entertaining.

Sky-Byte is the only Predacon to escape the conflict and is last seen left behind on Earth. This pays homage to Трансформеры: Битвы зверей (1996), where the Predacon Waspinator also underwent a similar fate.

This series has the distinction of being the only series in the "Transformers" saga where the hero Optimus Prime has not been killed off and resurrected.

Reviews: [25]

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    Every time the latest iteration of Transformers comes out, old-skoolers like me immediately run out and disparage it for not being as good as the last. As a big G1 fan, I can honestly say that the guys who did the translating and voice work for RID did a fantastic job. They took something very foreign, Japanese, and weird (and I say this as a die-hard anime fan) and reworked it into something extremely funny and entertaining. No, it's not as serious as TFBM, and since they didn't have control over storylines like they did with Beast Wars, the character development was dictated by decisions made in Japan. Nonetheless, the finished product looks good and is a blast to watch. The voice actor for Sky-Byte must have garnered the envy of all the other VAs for getting the best lines and funniest dialogue and emotional rampages. No, RID isn't self-possessed and serious. But it *is* entertaining and fun, and for a show about giant robots, I don't think that's such a bad thing.
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    After the Success of Beast Machines, The Animal transformers series had finally finished along with the original G1 story that started back in 1984. Around 2001, there were rumors on the internet saying that there was gonna be a New CGI TF series, the rumors were fake sadly. But this is what happened.

    The Latest Transformers series came along. Just called "Robots In Disguise" The Toyline went back to its vehicle mode idea from the original transformers series. However some changes were made.

    The Autobots stayed as they were but the Decepticons however weren't available in the series till later in the middle. So instead we got "The Predacons" back into transformers, Most of the toys and characters were composed of Repaints of Classic Transformers introduced in the late 1990s and of course 1 or 2 Beast wars toys.

    It was pretty unusual.

    Anyway, The TV series follows the same idea of the Autobot/Decepticon-Predacon battles. and The series actually is pretty well done...

    It is in fact and anime exported from Japan and dubbed in English which we didn't know, lol. The Series was dubbed by Geneon (Mahoromatic, Gungrave, Cowboy Bebop, Heat Guy J, etc) and the actors did a pretty good job with the voice work in this series, and I especially like the script work in this series, Its pretty close to the G1 and Beast Wars scripts as our gonna get so be grateful ;) A lot of people say its Lame, Poor and just not worth watching. Well anyone who says that needs to give them self a good punch in the jaw and realise that this was the Last great Transformers series to come along in the 21st century.

    and Believe me, This series is got pretty funny jokes and sometimes doesn't have the time to get too serious.

    Sadly the series ended in 2002 and then the Unicron Trilogy began which complety took transformers a turn for the worst.

    Bottom line...This is a fun, Enjoyable and Great Transformers show which shows you how great Transformers can be without the serious tone which Beast wars and G1 took. Go and Buy the Show on DVD or download the episodes and Enjoy the show ^_^
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    ROBOTS IN DISGUISE. THE TRANSFORMERS. Why is everyone being so critical of this new series?

    OK, so Optimus isn't a semi truck. BIG FREAKIN DEAL! You should be happy he's not a gorilla for once (even though I had no problem with that, what would a semi truck be doing hanging out with a rhino and a cheetah in a show called Beast Wars). Optimus is still awesome, his new voice is just fine and he looks sweet. He's still a great leader and cares about his commrades.

    And leave Megatron alone! So what if he looks like a Terrorcon when he turns into his two headed dragon mode! His robot mode looks just like the Epyon Gundam from Gundam Wing. Just look at the two, they both turn into two headed dragons for crying out loud. His voice is mean and a lot more threatening than people give credit.

    I like the new Scourge, he's an evil Optimus Prime! He's not the G1 loser we remember with *PINK* fingernails and those lousy Sweeps! Scourge and his Decepticons (formerly known as Combaticons to us G1ers) are great. Ruination is a cool name, so what if Bruticus is a dog now. Remember, this is a series for KIDS.

    Kids today live off of, sigh, crap like Digimon and Pokemon. Robots in Disguise targets today's kids. However, there are plenty of moments and characters for us G1 fans to appreciate and enjoy. Look at Ultra Magnus, he's way cooler than the old Magnus who always got beat up. This Magnus is a bad ass, and he's a creation of Alpha Trion. If that ain't a G1 reference for old fans, I don't know what is. There are even references for Beast Wars fans, with stasis pods and slapsticky bumbling Predacons.

    Who wouldn't like a singing Sky-Byte?! That's the anime touch for you, a bit of silliness. If you ask me, this new series is just fine. Don't call it G1. Don't call it Beast Wars. It is it's own entity. It's like Gundam Wing or Gundam X to Mobile Suit Gundam; an alternate universe series. Just kick back and have a few laughs!
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    I am a TF fan I loved Generation 1 (the original series from the 80s), Beast Wars, but didn't care much for Beast Machines.

    In this series, the Autobots are back. This series takes place in the year 2000/01. It takes place on Earth but possibly a alternate version sing none of the Gen1 characters are in this show. It is a dubbed version of the series Car Robots in Japan.

    Basically involves Megatron kidnaps a young boy's (Koji) father. He is the foremost expert on energy. Megatron does this so he can learn the location for energy theft and his agenda. Out to stop him are Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

    Optimus Prime this time around transforms into a fire truck. His voice is remenisint of G1 Prime. Some of the other major players are:

    X-Brawn who transform into a Mercades SUV and talks like a southerner (Hey it works). His younger brother Prowl, a Diablo police car, who is the serious one of the three. And the youngest Sideburn. He is a young kid who wants nothing more than to chase the girls, well red sports cars that he THINKS are girls.

    They are later joined by 3 trains that can also merge into a giant gestault robot, 4 construction vehicles that also form a gestault, 6 ninja expert robots know as the spychangers, and two more autobots.

    Megs also has his lackies. There is SkyByte the giant robotic shark, Slapper the frog, Darkscream, and Gasskunk a giant robotic skunk. Later they are joined by Decepticons.

    The voice work so far has been very well done. It can be kiddish at some points, but it does work for the scenes.

    For example, in one scene X-Brawn pretends to run off on an errand so he can get the jump on Slapper. Slapper shouts asking X-Brawn what he should do till he gets back. X-Brawn shouts that Slapper should measure his tounge or something. A moment later Slapper says "42 feet 3 inches! That's impressive." Sure a little kiddish but it was still funny.

    Overall it is a very worth addition to the name Transformers.
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    I don't understand why alot of people are bashing Robots in Disguise. I am one of the biggest fans of the original Transformers series, and I know this dosen't compare to the original, but you can take it many ways..

    Try this on for size:

    After G1 Optimus Prime and the Autobots returned to Cybertron(sometime before 2001, when this new show takes place)to fight G1 Megatron and the Decepticons, R.I.D. Optimus Prime (from around the time Beast Machines ended) was sent back in time to watch over the earth. This would explain stasis pods, references to the vehicons,ect....

    Now, so they wouldn't be detected by the other Autobots, they took their earth vehicle forms and remain hidden until they know that other Autobots have left the planet. (Two different Primes running into each other would more than likely have some sort of effect on time) Same with Megatron and the Predicons.

    Now, that might make R.I.D. fit a little better. So, the lines can be a little cheesy, and and some of the names are kinda BLAH...... but some other great anime have been known to have some bad names. (i.e. Ranma 1/2 with Shampoo, Cologne, and Mousse?) Don't get me wrong, I love Ranma 1/2. But a name is a name. This new show is not as bad as some people think. It was made to target kids. Now, if you have to sit there and write 500 words to explain why you don't like this show, you definatly need to get a life. Yeah, I'm sitting here writing this, but I do other things besides spending all my time engrossed in bashing kiddie shows. IT'S A KIDDIE SHOW, SO GET OVER IT....
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    Risky Strong Dromedary

    First off here is a brief explanation of how this series came to be - After the success of Beast Wars : Transformers in America, it was transferred to Japan, where it was redubbed and did just as well. A few years passed and the Japanese audience began craving more Transformer goodness, so Car Robots (later known as Robots in Disguise) was created. To cash in, on the Beast Wars craze of the time the creators set this series in an alternate universe, allowing them to have Autobots, Predacons and Decepticons. The reason many of the names have carried over from the original series is because if they are not used they will be lost to other companies (as an example Rodimus Prime was lost a while ago and is now known as Rodimus Major).

    Now, what alot of people tend to forget is that this series had to compete with Pokemon and Digimon, it was also made in another language so many of the jokes dont exactly cross over and it was made with a younger audience in mind rather then those of us who grew up with the original series.

    So with all that in mind I begin my review - The two biggest flaws as I see it with Robots in Disguise (RiD) is rather weak voice acting, and the weaknesses of the villains. In many TV series animated or not the 'bad-guys' are either very-smart equal to the hero/s or smarter...or...stronger than the hero/s. In RiD the villains are both stupid and weak, a flying skunk versus an SUV or a flying shark against a firetruck aren't my idea of fair.

    So overall I rate this series fairly low when compared to Transformers Beast Wars, and the Original Series, but that isn't what is meant to be rated against. So, as a stand-alone series using Transformers for the core of its story and competing with the like of Digimon and Pokemon, I give it a 6.5 out of 10. If you want Transformers, wait for the next series Armada (due out 23 August, 2002), if you want a fun slapstick series for younger viewers check out Transformers : Robots in Disguise.
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    Old transformer fans like me have unfortunately fallen into a trap. We remember the original so fondly that anything else seems bad. In fact, it takes an excellent product like beast wars to even make us forgive a TF series for existing.

    Sadly, RID isn't excellent like beast wars, so old fans will think they won't like it. Truth be told, the show isn't that bad. The writing is childish because it was meant for pokemon-buying kids, and the producers were at least kind enough to use some stuff from previous series, like the flying shark from the japanese Beast Wars, the combaticons and Ruination's ability to "scramble" from G1, and the stasis pods from Beast Wars.

    Fortunately the show doesn't take itself seriously, something that already makes it better than Armada and Beast Machines. In fact, this show has enough personality that I may consider adding it to my collection if someone ever ports it to DVD, after I get the original and japanese episodes of course. Someone should seriously try to bring Beast Wars and Beast Wars II (not Beast Machines) on DVD!!

    Bottom line is if you don't take it too seriously, you'll probably like it, and that's the truth.
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    I know Transformers. I like Transformers. This is not Transformers. Time and time again, they have released new things they call Transformers only to have them fall even faster than the original. I have my theories on why the first show failed. I have my theories on why the original toy line failed. They're a heckuva lot different than the reasons this show will fail. The acting sucks. The voices suck. The background sucks. The art's not too bad. Oh, and the stories suck. This just follows the trend of even more inane shows catering to children now. Take my advice, go and rent the originals, if you can find them, or order the shows online. They're far, far better than this crap.
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    As a long time fan of the Transformers this one is perhaps the most underrated series and often times the forgotten one.

    Transformers: Robots In Disguise is the first Anime Transformers series to be dubbed for an American network.

    The story line features Optimus Prime and his Autobots facing off against Megatron leader of the Predacons and Decepticons as they battle on Earth.

    For this series the Autobots Include: Optimus Prime, The Autobot Brothers Sideburn,X-Brawn and Prowl, Ultra Magnus, Team Bullet Train: Railspike, Rapid Run, Midnight Express Spy Changers: Hot Shot, R.E.V., Crosswise, W.A.R.S., Ironhide, and Mirage.

    The Decepticons and Predacons include: Megatron, Sky Byte, Slapper, Gas Skunk, Dark Scream. Decepticons: Scourge, Mega-Octane, Armorhide, Movor, Ro-Tor and Rollbar who together form Ruination.

    The series was taken from Car Robots in Japan and dub to Transformers Robots In Disguise. The Animation style is hand drawn and each character design is very good with attention to detail for the Transformers. The backgrounds are creative as well.

    The voice acting is entertaining and with a good cast such as Neil Kaplan,Daniel Riordan, Daran Norris, Peter Spellos, Steve Blum, Kim Strauss, Robert Axelrod, Michael McConnohie, Bob Papenbrook, Keith Diamond and many more.

    The cast does a interesting job with bringing the characters to life for the US fans and they each bring something special to the Transformers.

    The Series is also known for it humor and sometimes it reminds me of Looney Tunes which isn't a bad thing at all since I love Looney Tunes.

    It just a shame the series was only for one season and it is under looked when it should be given it's own DVD by now.

    It's more than meets the eye and an entertaining series too it feels like Transformers
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    A relatively entertaining show that is not that bad but could have done with improvements. From a personal perspective, it's not the waste of time that is described in some reviews(though the complaints do have validity), but some of the favourable commentators really need to relax, last time I checked there isn't a rule about everybody having to like the show and any other opinion is wrong, isn't that what the word "opinion" means. There are things that Robots in Disguise does have in its favour. The character designs are nice and sleek, while the music is catchy and in keeping with the tone of the show and the jokes do tickle the funny-bone, complete with some clever subtle references to the original show. Sky-Byte is a cool character, Kelly is likable enough and Scourge is very interesting here(at least Robots in Disguise knew what to do with him, which is more than can be said for Cybertron). Not all the characters fare as well, Megatron has been much more menacing and authoritative before and since, here he comes across as too dumbed-down and too much of a clown.

    The rest of the characters have a uniqueness to them but are not particularly interesting, Tow-Line is too monotonous and Dorrie Dutton is annoying and often pointless. The voice acting doesn't really work either, Barry Stigler as Scourge and Peter Spellos as Sky-Byte the only ones that properly stand out in a good way, the rest range from overdone(David Riordan's Megatron) and bored-sounding(Lex Lang's Tow-Line). The jokes are funny but could have been better placed and maybe not used as much, at times it felt like overkill which interfered with the tone. The story lines could have had more complexity and did feel on the juvenile side, it's not quite as bloated as the Unicron Trilogy Transformers shows but there is too much of a filler-feel with Robots in Disguise. And not all the animation is consistent, the sleek character designs and vivid pastel colours are nice, but the static backgrounds, the tendency to look too over-saturated(could have used more foreboding colours) and lack of fluidity, not so much.

    Overall, Robots in Disguise is better than Energon, Cyberton and especially Armada-the three parts of the Unicron Trilogy, and not really worth bothering with-, also Beast Machines(but only just), but for better shows in the franchise look to the original 1984 show, Beast Wars, Prime and Animated. From a personal point of view, Robots of Disguise is not a bad show but it fell short. 5/10 Bethany
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    The Transformers saga – thirty years of a war between shapeshifting alien robots, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons – has had many iterations in its history. It's gone from a fun adventurous cartoon in the 1980s, to a live-action series of brutal war films. This particular show is perhaps the most little-known chapter of the whole saga, but is able to stand on its own as an enjoyable work in its own right.

    This show was one of the first Japanese TF shows to be brought over to the US; it was part of the anime boom that occurred in the 1990s and 2000s. It features all the trademarks of the anime genre: power- ups, a rival to the hero, a ton of goofy comedy from both the heroes and villains, and gradual escalation into a climactic final battle. However, these trademarks are scripted fairly well and generally provide maximum entertainment, and the characters acquire enough screen time and development to stand out as basic but distinct. Two of the most memorable characters in the show are the evil clone Scourge and the bumbling henchman Sky-Byte; one is a legitimately menacing threat to all around him, and the other is a lovable oaf that endears himself with his comic antics.

    However, because the show is basic anime it can come off as predictable and dull, and also Transformers (which is basically robots beating up each other) is an acquired taste that only a specific group of people (generally fans who grew up with the TF cartoons/toys) can enjoy. Still, if you are able to overlook these issues, you will be able to greatly enjoy yourself with this show.

    All In all, this was a truly underrated part of Transformers, and one that deserves more love.
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    If Beast Machines was "Transformers on philosophy" this show is "Transformers on happy fuel". From the get go, Transformers:Robots in Disguise came across as more of a comedy than any other Transformers show ever was.

    Now, i am not lambasting this show for being funny. The original cartoon had its funny episodes and so did Beast Wars. This show's humour however is not only overdone and terribly handled, but it is in all the wrong places, ALL THE TIME. This show was obviously written as a comedy series first, and then had elements of sci/fi robot action thrown in. Seeing the Autobots and Predacons duke it out in this series is less like seeing the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons in the original cartoon, and more like Bugs Bunny Vs Yosamite Sam. THe first few episodes were perfect in keeping with the sci/fi adventure feel of Transformers, but after than, everything descends into a laugh-a-minute. An autobot flirts with a red sports car every episode, Predacons whine like schoolgirls and over-the-top lameness typical of comedic Japanese anime(see huge sweat drops and super deformed characters/chibi) get thrown into even the most serious and emotionally charged scenes, thereby ruining whatever impact those scenes were meant to have.

    If the humour works, i would have no qualms. Problem is, it doesn't work. This show cannot seem to decide if its a serious sci/fi adventure or a slapstick comedic spoof with the genre going into either extremes multiple times(and at all the wrong times) in a single episode. The scripting is very juvenile, more in line with Pokemon and Powerpuff girls than Transformers. In attempting to give a more serious tone to the series halfway through by the addition of the Decepticons and Scourge and an entire story arc involving some ancient Transformer, it in fact causes the entire series' already meandering plot to get even more convoluted.

    The humorously and sometimes painfully childish story is not the only thing that does not quite work. The animation is only mediocre; the bright vivid pastel colors and limited frame rate make it on par with other Saturday morning kids' anime like Digimon or Beyblade. The character designs for the humans also carry that typical "for children" anime art style. Thankfully, the usual animation short cuts are only used sparingly and the series maintains a consistent level of art detail throughout.

    To add to the overall childish look and feel, the transformers now sport "special powers" akin to the special powers in digimon or Dragonball. They shoot, laser/missiles/fire/plasma etc, while SHOUTING OUT the name of their attacks and striking "cool" poses. Even doing something as normal as taking out a gun and shooting at the enemy requires the autobot to proudly declare "LASER BLASTER!!!" before striking a stock footage pose and shooting a laser beam. Later characters sport such ludicrously sounding "attacks" as "Hurricane Kick" and "Tsunami blast".

    Thankfully, an excellent cast that delivered spot on professional voice acting, saved this show from spiraling into down the drain hole. Too bad about the material they had to work with, or this series could have been so much more than it currently is.

    Fans would enjoy the sleek re-designs of many classic characters. Plus, the bright pastel colors, slapstick(though misplaced) humour and good clean action would no doubt make this a hit with the younger crowd. But compared with what came before(Beast Machines, Beast Wars, G1 and the comics) this show falls short on many levels, never really living up to its potential. There really isn't more to this than meets the eye.
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    If it weren't for robots in disguise, i never would have come to the realm of transformers! this series has very good combiners, like rail racer, landfill and omega prime.

    Optimus is way better as a fire truck, which shows that he goes, to protect people! I also love megatron/galvatron he looks wicked, changes into 6/10 different forms, instead of just a jet or a gun, i must say, i do like the original, but this is great for entertainment. making the preadacons, witless and stupid was an excellent idea, it made megatron look all the more powerful, but also slightly dumb for picking numb sculls as his henchmen..... but don't all the great classics have failures as bad guys, we like things to be unfair and disadvantaged, just look at how more powerful and clever Galvatron was. If it weren't for this great show, i never would've looked at TF in the first place.
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    ... and this series has killed them.

    This new incarnation of Transformers is basically a cheesy rip-off of every previous version. Like the other series before it, "The Transformers", "Beast Wars", and "Beast Machines", the series focuses on the war between two rival factions of giant robots from another world. In the first episode, (SPOILER ALERT!!),we are thrown straight into the storyline without any explanation as to why and how these giant robots got here. Apparently, they've been hiding as regular automobiles, and their owners were too stupid to notice.

    The acting is terrible, especially Megatron. He talks like he's from Speed Racer, for crying out loud. The story is really weak too. Better plotlines could have been written by my belly button lint.

    So much is wrong with this show, I'll be surprised if it lasts one season. I'll end with this question that I hope one of you wise souls out there can answer for me.

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    I just thought it should be pointed out that in the original Japanese version, all of the characters (except Gas Skunk) had different names. They were NOT intended to be new versions of old characters like Optimus Prime, Megatron, Prowl, etc. The Americans decided to rename them to trick people into thinking it was the return of the '80s Transformers. This was supposed to be a story of a different group of Autobots that are based in Japan. So when you watch it, keep that in mind. The Americans also changed the background music for some reason; the new music is terrible. The voice acting isn't anything to write home about either. If you can, watch the Japanese version, "Car Robot", instead.
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    If you are a fan of the original Transformers, you will more than likely enjoy this show as well. Many characters are very similar to their first generation counterparts. The voice acting is well done (especially considering the fact that this was originally a Japanese show and has been re-dubbed for American audiences). Fans of the original should be pleased with this updated version of their favorite robots in Disguise, and first-timers will get to marvel at the awesomeness that is The Transformers!
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    I really can't believe people actually stick up for this mindless drivel that FoxKids has foisted upon unsuspecting Transformers fans.

    Now, first, I will state that I have no real qualms with things like Optimus Prime being a fire engine as opposed to a tractor-trailer or X-Brawn being an SUV. It's a new show, a "different timeline", I can accept that. A fresh start can be a good thing.

    But the show itself is a pile of dog dung. The animation gets extremely goofy for no good reason (robots sweating, gimme a break), the dialogue is bland, tacky, and uninspired (I could never be a voice actor on this show, I feel sorry for the ones on there now), and the plots are laughable at best and downright ugly at worst. The first two Megatrons, and even the insane Galvatron from the post-movie era G1 Transformers, were much better mastermind villains than the clown Megatron in this show. The villains are completely stupid and the heroes aren't much better. Optimus Prime is running an army of dolts and undisciplined quacks who would get themselves killed if not for plot holes and equal amounts of bad guy idiocy. I can only moan in frustration while watching them "fight", shouting each other's "attacks" as they open fire, coupled with the monotonous transformation sequences (at least in Beast Wars and Beast Machines they didn't keep up the "Maximize/Terrorize!" or "I am transformed!" lines for the entire series) that infest the show.

    The show was written to the lowest denominator, the problem is, they know it will show anyway because it has a strong toy line and the same little kids who watch the brain-cell killing Pokemon and Digimon will like it's basic plots, childish characters, and tedious attack-calling and transformation sequences.

    This is the worst Transformers show ever. It's also one of the worst anime shows ever, not comparable to great anime like Trigun or Cowboy Bebop. Someone please put this show out of it's misery and bring us some good Transformers!
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    grand star

    This entire section is dedicated to those who hate or constantly bad-mouth the new Transformers. Here are the reasons to STOP BAD-MOUTHING RID: -The Storyline doesn't suck! I think that anyone who doesn't like a this storyline is just too dumb to understand it! -Megatron DOES fight. -It does fit in with the TF timeline. First of all, this Optimus Prime is a different individual than the G1 Prime. Second of all, it is not supposed to take place during G1. It is after Beast Machines. At the end of the final episode of Beast Machines you saw a bunch of transformers returning. Some of those must be the ones on it now! -It is definitely NOT as bad as Pokemon or Digimon just because it is anime. Dare you judge every cartoon by the type of animation. What about good animes like Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing? -In case you wondering why there are Autobots, Decepticons, and Predacons and no Maximals, it's simple. Optimus even said in the first episode; THIS PLANET is under the protection of the AUTOBOTS. Maximals must protect other planets. Earth isn't the only planet in the universe! -I'll even admit, it's not as good as Beast Wars (nothing is, not even Beast Machines). Every TF fan should know this. But real TF fans wouldn't sit around complaining about how much better the original is. If you want to complain about a scrappy anime, pick Pokemon, and leave slagging Transformers alone!
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    after reading the comments of the others on this page i felt i had to sign up and add by two energon cubes. first off yeah its craptacular but its a kiddie anime. never really ment to be taken seriously. plus it was 17 years that the originals came to america. so for a bit of nostalgia for the older fans that have dealt with all the BS put out by the TRUKK NOT MONKEY fans they decide to bring over Car Robots. Which is fine by me. I missed out on some of the old toys because i was just born and the nostalgia to me is fine.
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    This Transformers is not like the 80's.But it not to bad, the concept have changed alittle.I must Spike and his father,but the animations is very good.And the story is very well written.All in all this new Transformers of the Fox kids generation will bring in a new generation of giant robot lover."Autobots transformers...and roll out"
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    One thing I have to say: "God bless the hardcore."

    Sure, this isn't the Transformers you know and love from the 80s, but let's face facts: Did you really expect it to be? First of all, let's consider the source. This is another rehash of kiddie anime from the good folks that brought you such fare as Digimon and other unmentionable failures (anyone remember DinoZaurs?).

    The point is: you will find your viewing experience bettered if you take it (with a grain of salt, mind you) for what it is: A new twist on an old idea.
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    I agree that this is bad. I like Digimon,Pokemon but this Transformers is bad. I only saw one episode and the movie of the old Tranformers and I watched Beast Wars and Machines from begining to end but I read the story of the old transformers and the biggest thing that makes this one bad is that is dose not fallow the old story at all. There where no Predicons in the original only Desepticons and Optimis Prime WAS NOT A FIRE TRUCK he was an 18 wheeler and Megatron was a jet aswell as the other desepticons but that also gose back to them being a Desepticons NOT a preds and there where no animals in there eathier. also if you notise the Predicons in this version exept Megatron are toys from Beast Wars that did not make it to the show.
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    I love the show. I don't know why some of the others don't like them. I think they're just as cool as the others. Sure, they made some changes here and there, but so what? Did anybody expect them to be the same? I sure didn't think so. Just the same that I didn't think Beast Wars' Optimus Primal had to be the same as the original. I love the way they're drawn and my fave is Sideburn. I hope they'll stay around for a LONG while.
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    From before the show even aired, I never liked the fact that Hasbro decided to re-use 80's American Transformer names for this totally unrelated Japanese series. What I did look forward to was seeing the Japanese "Car Robots" transformer series in English. What a let down! Even if the translation isn't exact, the story lines are horrible. I wish they would have stuck with something at least in continuity to the American transformer series thus far. The truth is that Hasbro wanted to ride the popularity of other Japanese translated shows such as Digimon and Pokemon and try to pick up the die-hard 80's fans that only could accept hand-drawn cars and classic names as being true transformers. Even the current toy line is just re-packaged Japanese toys from the past two years. I can't help but feel deprived of a quality show. I can only hope that Hasbro for the next series (if this doesn't kill the line) would hire back the writers of Beast Wars and Beast Machines and make an original series that at least takes place anywhere in the Northern American transformers timeline. Make it hand drawn or C.G. as long as the story is there.
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    I grew up on Transformers, and when I heard a new version involving the robots was back, I was excited. Then I watched it. I hope that the people who made Transformers great are watching this series and try to get back involved, because after this show has run its course it may have alienated all the of the original fans. Grimlock is a construction machine, Optimus is a fire truck, and only God knows what happened to Megatron. I don't want any excuses about how it wasn't meant in Japan to be the original characters, Optimus in robot mode looks WAY too much like the old Optimus. Even the voice work is bad and I hope the 13 year old japanese kids that wrote the script weren't paid very well. Lets just hope the savages that brought us this show don't try and mess with any of the other classics, I couldn't handle a GI Joe with Japanese flavor and a Pokemon like gimmick.