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Apartment No. 13 (1912) HD online

Apartment No. 13 (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: Apartment No. 13
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Jack Downs goes on a motoring trip and locks up his apartment in the city, dropping his keys in the operation. A tramp comes on at this time, picks up the keys and takes possession of the apartment in the owner's absence. He adorns himself in Jack's clothes and then decides to rent the apartment. Nancy Butler meets Jack on the road and they become acquainted. On her arrival she seeks an apartment, and by one of those peculiar turns of fate answers the tramp's ad. She is shown the apartment and rents it, the tramp leaving happily after consummating a clever deal. One night Jack returns and then complications arise. Nancy recognizes him and claims the apartment, but Jack convinces her it is his. She decides to leave, but he, pleading illness persuades her to remain. She in sympathy, telephones a D.D., mistaking him for a M.D. In the meantime, a maiden aunt calls and Jack in desperation, claims her niece as his wife, and then at last the D.D. arrives in time to straighten out the tangle.
Cast overview:
John G. Adolfi John G. Adolfi - Jack Downs
Billie West Billie West - His Lady Friend