» » Waking the Dead - Im Auftrag der Toten End of the Night: Part 1 (2000–2011)

Waking the Dead - Im Auftrag der Toten End of the Night: Part 1 (2000–2011) HD online

Waking the Dead - Im Auftrag der Toten End of the Night: Part 1 (2000–2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: End of the Night: Part 1
Director: Dan Reed
Writers: Barbara Machin,Ed Whitmore
Released: 2000–2011
Duration: 57min
Video type: TV Episode
Twelve years earlier,after her car tyre blew on a lonely road in Kent one night, Gemma Morrison was raped, and her young brother killed, by two passing motorists - one of whom was called Jason as she recalls. Following her suicide attempt at her thirtieth birthday party the team - with Katrina replacing Stella, to Spence's bewilderment - reopen the case and get Gemma to re-live the events of the night, unaware that she is in an affair with brother-in-law Andrew. Eve proves that the blow-out was no accident and the trail leads to care-taker Jason Bloch. He eludes the team's stakeout and calls on a married man called James.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Trevor Eve Trevor Eve - Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston Sue Johnston - Dr. Grace Foley
Tara Fitzgerald Tara Fitzgerald - Dr. Eve Lockhart
Wil Johnson Wil Johnson - DI Spencer Jordan
Stacey Roca Stacey Roca - DS Katrina Howard
Michelle Dockery Michelle Dockery - Gemma Morrison
Kate Fleetwood Kate Fleetwood - Zoe Morrison
Simon Wilson Simon Wilson - Andrew
Noah Hedges Noah Hedges - Shaun Morrison
Ian Mercer Ian Mercer - Jason Bloch
Fiona Gillies Fiona Gillies - Miranda Bloch
Rory Kinnear Rory Kinnear - James Mitcham
Sally Leonard Sally Leonard - Helen Mitcham
Daisy Suffield Daisy Suffield - Natasha Mitcham
Trevor Laird Trevor Laird - DI Mike Vedder

Trevor Eve (Det Supt Peter Boyd) & Simon Wilson (Andrew) also worked together on episode 1.1 Незабытый: Episode #1.1 (2015) of Незабытый (2015) as Sir Phillip Cross & James respectively.

This episode marks the first appearance of Maureen Smith, played by Elizabeth Rider.