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Deliberate Conduct (2002) HD online

Deliberate Conduct (2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Deliberate Conduct
Director: Jeff Walston
Writers: Michael Bendall,Robert Mayfield
Released: 2002
Budget: $32,000
Video type: Movie
The summer of 2000 brings a new darkness to the word vigilante. The Texas Department of Public Safety's own website is being used to stalk and kill convicted sex offenders across the State of Texas. The Texas Governor is making a bid for the Whitehouse and is already taking heat for the number of executions in the State. Top Officials want the murders stopped before they de-rail the Governor's train to the Presidency. Texas' top Law Enforcement Agency the Texas Rangers are tasked with catching the murdered and bringing him to justice. Ranger John Scott is sent to East Texas to assist Tyler Ranger Charlie Williams with setting up a task force for just this undertaking. John Scott is a colorful character. Politely asked to leave the Dallas Police Department he found a home with the Louisiana State Police until leaving to take a position in the Texas Highway Patrol. Scott became a Texas Ranger as soon as he was eligible. But, Scott's Law Enforcement record was not the only reason he was ...
Credited cast:
Cynthia Aguiar Cynthia Aguiar - Carmen Delgado
Katy Baker Katy Baker - Jenny Brooks
Roy Allen Bell Roy Allen Bell - Jerry Bingham
Scott Brazier Scott Brazier - Bail Jumper
Jimmy Costello Jimmy Costello - Deputy Chief Scivoletto
Dirk Ellis Dirk Ellis - Sex Offender #6
Don Ellis Don Ellis - Lieutenant Melton
Gina Fay Ellis Gina Fay Ellis - Dorothy Pickens
Ronald Fergeson Ronald Fergeson - George Oliver
Richard Grice Richard Grice - Trooper Barnes
Michael Gromatzky Michael Gromatzky - W.H. Officer Zawadski
Billy Bob Hale Billy Bob Hale - Ranger Jackson
Rick Herod Rick Herod - Sr. Ranger Newman
Scott Hoffer Scott Hoffer - Troop Police Officer
Ken Holloway Ken Holloway - Seymour District Attorney