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Fatso! (2012) HD online

Fatso! (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance
Original Title: Fatso!
Director: Rajat Kapoor
Writers: Rajat Kapoor,Saurabh Shukla
Released: 2012
Budget: INR 50,000,000
Duration: 1h 38min
Video type: Movie
They say that matches are made in heaven. This is one of those films where they are undone in heaven! But then again, that's the strange thing about love: just when the worst has happened, the best happens almost like the nightmare never took place, almost like love is undeniable, almost like love and hope are two faces of the same coin. Nandini (Gul Panag) fell in love once and then life happened--shattering every belief that she had about love. And then, just as she was ready to give up on love, she fell in love, all over again! Hysterical, intelligent, honest, Fatso is all about love packaged in with a calorie count!
Credited cast:
Gul Panag Gul Panag - Nandini
Purab Kohli Purab Kohli - Navin
Ranvir Shorey Ranvir Shorey - Sudhir
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bharti Achrekar Bharti Achrekar - Sudeep's Mother
Gunjan Bakshi Gunjan Bakshi - Tanuja
Neil Bhoopalam Neil Bhoopalam - Yash
Yusuf Hussain Yusuf Hussain
Brijendra Kala Brijendra Kala - Vijay
Vinay Pathak Vinay Pathak - Guest Appearnace
Rahul Vohra Rahul Vohra - Rahul Vohra

The film has some elements from 1968 Rajendra Kumar's classic Jhuk Gaya Aasman and 1979 Jitendra's Lok Parlok..

Reviews: [5]

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    Rajat Kapoor's 'Fatso!' is an underrated romantic-comedy, that turns out to be nice fun! Its not perfect, but it has some great moments, that stay with you.

    'Fatso!' Synopsis: Navin dies in an accident, but returns in a different avatar to woo his love.

    'Fasto!' makes good use of its interesting premise, which is heavily inspired by the classics Heaven Can Wait & and Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Kapoor & Saurabh Shukla's Screenplay is capable, although the final 30-minutes are a bit underwhelming, as the pace drops. But otherwise, this romantic-comedy, scores higher on light moments. Kapoor's Direction is decent.

    Performance-Wise: Ranvir Shorey is extraordinary in his portrayal of a Fatso. What a natural, nuanced performance from this supremely talented actor! Gul Panag looks gorgeous & delivers earnestly. Purab Kohli is likable. Neil Bhoopalam is superb. Gunjan Bakshi is okay. Brijendra Kala is fantastic. He steals all the scenes he appears in!

    On the whole, 'Fatso!' needs to be watched for its fun elements & fine performances.
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    This was a very strange film indeed did not match its title at any point. It had less to do with the protagonist being fat and more with the insecurity of a lover after his death about the growing advances of his friend to his girlfriend.

    The script is poorly written and the screenplay is no better. We have Purab Koli move between his life and a transition which is portrayed as a government office. It's a sad attempt at what could have been pretty hilarious. The actors don't help much either for they don't look very involved at any point in the film. This is barring Ranvir Shorey who does a fantastic job as always. Vinay Pathak was also a delight though he made a minuscule cameo towards the end.

    This is one film that requires a complete revision. The main things that could have helped though, would have been more background to Sudeep (Ranvir Shorey), more time for the development of Nandini's (Gul Panag) liking towards Sudeep, more humour, and some more emotions towards being cheated, death, and exchanging lives with a friend. I love Rajat Kapoor films. I watched this one after Aankhon Dekhi and it's no wonder then that it was a big let down.
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    A fantasy dealing with the hell or heaven has always been an interesting concept for a comedy movie. It has been a hit in the past in Bollywood with films like"Jhuk Gaya Aasman" (1968) & "Lok Parlok" (1979) which are still remembered for their engaging content. So knowing that FATSO was also based on this amusing plot featuring the talented Ranvir Shorey excited me a lot despite of having a low key release.

    However, the film couldn't provide a satisfactory experience as expected with a lack of detailing and entertainment factor missing in its narration. In short, it certainly can be termed as a decent attempt but hasn't got anything great or exceptional for the viewers looking for a hilarious take on the 'soul changing its body' plot. The first half takes off a little late but still manages to keep you hooked with its funny depiction of the "Messy office in the sky above". But the second half loses the grip and fails to maintain the pace with an abrupt kind of climax trying to end it on an artistic experimental note.

    Director Rajat Kapoor makes this film on a borrowed theme in which a man is mistakenly taken by the messengers of death and then is sent back in a different body as a rectification act of the official error made. The plot first came in a 1941 Hollywood film HERE COMES MR. JORDAN. It was later remade twice as HEAVEN CAN WAIT in 1978 and DOWN TO EARTH in 2001. In Bollywood the film was adapted in Rajender Kumar, Saira Banu Hit JHUK GAYA AASMAN in 1967.

    As projected FATSO, is not able to make the desired impact on the viewers since it keeps hanging between a comedy, drama or tragedy. To convert the comic plot into an artistic one, the director throws a love angle and some realistic scenes into the script to give it an out of the box, thought provoking kind of turn which falls flat. At one end he is interested in giving an enlightening feel to the project stressing upon the changes in his characters after a sudden death around them. But on the other end he intentionally uses a fat & funny kind of character to generate laughter or sympathy among the audience.

    So where in the first half one feels like watching a comedy, in the second half it all turns into a thoughtful tragedy or drama. As a result the viewer is unable to draw any kind of conclusion from the proceedings shown on the screen in its short duration. In the performance section, Ranvir Shorey makes you believe in the role he is playing as Fatso. He is great along with Gul Panag giving a natural performance as the lady loved by one and all. Purab Kohli is fine in his short appearance but both Neil Bhoopalamand Gunjan Bakshi impress as their group friends. From the rest, Brijendra Kalaexcels in his role of the death messenger. Musically the film has nothing great to mention and has been shot as per the limited requirement of the subject avoiding the cliché scenes of showing the heaven filled with while clouds.

    On a concluding note, FATSO remains a decent attempt made on an inspired/copied plot having one abrupt but a well written & brilliantly performed scene which happens to be the climax of the film too. Surprisingly this one particular scene rises above the whole film, with its highly realistic and thoughtfully written lines which would surely make you feel like as if they are all taken from your own personal life and likings.

    So if you are game for watching a small (inspired) film made on experimental grounds with some hidden food for your thoughts then do watch FATSO especially for its final scene alone.
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    I think Rajat Kapoor made this movie in a great hurry and without some thoughtful persons......i think he had a chance to make it great but he leaved it in a sad.
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    Ofcourse away from the reality but a good movie. worthy to watch. beautiful, sweet and cute gul panag.