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CSI: Miami Blood Moon (2002–2012) HD online

CSI: Miami Blood Moon (2002–2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Blood Moon
Director: Scott Lautanen
Writers: Anthony E. Zuiker,Ann Donahue
Released: 2002–2012
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Juan Marco Varon is found in his cigar shop, throat slit with his own cutter, but previously marked with his own box branding iron. Fellow Cuban Eric helps Horatio work out his true identity and the parts played by Cuba Libre activist Marisela Gonzalez and newly arrived refugee Carlos Gonzalez. Matt Bolton was shot near his bank's ATM. Speedle works out the part played by haughty Melanie Hines, whose BMW, reported stolen shortly after, was registered by the security camera.
Episode cast overview:
David Caruso David Caruso - Horatio Caine
Emily Procter Emily Procter - Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodriguez Adam Rodriguez - Eric Delko
Khandi Alexander Khandi Alexander - Alexx Woods
Rory Cochrane Rory Cochrane - Tim Speedle
Sofia Milos Sofia Milos - Yelina Salas
Maria Conchita Alonso Maria Conchita Alonso - Marisela Gonzalez
Emily Bergl Emily Bergl - Melanie Hines
Jeremy Ray Valdez Jeremy Ray Valdez - Carlos Gonzalez
Boti Bliss Boti Bliss - Maxine Valera
Bart Johnson Bart Johnson - Matt Bolton
Niklaus Lange Niklaus Lange - John Pine
Judd Omen Judd Omen - Juan Marco Varon
Rueben Grundy Rueben Grundy - Agent Rice

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    After seeing the complaints about bad acting, I can only say, after watching this for a while, that the acting, especially David Caruso's character is SUPPOSED to be a parody! It seems like people don't get that. The on and off with the glasses, every shot with him standing sideways with his head down facing the camera, the glib comments... This show isn't supposed to be actual GOOD acting. It's an over the top stereotype... And supposed to be humorous. It is completely unrealistic, just a quick example: all the women running around on duty in 4" heels... Hysterical! I remember particularly, an episode with the M.E. In at least 4" heels walking on the sand on the beach and over to examine a body. Calleigh is also running after suspects in 4" heels. My conclusion, and that of many people I've spoken to who watch the show also believe much of it to be a parody... Puposely written to be kitschy. The visuals are pretty good... The colorful views of Miami and the ocean. I don't believe that this show was ever meant to be taken seriously, (compared to, say, Law and Order). I can see if someone only saw one or two episodes how someone would think the acting is terrible, however after watching this for quite a while and seeing each character's "signature style and movement", this was written not to be taken seriously at all. So for those who believe it to be bad acting, well, the show was written with that type of intention.. For it to be over the top stereotypical and a parody.