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Twisted Trails (1916) HD online

Twisted Trails (1916) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: Twisted Trails
Director: Tom Mix
Writers: Tom Mix,Tom Mix
Released: 1916
Video type: Movie
Luke Fisher, a rascally sheriff, and Brad Foster, his deputy, are in reality cattle rustlers. To protect themselves, they endeavor to fasten the guilt on Tom Snow, foreman of the Three "A" ranch. When they come to arrest Tom, he drives them off at the muzzle of a gun and makes his escape. After a daring ride horse and rider dash across a narrow foot-log which bridges a chasm. Should the horse make a misstep, the rider would have been plunged to a horrible death on the rocks hundreds of feet below. West, proprietor of the Haven Delight saloon, has adopted a pretty girl, whom he calls Sunshine. Craig Keyes, a gambler at the Haven Delight saloon, resolves to marry the girl, but when she refuses him, he endeavors to overpower her. Finally, after a sensational struggle, she escapes into a driving storm. As Sunshine wanders in the rain, she encounters Tom Snow. He cares for her and thus it is that the two come to love each other. The sheriff and his deputy, fearful of detection, Ieave the ...
Cast overview:
Tom Mix Tom Mix - Tom Snow
Frank Clark Frank Clark - Doc Snow, Retired Ranchman
Eugenie Besserer Eugenie Besserer - Martha, Housekeeper
Frank Le Roy Frank Le Roy - Sheriff
Sid Jordan Sid Jordan - Deputy Brad Foster
George Clarke George Clarke - Caleb 'Reb' West, Hotel Owner (as G. Clarke)
Bessie Eyton Bessie Eyton - Sunshine West
Will Machin Will Machin - Craig Keyes, Gambler (as W. Machin)

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    Twisted Trails (1916)

    *** (out of 4)

    Tom Snow (Tom Mix) finds himself on the run after a gang of rustlers frame him for their crime. Sunshine West (Bessie Eyton) finds herself on the run after she thinks she's killed a man who sexually attacked her. The two end up meeting on a lonely trail and decide to head back and prove themselves innocent. TWISTED TRAILS is a pretty adventurous little gem that seems to have been influenced by the work of D.W. Griffith. This here was released several months after INTOLERANCE and I've got to think that Mix saw that film and decided to do his own cross-storied epic. This here clocks in at thirty-minutes, which is a lot longer than the majority of Mix's shorts from this period. The film also plays up the multiple story lines and of course brings them together during the final ten-minutes. The biggest problem here is that Mix obviously didn't have the same talent as Griffith because there's no inter cutting of the two stories. Instead the Mix sequence takes up the first ten-minutes with the Eyton story taking up the next ten. In fact, you get so caught up in the second story that you forget all about having watched the first! Still, I at least give Mix credit for trying something bigger than what he was normally doing and there's no question that this film remains entertaining and contains some nice drama. In fact, of all the Mix directed films I've seen to date this here clearly featured his best work. Silent film buffs will certainly want to check this one out and especially if you're a fan of the director-star.