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Dent The Botanist (2017– ) HD online

Dent The Botanist (2017– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary
Original Title: The Botanist
Director: Juliette Marquis
Writers: Juliette Marquis
Released: 2017–
Video type: TV Episode
Approximately 10,000 years ago, humanity shifted from hunter-gatherer tribes, to systematically developing processes for growing and storing our food, igniting the Agricultural Revolution the world over. We've innovated irrigation systems, farm machinery, refrigeration, pesticides, seed modification - expanding mankind to cover nearly every piece of land on our planet. But nature wasn't set up for growing single crops across thousands of acres, as well as feeding a population of more than seven and a half billion people. Today, there are 30 million Americans living in food deserts and several billion across the globe, who do not have access to healthy food. With many mouths to feed, we grow large volumes of food in concentrated areas, perpetuating a feedback loop of climate degradation. But what if you could take a farm, and locate it anywhere? What if there was a way to not be dependent on the ecology of the place we live, and be able to grow 365 days a year, without chemicals and a ...