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Crossing Thresholds (2017) HD online

Crossing Thresholds (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Crossing Thresholds
Director: Daren Beatty
Writers: Daren Beatty,Vanessa Burgess
Released: 2017
Budget: $50,000
Video type: Movie
Main portion of the movie displays an evening out for people from multiple circles having dinner in Charisma restaurant. Many stories are being told by patrons from each table.
Credited cast:
Tai Anderson Tai Anderson - Beverly Bookman
Edie Harrison Bailey Edie Harrison Bailey - Charlotte Hunter
Daren Beatty Daren Beatty - Voice, Stage Manager
Jessica Bell Jessica Bell - Tanay Lockhart
Frankie Cedano Frankie Cedano - Shawn Lockhart
Sharice Henry Chasi Sharice Henry Chasi - Nola Sanders
Andre Congo Andre Congo - Bruce Bookman
Andre D. Congo Andre D. Congo - Bruce Bookman
Joyce O. Cross Joyce O. Cross - Charisma Dubois
Tanard Davis Tanard Davis - Rick Stevenson
Ken Dohse Ken Dohse - Grant Hunter
Tobie Famusipe Tobie Famusipe - Bishop Sanders
Shari Freeman Shari Freeman - Jeannine Hunter
Edie Bailey Harrison Edie Bailey Harrison - Charlotte Hunter
Starlett Hill Starlett Hill - Phyllis Dubois