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PLAN b (2016) HD online

PLAN b (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: PLAN b
Director: Karin Lee
Writers: Karin Lee
Released: 2016
Duration: 21min
Video type: Creative Work
RUBY HARPER (32) is a single mom with a rebellious high school daughter AMBER HARPER (17) who gets into trouble on a regular basis. Ruby's love life is a bit of a mess, and she is torn between her new young lover, her ex-girlfriend, and Amber's deadbeat father RICHARD (37) who wants to be a part of their lives. Ruby's workmates are both serious and hilarious, including her best friend nurse TRACY GARCIA (30), who is addicted to dating married men; clinic director JULIE LEE (31), whose quirky personality turns feisty as public advocate for the clinic; receptionist DEBRA STORM (38) whose uptight manner keeps co-workers and clients on their feet; and the 6 doctors who are as different as planets in the galaxy. On the other side of the battle lines are pro-life protesters who have a network and world all their own. BESSIE WAGNER (75), retired nurse leads the street protests with DUANE HILL (44), pastor and gospel singer; they link up with other pro-life individuals and organizations that ...
Credited cast:
Diana Bang Diana Bang - Julie
Iain Belcher Iain Belcher - Tyler
Julia Benson Julia Benson - Ruby Harper
Jacqueline Breakwell Jacqueline Breakwell - Tess
Eric Breker Eric Breker - Duane
Dominique Brownes Dominique Brownes - Police officer
Genevieve Buechner Genevieve Buechner - Amber
Erica Carroll Erica Carroll - Margaret
Jordan Connor Jordan Connor - Louis
Grayson Gabriel Grayson Gabriel - Boyfriend
Jessica Harmon Jessica Harmon - Tracy
Christina Jastrzembska Christina Jastrzembska - Bessie
Valerie Tian Valerie Tian - Girlfriend
Loretta Walsh Loretta Walsh - Debra
Niki Wipf Niki Wipf - Alannah