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The Whiskey Bandit (2017) HD online

The Whiskey Bandit (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Biography / Crime / Drama
Original Title: A Viszkis
Director: Nimród Antal
Writers: Nimród Antal
Released: 2017
Budget: HUF 1,100,000,000
Duration: 2h 6min
Video type: Movie
A tough guy turned star. He did something others wouldn't dare. Always one step ahead of the cops and always downed a whiskey before robbing a bank. Growing up in a broken home Attila (Bence Szalay) was a troubled teenager, even spent time in a youth prison. Through a rather bizarre turn of events he escaped to Hungary from Transylvania. But his new life turned out to be much harder than the old one. He was the goal-keeper on a hockey team, but still had no money, no girlfriend; but then he found something that he's really good at. He was reckless, fast and meticulous. He started robbing post offices, banks, travel offices. The more he stole, the hungrier he got. Nothing was enough for himself and his new love (Piroska Móga). But his final job didn't go as planned and the determined investigator, (Zoltán Schneider) who's long been on his tail finally caught him and made him face the consequences. But the cop-robber game is far from over. A story of a fascinating life, full of amazing ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Bence Szalay Bence Szalay - Ambrus Attila - a Viszkis
Zoltán Schneider Zoltán Schneider - Bartos László nyomozó
Viktor Klem Viktor Klem - Bota Géza
Piroska Móga Piroska Móga - Kata
Andor Lukáts Andor Lukáts - Pap
Barnabás Szabó Barnabás Szabó - Attila gyermekkorában
Judit Pogány Judit Pogány - Annuska néni
Zsolt Trill Zsolt Trill - rendõr Erdélyben
Gergely Kaszás Gergely Kaszás - Attila apja (as Kaszás Gergõ)
Levente Törköly Levente Törköly - Attila nagybátyja
Mariann Kocsis Mariann Kocsis - Attila nagynénje
Ferenc Borbiczky Ferenc Borbiczky - Dékán (as Borbiczki Ferenc)
Ferenc Herman Ferenc Herman - Szigorú õr az intézetben
Márk Cselényi Márk Cselényi - Attila kamaszkorában
Barna Illyés Barna Illyés - 2. õr az intézetben

For the release in Hungary, a giant promotional billboard was placed above a bank in Budapest.

The original ice-hockey club (UTE) Ambrus has played in, did not authorize the usage of it's brand. So the club was changed into JSE.

The scenes on the ice-hockey rink were shot in two days.

Based on a true story movie.

The taxi driver in the movie is played by the real Ambrus Attila, the Whiskey Robber.

The character of Kata (played by Piroska Móga) is actually a mixture of some of Ambrus' girlfriends.

Bence Szalay had to go to ice hockey training to be convincing in the film.

In an interview Nimród Antal told '70% of the film's story is true'

Attila Ambrus: The original "Whiskey Robber" Attila Ambrus as the taxi driver.

Reviews: [7]

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    'A Viszkis'/'The Whiskey Robber' is a biographical crime-thriller written and directed by Nimród Antal and stars Bence Szalay as the notorious 1990s folk hero of Hungary, Attila Ambrus, who committed 27 bank and post office robberies from 1993 to 1999 until his eventual capture. The estimated amount of money stolen is more than 100 million HUF (approx. half a million USD) at the time.

    Nimród, who I am a huge fan of after first seeing his acclaimed existential thriller ('Kontroll'), establishes the atmosphere of this immaculate thrill-ride right in the opening tracking shot of Ambrus committing one of his robberies after a shot at the local bar. What the director does so well is achieving a rather heartfelt childhood backstory to this character thus providing a deeper understanding of the Robber's motive. He was an outcast, an underdog. Then he became an antihero. We could interpret this film in a way as a coming-of-age drama, or a deeply affecting tragedy, but eventually it is a highly compelling true story.

    On one hand 'A Viszkis' is a thorough character study, a suspenseful crime thriller and a heartbreaking social commentary. For one, Bence Szalay's fully embodied central performance and screen presence is undeniable. The gripping robbery scenes, the well-choreographed action sequences and the aggressive, cynical humor might just very well please the popcorn audience, while the conventional non-linear narrative actually serves a thoughtful purpose of navigating between good and evil. Moreover the production design is pleasantly convincing, the visual effects are top-notch and the mesmerizing cinematography elevates the film from its true crime counterparts. (There is no denying of how gorgeously this film is shot, I can tell you.) Operating with clichés like raised in a broken home, immigration to an other country without papers OR money and telling a non-linear narrative after the capture could have come out terribly wrong in the context of the film. Nonetheless Nimród accomplishes the same sort of sympathy for the Robber as was (and has been) felt by many Hungarians back then, still he never indulges in glorifying his deeds. The popularity of this individual in the public eye is derived from the fact that many had financial difficulties after the fall of the communist block. The Robber was a symbol of daring to spit capitalism and the banking System in the face.

    However Nimród has never been as much of a compelling writer as an outstanding director when it comes to storytelling. Despite achieving terrific visually aesthetic heights, the second half of the story drags a little leading to certain side characters' motivations not making much sense - meaning the character development of the detective and the love interest. By no means does the film become boring. There is a certain amount of investment in the protagonist established in the first half. On the other hand the second half loses some steam down the road despite its spectacular action sequences. For example in one particular scene the actual motivation of the Whisky Robber is explained to us which could have been cut out entirely since the film has already made that clear minutes ago. I believe some scenes could have been easily cut out to tighten the structure. But maybe I am just nitpicking.

    In the end 'A Viszkis' is a masterpiece of a film. Flawed? Yes. But still an unforgettable cinematic experience owing to the fact that the filmmaking elevates the source material with exceptional energy, stunning action, confident and passionate direction and a powerhouse central performance.
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    A great soundtrack. A thrilling story with a good pacing. Good stylish cinematography well directed. I cared about the main hero and the people around him. Although the main hero played just OK, the supporting cast did a very good job. This is one of those few rare gem non-cliche movies.
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    The Whiskey Robber tells the story of a cultic bank robber in the '90s of Eastern Europe. It sounds a bit boring? Well, sometimes so is the movie - but luckily you can always find joy in the details. One can only praise the work of Nimród Antal and his crew, they did an exceptional job with turning around a plot that would otherwise settle down outside the action scenes. Superb sounds and music, great cinematography, costumes and locations providing more insight to the story than the conversations. Basically this movie could be about anything - a milkman or an insurance broker - it would still be interesting.
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    Suprisingly good, i tought to myself.. is this really a hungarian movie? Well made well acted.. Story is good, music is also top, can you ask for more? No, i think it was a top 10..
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    I had high hopes for this movie as it was finally the return of Nimród Antal to European cinema after 15 years of Hollywood. It seems now that those 15 years have taken a great toll on his storytelling, because he managed to turn an extraordinary life to a boring movie. The only reason I kept watching is because I visited Budapest recently, had a great time there, and wanted to see if I could recognize some places.

    A Viszkis is a predictive movie full of expected twists, and the director doesn't leave you guessing at any time. New characters and items that are going to be used later are introduced in the most obvious way possible. There are many cringy scenes and phrases which make this movie an insult to one's intelligence. Basically the audience for this movie are 12-year-old kids who love action movies.

    In the end this was a huge disappointment after Kontroll.
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    I'll never count on the rating again it's really waste of time

    i give it 1 out of 10
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    Kontroll(2003) was such a good movie for me and I expected more from Nimród Antal.