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Presidendi meeskond Red Haven's on Fire (1999–2006) HD online

Presidendi meeskond Red Haven's on Fire (1999–2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Red Havenu0027s on Fire
Director: Alex Graves
Writers: Aaron Sorkin,Aaron Sorkin
Released: 1999–2006
Duration: 41min
Video type: TV Episode
Military action in Africa has unforeseen repercussions. Sam and Toby work together on the Orange County Campaign. Will has to find his leadership skills quickly as he is left with no one but interns to prepare remarks on the dry subjects of Taxes.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Rob Lowe Rob Lowe - Sam Seaborn
Stockard Channing Stockard Channing - Abbey Bartlet
Dulé Hill Dulé Hill - Charlie Young
Allison Janney Allison Janney - C.J. Cregg
Joshua Malina Joshua Malina - Will Bailey
Janel Moloney Janel Moloney - Donna Moss
Richard Schiff Richard Schiff - Toby Ziegler
John Spencer John Spencer - Leo McGarry
Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford - Josh Lyman
Martin Sheen Martin Sheen - President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet
Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker - Amy Gardner
John Amos John Amos - Percy Fitzwallace
Lily Tomlin Lily Tomlin - Deborah Fiderer
Carrie Snodgress Carrie Snodgress - Mrs. Martha Rowe
Danica McKellar Danica McKellar - Elsie Snuffin

Leo (John Spencer) flew F-105 jets in the Vietnam War.

Newscaster: On what was described as a routine patrol of the perimeter of Bitanga airport, the three reported by radio an attacked by an estimated 50 members of the Kundu National Army. Kundu is not a real country.

Fitzwallace(John Amos)'s statement about Delta going in with two RAH-66s and a Blackhawk, and twenty men securing the area is incorrect. The RAH-66 is not in general service, and the UH-60 "Blackhawk" only seats 10. A MH-60 "Nighthawk" is usually used for an op like this.

"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by C.J. (Allison Janney).

The news broadcast after the credits identifies Lance Corporal Halley as being from Sarasota, FL, and that he did his basic training at Camp Pendleton located in California. Marine Corps recruits do not complete boot camp at Pendleton, but rather MCRD San Diego or Parris Island in SC. Being from east of the Mississippi, Halley would have surely done his basic at the latter.

In the final scene with Sam (Rob Lowe) and Toby (Richard Schiff) at the bar discussing Sam's losing the congressional race being inevitable, Toby (Richard Schiff) orders 2 shots and a beer. The scene before ending with them walking out to go back to work shows two empty shot glasses on the bar but the beer was never brought nor drank.

This is the last episode that Rob Lowe appears in, other than a few cameo appearances at the end of season 7. Lowe left the series following a salary dispute and disagreement with Warner Bros over the direction they were taking the show.

Rob Lowe guest starred as Sam Seaborn in two episodes of season 7, but this episode marks his last appearance in the show's opening credits.

Last appearance of Elsie Snuffin, who was apparently sent to Mandyville.

This episode marks the final appearance of 'Rob Lowe' as a regular cast member. As a special guest star, Lowe would next appear as Sam Seaborn in "The West Wing" (1999) {Transition (#7.19)} . Although Toby mentions during "The West Wing" (1999) {Inauguration: Part 2 - Over There (#4.15)} that Sam should be promoted to Senior Counselor, this was, according to most media accounts, simply a way to keep the options open in case Lowe decided to stay with the show past his planned exit.