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Entropie (2011) HD online

Entropie (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Entropie
Director: Daniel Flügger,Markus Hagen
Writers: Matthias Wissmann,Markus Hagen
Released: 2011
Duration: 1h 18min
Video type: Creative Work
Cast overview, first billed only:
Mario Zuber Mario Zuber - Hellmann (segment "The Traitor")
Andreas Pape Andreas Pape - Marius Erebos (segment "The Traitor")
Jennifer Possenriede Jennifer Possenriede - The Girl (segment "The Traitor")
Daniel Flügger Daniel Flügger - Bountyhunter (segments "The Traitor" - "Black Horizon")
Sylvania Pen Sylvania Pen - Pia (segment "Hunt")
Constantin Lücke Constantin Lücke - Basti (segment "Hunt")
Hauke Hirsinger Hauke Hirsinger - Manhunter #1 (segment "Hunt")
Samuel Müller Samuel Müller - Manhunter #2 (segment "Hunt") / Worker (segment "Nächster Halt Friedhof, Wichser")
Tobias Schlothauer Tobias Schlothauer - Manhunter #3 (segment "Hunt")
Sebastian Badenberg Sebastian Badenberg - Evil Farmer (segment "Hunt")
Kena Kraft Kena Kraft - Prostitute (segment "Hunt") / Creature (segment "Der Läufer") / Target Person (segment "Black Horizon")
Toni Sunkler Toni Sunkler - Lukas (segment "Der Läufer")
Witalij Kühne Witalij Kühne - Rico (segment "Der Läufer")
Tobias Haug Tobias Haug - Toni (segment "Der Läufer")
Kornelia Wohnhas Kornelia Wohnhas - (segment "Der Läufer")

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    The movie tries, but fails to engage. One of the thing working against is the lack of money, but worse is the fact that there is no acting in sight. It is a classic case of a one point movie, I might have given this a second point for trying and going for the "anthology" short stories department.

    Some of the ideas are nice too, but never very well executed (the ending for example, with a beautiful naked lady, which tries to tie up the whole story, which dramatically fails, but is still kinda hilarious). The stories start out "realistic", but go crazy and fantastic by the minute. A nice concept, that I guess you could squeeze more out of ... maybe the next one will be better handled ...