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The Margrave's Daughter (1912) HD online

The Margrave's Daughter (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Margraveu0027s Daughter
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
"The Margrave's Daughter" reveals the story of a young girl whose love for a nobleman is strenuously opposed by her father, the margrave, a title of nobility corresponding to the French marquis. The two lovers, despite the father's disapproval, attempt to elope from the castle, only to be frustrated at the postern portal. The lover, after a combat with the margrave's knights on the bridge crossing the moat, is finally captured and condemned to decapitation after being adjudged guilty of treason. On the day of the execution the nobleman and his father confessor are slowly led to the platform where the executioners, with their axes and the death block, are awaiting. The margrave, his courtiers and their retinues are in the box overhead prepared to witness the young nobleman's death. A surprise is in store when the priest and the proscribed one reveal their identity, the priest as the young lover, the doomed martyr as the margrave's daughter, she having changed clothes with her lover ...

Original French title is undetermined.

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    This beautifully tinted, two reel feature picture tells a romantic story of Germany in the days when steel headpiece and chain armor were in style. It is especially fine, a work of art and a thrilling love story. It is set in and around a beautiful moated castle and palace and is a feature to show when you want to make an effect on Saturday night or on some special occasion. It will repay boosting. Indeed, some special effort ought to be made to induce the public to see it; it will make friends for the moving pictures and will repay its advertisers. The Gaumont Company can do this kind of thing very well. - The Moving Picture World, April 20, 1912