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Love Socks (2015) HD online

Love Socks (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Love Socks
Director: Shailla Quadra
Writers: Shailla Quadra,Shailla Quadra
Released: 2015
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
The mismatches of love and body functions.


Credited cast:
Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi - Bartholomew
Shailla Quadra Shailla Quadra - Frederica
Adam Williamson Adam Williamson - Timothy
Natalie Rose Natalie Rose - Eva Corazon
Paul Armstrong Paul Armstrong - Dr. Brutoscolis
Olga Markovic Olga Markovic - Wilhelmina (as Olga Assabgy)
Rhys Gillmer Rhys Gillmer - Jerry
Khanh Trieu Khanh Trieu - Octavio
Amber Gokken Amber Gokken - Roberta
Matthew R. Grego Matthew R. Grego - Charles
Amanda Jane Porter Amanda Jane Porter - Angelina
Samantha Beames Samantha Beames - Emilia
Joseph Famularo Joseph Famularo - Sebastian
Tia Malouhi Tia Malouhi - Little Frederica
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Shay Alsop-Smith Shay Alsop-Smith - Himself

Reviews: [2]

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    What I hope for in and indie ROM-com is one that is crafted much better than the Hollywood slack, the copy and paste, the predictable story line etc. And with a premise that aired on the slightly bizarre I was intrigued to watch this. What I got was much worse than the aforementioned Hollywood slack.

    Everything in this movie is terrible; acting, cinematography, shot design, plot, production design, tone, screenplay, editing, sound design...the list goes on.

    Acting; The acting is awful, absolutely awful throughout the cast, the lead guy is so uncharismatic, so uninteresting, he just reads his lines off the script with zero effort, in parts it feels like he's struggling to even say or remember them, he even mumbles a line in the film, and in the same scene he looks directly into the camera and the editor uses it in the film???, and this guy is in 'Home and away'?...someone fire the casting director for that show. You're supposed to root for this character, trying to get with the girl, but he's so uncharming, unconvincing, stupid; he believes that his gf is allergic to babies, because his flat mate made it up on the spot, seriously?

    The acting is pretty much the same for the lead female. She was very unconvincing in her plight with her condition, her emotional moments remembering her mother.

    Cinematography/shot design; The best way to sum up the cinematography and shot design is, lazy. There seems to be no thought behind visually telling this story, no visual style, just plonk the camera anywhere and point it at the person talking throughout the film. There are close ups where there shouldn't be

    Tone; The tone is bizarre, from creepy (lead female on her own giving out free candy to little girls and boys in a playground and introducing herself) to just awkward (lead guy taking a dump in the toilet with loud over the top sound effects) to attempts at humour in the wrong places: At the start of the film the Dr. gives a low down as to the condition of the protagonist but laughs it off as comical....WHAT? The Dr. laughs it off, aren't you supposed to act professional? This poor child will sneeze forever, who knows what physical/psychological effects it will have. Have you no sense of professionalism?, no humanity? this is funny?....terrible, just terrible writing, directing!!!

    Sceenplay: The writing is awful, If you remove the idea of the protagonist have this unusual rare disease (that isn't really at the forefront of the film and isn't prevalent throughout the film) you end up with a film that is just as bad. Other films utilise unusual traits in order to try and make the film seem unique, this disease doesn't even do that. You could remove the sneezing aspect and it would be just as bad

    Editing/sound design: The editing seems very jarring and noticeable...editing should be seamless, sound design is also poor. In the scene in the shop where we arrive at present day, we cut back and forth between the protagonist and the male lead, but as we do the sound of a fan blows in and out if the cuts, could no one turn it off while shooting, I know Oz is hot but for the sake of the film? its so jarring and amateurish.

    The filmmakers didn't even bother to use a boom mike, so when an actor has his back to the camera (shop scene) its hard to hear him, its distant, and then when the camera cuts to a close up the volume increases, another clear sign no boom mike was used, which kind of sums up this film: LAZY!
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    Love Socks leads the viewer on a fun look at life, love and things that can get in the way; real and imagined.

    I like how the cast has a good mix of full-time professional actors and up coming performers, who give lovely, from the heart performances.

    Besides its romantic nature, Love Socks also shines the light on some more serious aspects of life and some of the cruel tricks it can play on it's unwary passengers. Love Socks brings to the fore the interactions and interplay of relationships that bring natures anomalies into sharp focus, before whacking them on the head with the funny-stick.

    I enjoyed the film and I believe Love Socks' nomination at this year's New York City International Film Festival (2015), was well earned by the performances of this diverse cast.