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Bonehill Road (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Bonehill Road
Director: Todd Sheets
Writers: Todd Sheets
Released: 2017
Budget: $13,500
Duration: 1h 46min
Video type: Movie
Emily and Eden Stevens escape one violent situation only to stumble into another. Terrified and alone, they are stranded in the woods, hunted by a werewolf. When they find shelter in a nearby home, things only get worse. They must work together to get out alive as a family of werewolves close in for the kill.


Credited cast:
Eli DeGeer Eli DeGeer - Emily Stevens
Ana Rojas-Plumberg Ana Rojas-Plumberg - Eden Stevens (as Ana Plumberg)
Linnea Quigley Linnea Quigley - Suzy
Millie Milan Millie Milan - Tina
Dilynn Fawn Harvey Dilynn Fawn Harvey - Lucy
Gary Kent Gary Kent - Rhett Tanner
Douglas Epps Douglas Epps - Coen Anders
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Andrew Baltes Andrew Baltes - Werewolf
Clinton Baysinger Clinton Baysinger - Werewolf
Logan Boese Logan Boese - Werewolf
Aaron Brazier Aaron Brazier - Porter Stevens
Alexander Brotherton Alexander Brotherton - Cody Castro
Eric Kuhl Eric Kuhl - Mailman (as Eric Khul)
David E. McMahon David E. McMahon - Tucker J. Woolf
Aaron Neal Aaron Neal - Ace Biro

Bonehill Road played at Film Festivals all over the world, including a few in England. Over 70 Festivals in all, and won over a dozen awards. At some screenings, people were encouraged to Howl during Werewolf scenes and even dress up as a werewolf for prizes.

The film will be released on DVD, BluRay AND on old school VHS by popular demand.

While filming a scene of Bonehill Road (2017) in the bathroom Todd Sheets (I) leaned back to far towards some candles and caught his hair on fire. He was so focused with the camera, as well as some others for an effect, for the shot he didn't realize.

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    First off let me Begin by saying I understand they did this movie on a very low budget between 10000 and $35,000. But from the very first scene the acting was just horrible. The abusive father / husband was bad and it was just awful acting the rest of the way. The script was fine, every story has its plot holes but it was just the delivery and the direction that was just awful. The two actresses playing the daughter and the mother were just awful. Then after they made it to this abandoned house, first of all I don't know how they made it out of the car. That was totally unbelievable. But I digress, once they made it to this house it was a crazy dude that was just awfu at acting. The werewolf costumes were quite nice except for later in the movie when one of the captives turns into a werewolf. She looks awful as a werewolf. It's the worst werewolf costume I've ever seen in my life. My wife is looking at me like really. It's a movie that you have to see to believe how awful it is. If anybody in this review section says they liked it, then they're friends of the writer or cast members or had something to do with this movie because it's God awful.
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    Bonehill Road is an interesting title. Yes, it felt as if there were two films wrapped into one, but it worked. What makes it work? The fact that it harkens back to what the film was attempting to capture. That 80's-esque vibe of the classic monster film. Especially with the use of practical make up effects.

    Sure, the acting in parts can be a bit rough, but that again goes back to the roots of this film. To not have an appreciation for this type of film, and the directing that went into it leans towards someone that has not experienced films over the years.
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    Low budget horror maestro Todd Sheets returns!

    Let's get this straight, if you don't understand the appeal of low to mid budget movies without masses of CGI and star names then this movie is not for you as none of Todd's previous output will.

    One gory scene leads straight into the next with superb manual effects and the fantastic cast drawing you in and providing something very few Hollywood horrors manage. A believable yet frightening experience.

    Oh, and it has original scream queen Linnea Quigley in it. What more could you want?
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    The Sphinx of Driz

    Great movie with some tasty gore scenes & all practical effects. Todd Sheets did a great job with this movie in such a short time & budget & the cast & crew did an excellent job as well so well done & well deserved 9 stars from me.
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    I love this movie!, great story, great cast & great direction!.

    Without giving spoilers away, the movie begins with an up to date topic which effects many across the world, unfortunately, the movie's main character leaves one life threatening situation straight into another.

    Once into the house, another horror begins, the way this movie is filmed, it's like you are there with these people, the effects are done in a way that they look real, I did feel my guts turn at a few scenes lol.

    This is how horror should be, a great story well acted with shocking gore!

    I recommend this movie 100%
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    A fun, bloody indie. Sheets uses his low budget to put together a fabulous film. Highly recommended.
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    I wanted to start by saying that I've seen a few Todd Sheets movies over the years and I knew what I was getting into... I knew there was going to be violence and blood but here was a story that I felt was a neat take on the werewolf genre.

    I will warn you, it does have it's share of minor problems and budget limitations but I will admit that it does look great and I liked the twist in the storyline, I thought was fresh. The cast was a peasant surprise as well....when you see it you will know what I mean because although the cast was small, they are a talented troop of actors.

    The movie reminded me a little of Night of the Living Dead, but that is a major complement.

    If you a fan of horror movies and werewolf flicks, you'll want to check out this indie gem....
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    I just watched Bonehill Road for the first time and wow it was more than just a Werewolf film. Bonehill Road in my opinion delivered more than what I was expecting, and what I mean is the plot twists in the film that I didn't see coming were a very nice surprise. Todd Sheets did a awesome job in making Bonehill Road a film that fans of 1980s Horror films will appreciate. I had a blast watching Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas-Plumberg, Linnea Quigley, Millie Milan, Dilynn Fawn Harvey and that crazy son of a [email protected]#! In the house. by the way what the hell was that they were eating? puts a whole new twist on Jimmy Dean, if you know what I mean?

    also make sure to watch the film throughout the entire credits, it's a good habit to have especially for this film.

    So if you like : 1. Horror Films 2. 1980s Horror Films 3. Werewolves 4. Gore 5. Plot Twists

    I recommend this film to you!
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    Let me first start off by saying that if you are looking for a high gloss, well polished, big budget Hollywood werewolf movie: this is not it! This movie has a production budget of approximately $13,500. There are a couple of acting performances that are not the best. But that's what you have to expect for a film of this budget. This is a throwback to the 70's & 80's werewolf movies. There's none of that crapola CGI garbage. This has 100% practical gore effects and guys in werewolf suits. But, I assure you, this is unlike any werewolf movie you've ever seen. Low budget SOV juggernaut, "The Prince of Gore", "The Master of Splatter", Todd Sheets presents his long awaited love letter to werewolf films.... and it is glorious! What do you look for in a horror movie? Tension? Check! Atmosphere? Check! Copious amounts of gore? Check! Boobs? Check (and they are magnificent)! Plus, a cameo from the queen of all scream queens, Ms Linnea Quigley!

    In closing, this is a werewolf movie quite unlike any other. And that's not a bad thing.

    As a note to Todd Sheets, in case he's reading this: please include the gorgeous Dilynn "Fawn" Harvey in all movie going forward! Lol
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    Part of a triple feature Horror night at Regency Cinema Valley Plaza 6 Theaters in North Hollywood on January 26th, Bonehill Road was a real highlight for me. Nerve shredding suspense, unexpected twists and turns and kick ass practical monster effects fuel Bonehill Road, the newest horrorfest from indie director Todd Sheets. The emphasis in the script is on character development and building intense terror rather than just one gore scene after another. And the film has much more impact thanks to this approach. There are some superb set pieces building to an impressive final third in a remote farmhouse surrounded by very effective werewolves, whose intelligence matches their savage and violent attacks. The pacing is perfect, allowing us to live with the characters as well as feel every outburst of violence and horror.

    The best element of the movie, what really makes it rise above other low budget productions, is the script and how well the characters are brought to life by a small but very talented cast who really do an incredible job. I appreciate that director Sheets didn't insult his audience by giving us poorly drawn characters who do the dumbest things. These people are smart, and make realistic decisions. Nothing here happens by "chance" and no one acts like a fool and makes terrible decisions. We can truly understand the way these characters act and behave.

    The central focus of the film is the Mother and Daughter team of Emily and Eden, played to perfection by Eli DeGeer and Ana Plumberg. Their interactions really seem real, and the chemistry between the two is honest and touching. Some of my favorite scenes involved just the two of them, trying to unravel a mystery in the dark woods of Bonehill Road. There's a consistent focus on these characters and the ways they are affected by this unreal and terrifying situation. It's incredibly intense and visceral, like all monster movies should be, but it also aims for the heart. The incredible level of acting in this low budget monster film rivals many big budget movies and makes a film about werewolves very believable. The audience I was with truly connected with the film on an emotional level..

    Scream Queen Linnea Quigley really does a great job as well, putting in a performance that will surprise her fans, as well as those used to seeing her in much lighter roles. Here she plays a character who, though only in the film for a short time, is a major turning point in the story. We've seen her in bigger parts for sure, but I can say with some certainty that very few of her movie characters have the impact on the viewer as this.

    With Bonehill Road, Sheets has taken a classic monster movie and proven himself as a genuine talent and force to be reckoned with in the genre. His take on werewolves is original, and although it had a small budget, Sheets has created a tight little terror film with great locations, sets and 100% practical effects that really deliver on the gore and the scares. The end result is intriguing, shocking, unpredictable and most importantly, realistic, playing perfectly to the documentary feel that Sheets strives for in the camerawork. Gritty and realistic but not falling into the whole Shakycam trap.

    A movie like Bonehill Road is further proof that in this age of ghosts, zombies and dull teenage-themed slasher films, werewolves should receive some sort of celebratory recognition as still being scary. The beasts on Bonehill Road are vicious and pack a very real amount of horror on the screen. This is not just a good werewolf movie, it's a very good movie, period. The Audience reacted perfectly, screaming and cheering at all the right places. Meeting the cast and crew at the screening only made the night that much more special. We were able to ask questions and give our opinions straight to the people who worked so hard to bring this wonderful movie to life.

    Werewolves were always my favorite monsters growing up, while all my friends preferred Vampires. There have not been many really great werewolf films since the 80s but Bonehill Road really is worthy of being added to the short list.
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    The domestic horrors of Bonehill Road are emphasized quickly and effectively early in the film, establishing a Mother and Daughter in serious need of a life change, on the run from a seriously abusive relationship. The film gives just the right amount of backstory that we need to care about the characters and paint a vivid picture of their plight… and once they hit the road to escape the darkness at home, their trip soon takes an even darker turn when they become stranded on an isolated road deep in the woods, right where a bloodthirsty pack of Werewolves lurk. The rest of the film is pure survivalist terror at it's best.

    The tension and intensity mount from scene to scene, twisting and pushing the scare factor up, piece by piece. It's what we don't see, at least not in full, that makes the film work so well. We get glimpses of something in the darkness of the woods, closing in on the Mother and Daughter, stuck in an impossible situation. Alone but smart, these characters avoid many clichés and pitfalls of other Horror films by reacting like REAL people, not cardboard cutouts. Also injecting some refreshing realism to the setup is that in this secluded setting cell phones actually work. There's no signal-hunting, but, also realistic, there is an honest and believable reason the cell phone is of no use to our characters.

    As the Mother, Emily, Eli DeGeer gives a stunning performance. She struggles with keeping it together for her daughter. Almost losing it a few times only to bounce back from the edge of a breakdown to find strength when she truly needs it. Newcomer Ana Rojas-Plumberg steals the show here as the daughter, Eden. At first she is angry at her Mother for tearing her away from her friends and school. But as the film progresses, not only does she grow to truly relate and understand why her Mother made the choices she did, but she also steps up and finds an inner strength to overcome her fears.

    Superbly acted, well-paced, and proficient with its chills, Bonehill Road is truly a visceral, sometimes harrowing, experience. It is very compact, tight and focused toward its ultimate goal of keeping us in a constant state of suspense, wondering where the monsters might come from and throwing an incredible mid-movie twist at the audience. And honestly, I found the film to be a resounding success. But there's more to it than the obvious werewolf component, much more, housed in some really outstanding performances from every member of the small cast, who more than convincingly convey the heartbreaking and occasionally shocking moments of a well thought out script.

    Through it all, director Todd Sheets shows tremendous growth as a storyteller. He has a firm grip on this story and creates a film that is truly an EXPERIENCE. A truly chilling movie that showcases fantastic performances and the work of a filmmaker who's willing to take some risks and makes it a priority to truly envelop the viewer in a nightmarish situation. It's an engaging and worthy watch that is a fresh and original vision of familiar material. Pulled together by a Director who shows no fear in his choices. Todd Sheets and his team deserve credit for creating truly menacing and terrifying practical monsters. Shot perfectly and shown JUST the right amount to keep them scary without showing too much.

    Bonehill Road is a low budget monster movie. And everyone involved is clearly proud of that fact, yet Director Todd Sheets has taken great care here to tell an actual story, with three-dimensional characters and deeper drama that perfectly mounts the well-crafted tension. Considering the meager budget, this film succeeds in so many incredible ways. Using only practical effects and NO CGI at all, the Werewolves are impressive, the splatter effects realistic and well done. The sound design is creepy and the lighting and camera composition always impress. Todd chose to shoot the film in a hand-held style, but not shaky cam. Everything is framed well, and each shot seems to be composed for maximum effect. In fact, I found the camera-work to be just as much a part of the story as the acting and creature effects.

    There are many twists to the film that I will not give away. To do so would truly ruin the fun ride that you will experience on Bonehill Road. This is a great addition to the Werewolf genre, done with real love for the subject. Old school in it's approach, made with all practical effects, but done in a very unique and new way that really impressed me. This film is a creepy, scary, intense experience. The perfect Halloween movie.
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    The storyline was very good and surprised me a bit. It's not just a werewolf movie with werewolves and mayhem. But tells a tale of survival between mother and daughter. Highly recommended for fans of low budget indie films.
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    Bonehill Road has a crazy story that goes from bad to worse for our heroes and the tension rackets up quickly as the movie gets into it's groove.

    Fastly paced, we follow a Mother and her Daughter (Eli DeGeer as Emily Stevens and Ana Plumberg as Eden Stevens) as they tries to get some space between them and her abusive husband. They travel down a woodsy back road short cut to get to her father's (Gary Warner Kent) house but a flat tire deflates their journey as they are stranded with a pack of wolves in close proximity. They escape to an old farmhouse but the owner is a sadistic madman (Douglas Epps) with a thirst for blood and violence. Now the Stevens are trapped inside with a lunatic and can't escape the farm house because of the Werewolves. Catch 22 of the deaqdly kind!

    Super fun and inventive on a shoestring budget! If you love low budget indie horror, this is one of the best!
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    This is a independent movie from a tiny budget but it's so wonderful!!!! Deff the perfect "movie night movie" bonehill is worth adding to your movie collection if you like independent films and supporting film makers!
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    Hilarious Kangaroo

    If you like werewolf/horror movies this one doesn't disappoint. Well made, some great (non CGI) effects, cast and crew really deliver, and with Linnea Quigley you can't go wrong!
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    I like horror and werewolf movies, so if I give most of them a watch.

    And most of them are a waste of time, no exception here.

    The story can be told in 1-2 sentences, the directing is not overwhelming - to say the least - the actors are clearly inexperienced and most should definitely stick to their day jobs.

    Well, some effects were not too bad, actually.

    I understand this movie had a severely low budget, but in my opinion that's not really an excuse for the so called story, acting and directing,

    Might be harsh to give it a such a negative review - it's a fan project where some heart might have been involved - but the ratings are way too high, and people shouldn't be suckered into watching something they are likely to regret afterwards.

    Only go for it if you're really into low budget indie horror, otherwise you're better off just watching one of the very few good werewolf movies once more.
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    Wow, I wasn't expecting that. Just when you think you know where he's going, the director changes everything up! How fun! And I am amazed at what he is able to accomplish on a budget well under $20,000!
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    Bonehill Road brings back retro-style horror with renewed authenticity. What Bonehill Road lacked in budget, it made up for in heart. Todd Sheets expanded his typical "Prince of Gore" formula and breathed life into his characters like never before. The edge-of-your-seat storyline and the well-developed characters pull us in and emotionally invest us in their fight for survival. It achieved its goal of frightening its audience and pleasing its loyal fan base. The film also expanded into new territory for Todd Sheets. Bonehill Road had a broader message which gleaned insight into Todd Sheet's personal belief and convictions. While the film had themes of female empowerment, there was no political message here. It was a message we can all get behind. Characters who refused to see themselves 'victims'. In the process they raise to consciousness (and juxtapose) the oft characterization of women in horror flicks of past. The women in Bonehill Road never succumb. They fight like warriors until the end without expectation of outside assistance. A positive message in an era of endless grievances. It is the individual, not the populous, who gets to choose to which labels he or she ascribes and lives out.
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    Bonehill Road is a fun trip back to the horror films of my youth. You can tell Todd Sheets and company are horror fans as they captured both the look and feel of my favorite horror movies from my youth. This movie dances that fine line between camp and pure terror so well you will be really glad you gave it a watch.
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    Tori Texer

    A little gem of a movie.

    When I horror see movies like this I am extremely grateful to the creators.

    Hollywood can throw a massive budget into a horror movie and promise you this is the scariest thing you will see all year and by the end of the film your left extremely disappointed.

    This is definitely not the case with Bonehill Road, It is a masterpiece considering the low budget a complete roller coaster of everything a true horror fan likes.

    Definitely a 10 out of 10 for me.
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    Writer/Director Todd Sheets comes, "Bonehill Road". A werewolf movie that a homage to the 80's just in time for Halloween! Emily and her daughter Eden (Eli Degeer and Ana Plumberg) escape an abusive relationship that almost turns deadly! Emily husband (Aaron Brasier) is an abusive husband who likes beating his wife. After getting knocked around once again, Emily grabs her pocket book and daughter flee to her father (Gary Kent). On the way in a rest stop they meet a creepy motorist (Douglas Epps). They quickly exit but you know he will be seen again. There almost at Emily dad and the girls are going back and forth about why they had to leave. The daughter is scared and doesn't want to lose her friends and change school. Night has fallen and an accident occurs after a run in with someone me type of animal. Stranded an a dying phone battery she gets a message to her dad, but the phone dies. Whatever it is in the woods is coming for them. They narrowly escape and land up in a house in the middle of nowhere. It is known now the motorist at the rest stop is a serial killer. His name is Coen (Douglas Epps) and his hostages, Tina (Millie Milan), Lucy (Dilynn Fawn Harvey), and Suzy (Scream Queen legend Linnea Quigley) are held captive. They too soon are tied up and waiting for this cannibal serial killer to kill them too. This movie is not short on story and will have everyone battling everyone as the werewolf's close is in. Is it safer with the serial killer or fight the creatures? Todd Sheets is back bigger and better. This movie is across between Howling and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love the bond between the daughter and mother and how the deal with there new obstacle. From abuse to wolves to a serial killer. Yeah there ready to whip some ass. The actors are so good in this and you feel there peril. Linnea Quigley is a joy and will always be known as the queen of horror. It was a pleasure to see her important cameo and fun to see her on screen. Todd swore not to do CGI and it was a tremendous feat to see what hard work was put into making these werewolves come me to life. Looking at the end credits there was some crew involved. You had full bodysuits that looked great and the creatures faces had emotion. This is not your ordinary slap a mask on cheap Fx. All the creatures are significantly different in appearance! But could this be a Todd Sheets movie without blood and carnage and boobs. Well everything is covered. The blood and guts here are over the top and delightful for you splatter freaks. Todd has not skimped with this movie and everything from the Wolf FX to the gore, the acting, story, music and carefully coordinated cinematography. Awesome Ariel shots add to the beginning on there escape trip. Special kudos to Joe Castro and the transformation scene. Wow that was so freaking cool, I rewound and watched again. There was so much put in this movie, I can't say enough about how enjoyable and satisfied I was after watching.

    Starring: Linnea Quigley, Gary Kent, David E. McMahon, Millie Milan, Douglas Epps), Aaron Brazier, Eve Smith, Jeremy Todd, Scott Simmons, Jane Plumberg, Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas-Plumberg, and Dilynn Fawn Harvey!
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    Sheets' story is a pretty hefty dose of humanizing, hard luck horror and full on creature feature nightmare. The mother - daughter duo endure a double dose of torment and abuse on one really bad day! The complexity Todd Sheets tackles, in depth and darkness, is ambitious. The start is a little taxing in deluvery, based on acting and dialog. But don't be fooled, "Bonehill Road" goes from 0 to 60 within minutes. Even the level of acting and dialog picks up.

    The characters are recognizable and offer a contemporary element that elevates the new-classic monster movie premise, exposing the dark underbelly of human cruelty, shown through aspects of domestic violence - abuse of women - dangers of very real predators. All this weaved within a setup horror tale with some epic looking werewolves. Other than a few moments of over-emoting, the drama and action is methodic and even, giving "Bonehill Road" a consistent flow from beginning to theatrical end.

    Creature design and practical effects are king here, and for a low budget indie film, very good. No CGI, full bodied "Howling / Dog Soldiers" styled werewolves, plenty of blood and gore and one pretty cool transformation sequence give "Bonehill Road" a status unequaled by most low budget horror attempts, and put it up there with some of the finest indie werewolf movies of all time. Add to that creepy atmosphere, quality music score and this one is a must see slice of horror.
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    Been wanting to see this ever since I saw the crowd-funding campaign. Though I wasn't sure what to expect apart from Werewolves, I have to say the effort the director and his crew put in despite the obviously low budget, nothing short of amazed me.

    Great story, awesome effects, and most importantly, entertaining as hell! Can't wait to Clownado now! Thumbs up!
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    I signed up for IMDB to express my enthusiasm for Todd Sheets new brutal as hell film BONEHILL ROAD!! When I got this in the mail, we had a blast havin people over to check out this insane masterpiece - the story is original and the actresses are excellent; it takes a twist to indulge in apparently pcp fueled cannibal torture to just bring the whole thing over the top -- and the werewolves are so perfectly done with some of the most agonizing transformation bits I've seen, especially excellent being that this was just released, and is still honoring the classic practical arts and crafts of extreme gore!! Thank you again Todd Sheets and the rest of the incredible crew; you can feel the excitement and absolute love for what they are doing, and after it was over, we were all talking about it for the rest of the night and the next day. If you're into anything remotely of this sort, you know this is the real deal, the squares writing the negative reviews wouldn't be expected to get this in the first place! Cheers!!
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    Werewolf's & the dark side of humanity collide in this wonderful well acted & directed movie.

    There's a bit of personal hate toward this movie by some nasty people going on at the moment whom have not even seen this movie, but let me take you back down to reality by saying watch this movie with an open mind, you will be very surprised.

    Full of strong characters and a good story, that's right a good story, something that's hard to find these days in movies, music is great also and without giving out spoilers, the movie has twists and turns from the moment it begins, stay with the end titles (a hunt)

    Believe in people whom have watched this movie and not the bots, I give it a cool 9 out of 10!