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Orphans (1987) HD online

Orphans (1987) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Orphans
Director: Alan J. Pakula
Writers: Lyle Kessler,Lyle Kessler
Released: 1987
Budget: $15,000,000
Duration: 1h 55min
Video type: Movie
The two brothers Treat and Philip lived alone since they were kids. Interdependent they dwell in a loft house and live on little thefts, until an aging minor criminal moves in with them and takes over the role of a father.
Complete credited cast:
Albert Finney Albert Finney - Harold
Matthew Modine Matthew Modine - Treat
Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson - Phillip
John Kellogg John Kellogg - Barney
Anthony Heald Anthony Heald - Man in Park
Novella Nelson Novella Nelson - Mattie
Elizabeth Parrish Elizabeth Parrish - Rich Woman
B. Constance Barry B. Constance Barry - Lady in Crosswalk
Frank Ferrara Frank Ferrara - Cab Driver
Clifford Fearl Clifford Fearl - Doorman

(1990, Movieline) Alan J. Pakula remarked on his casting of Matthew Modine that, at first, "there was 1 in 20 chances of his getting the role," largely because Modine had shown only the more innocent side of his range so far on screen. But, "when Modine came in to discuss the film, he had a shaved head and was very tall, so he looked intimidating, and he made me laugh a lot. I saw colors that were not in the other roles he'd done."

Albert Finney and Matthew Modine would later appear in Версия Браунинга (1994).

Keanu Reeves was considered for the role of Treat.

Reviews: [17]

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    i feel bad giving this movie such a good review. in the day and age we live in, anyone who reads this recommendation and sees Orphans will probably be shocked and disgusted. you will find NO special effects in Orphans. no glitz, no huge budget, and no big name actors. can you imagine?? no, what you find in this movie is a cast of three actors who absolutely bring three characters to life. the chemistry is amazing and the screenplay is among the best i've ever seen. Orphans is all based around three characters and one house. how do they possibly carry a four star movie without any explosions, without any computer generated effects, without any ben afleck?! see the dying art of acting and script writing in it's finest form before all we're left with is style and no substance. 10/10

    EDIT: I was a teenager when I wrote this user comment. I had just seen Orphans for the first time and obviously left a very reactionary review. While my comments aren't the most well informed or mature, they do reflect my feelings at the time so I will not change them. I just wanted to add that while I am now in my mid 20s and find my above comments very silly, I still love this movie and consider it one of my all time favorites.
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    I just watched "The Browning version", a later film that united Mathew Modine and Albert Finney, purely on the basis that I was so compelled by their performances together in 'The Orphans'. A film that I saw some time ago, but has stayed with me since.

    "The Orphans" is based on two young men, existing on the fringe of society. No doubt due to their background and the neglect of their upbringing, that they subsequently suffer various emotional and mental illness. Enter Albert Finney. A gangster whom they kidnap purely to rob. Yet despite their aggressive intentions and perhaps also because of it, he identifies with the boys and sympathises from his own orphan upbringing. Albert Finney's character intrinsically sets about to break down their defences. Battling the conflicts in a very touching transition from mugging victim to a foster father role. A situation that conflicts the boys security against the emotional needs that they require to challenge their fears and build any kind of self pride to live in society, and not on the fringe of it.

    Like the previous comments have said, the film is very much like an on screenplay. I imagine that it was written as a play but don't let that put you off. I was completely compelled throughout this film and do not recall being bored from a lack of visual stimuli. Despite my usually short attention span, it was simply not the case. An unknown gem of a film that is truly a treasure when found.
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    i saw this movie in the late 80's and it's only been equaled by one other movie (imho). when you watch the movie, you have to understand that it was a play adapted to a movie and plays tend to be acted a little "over the top"... which is needed to reach out and grab an audience that is physically all around you. however, don't let that steer you away from the incredible acting and story that is told. it's about a basic and fundamental need in all human beings, the need to be loved and cared for in naturing way. this movie is so raw in it's needs and emotions, it can be hard to watch. really, it can be painful and some people don't like that. sometimes we just want to be entertained. this movie can be entertaining at times, but if you want to watch something that will speak directly to your heart and not sugarcoat reality in any way, you can do no better than this film. all 3 actors are exceptional in this movie and for it to get no critical acclaim is criminal. i see 12 reviews on wow. i know the movie is a bit obscure, but not that obscure... the actors are well known and do such an incredible job. please make every effort to watch this and you won't be disappointed. if you aren't affected by this movie, you aren't human.
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    Yeah a complete 10. Hard but excellent. As you follow along it draws you in. The story is good, I even step back and notice the slow camera work. So So intimate, like you get to experience a private showing of a great play right in your living room.

    ....I wish to mention one review above by speaks of homosexual issues. I only hope you are young or from some other perspective...because this emotional charged story is just about " a little encouragement , a squeeze of the shoulder" really nothing more , no overtones , or other issues. It is just caring. Human caring and encouragement. Very simple, very pure. Remember this was a while ago when it was OK for males to touch and not get arrested or whatever. Society's...people's loss that that has gotten so cloudy/avoided.

    So no I feel there is no homosexual suggestions or whatever in this story. ....perhaps has to do with the eye of the beholder?? I remembered this when saw it prob 25 yrs ago ....just finally found and bought it. Just as powerful as I recall.
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    This movie has a power that many movies lack. The acting by all three main characters is super. It's about two orphan brothers who try robbing another orphan. Instead of robbing him, they end up working for him. An awesome movie that shouldn't be missed!
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    This drama was very powerful in spots but I found it too uncomfortable in the long run. It was interesting but, frankly, I wouldn't want to see it again. Two young guys (at time time) - Matthew Modine ("Treat") and Kevin Anderson ("Phillip") - play characters that not always each to watch. It gets a little too mean-spirited, as the latter is mentally slow.

    As interesting as those two guys are, the best character is played by Albert Finney. His role as "Harold" - nobody has a last name in this movie - is hard to figure at times. He is older than the other two guys, low-life mental cases, and he winds up being kidnapped by the younger guys. He, too, as it turns out, was an orphan and all three share a sad and somewhat sordid backgrounds. He winds up just about being a foster-type father to these kidnappers. However, there are strong homosexual overtones in this movie, too, which could lead to other conclusions. It's a bizarre story.

    Whatever, this is extremely well-acted movie but too unpleasant for my tastes.
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    A totally unique and offbeat neo noir character study of poverty row crime loyalty and betrayal that never fails to surprise. Pakula is a fascinating director with quite a resume (KLUTE, PARALLAX VIEW, ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN and more) and he gets genuinely great performances from Finney and a young Matthew Modine. This is the kind of powerful small story that was regularly made as a b-movie 2nd feature in the 50s but has virtually disappeared in the car crash/exploding building/asteroid impact-driven event picture culture of today. This is basically a couple of down and out losers sitting in a shabby room talking, but trust me, it packs more power than most event pictures can shoot volcanic lava out of. I don't want to spoil any of the twists so just give this quirky but entirely convincing piece a look and you'll thank me.
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    I saw this film about 100 times as a child and it forever stuck in our household as a classic to watch every Christmas.

    The film is about 2 young boys, Treat, an angry young man who must make his living through petty thievery, and his house-ridden younger brother, Phillip, who never leaves the house from fear of "the toxic air outside" which apparently nearly killed him as a child. A third character, Harold who is supposedly a rich businessman,played by film veteran Albert Finney, comes into the lives of the two boys after they attempt to kidnap him and hold him for ransom. Little do they know that Harold has a thing or two to teach the boys about life, family, and how to become grown men.

    Orphans is an old film, but is absolutely wonderful. I am saddened by the fact that it didn't make it into the mainstream to be regarded a classic along the lines of Casablanca, Gone with the wind, Titanic, etc.

    I recommend this film for anybody who has a heart.
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    First I read the play then I saw the movie, I was equally impressed with the both of them. The performances are wonderful and the setting was just as I imagined. One of the top 10 dramas of all time. I suggest you buy this one. Listen to the dialog, it is very very funny.
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    I came upon this movie on a cable channel. It's one of the best I have ever seen great acting and story. To bad they don't make more like this instead of all the shootem up, car chase, mind numbing, junk
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    To any male who grew up without a father or had a distant father, (somebody hasn't?) this film is a must. It's not a movie in the strict sense; it's a play on the screen. It's best seen in the privacy of one's home where emotions can be allowed to flow, and they will flow. It's like a trip to the therapist.

    All the acting is done by virtually three characters, in an old dilapidated house which serves as virtually the only set. Two brothers played by Matthew Modine and Kevin Anderson --The Wrong Man, Miles from Home, Nothing Sacred (TV)--share the limelight with Albert Finney--a gangster and surrogate father. The acting is stellar, with Kevin Anderson, a vastly underrated actor, playing a whole range of emotions superbly.

    If you can watch the last scene without being deeply affected, then you should be watching professional wrestling instead.

    However, I noticed that Ebert gave the movie an unfavorable review claiming that it worked as a play but not as a movie adaption. But I've disagreed with Ebert before.

    To me the movie is easily a 10.
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    Intense. Essence of what films should be about. Reflecting human nature.
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    This is one of the most memorable films that I've ever seen and I'd been searching for it for a long time. With all the new technology I finally found it on Vudu and watched it for the second time. What fabulous performances by all three actors. Albert Finney is a favorite of mine, and he plays the once orphaned, perhaps delinquent gentleman who becomes the seeming victim of these 'lost' boys. As the power slowly shifts to Finney, he takes on a fatherly role toward the boys. This doesn't say enough. There's an atmosphere created by the director that elicits sometimes comedic and sometimes very touching moments between the parties. It's a feeling that's very difficult to categorize. Suffice it to say that if you like an interesting story, superbly acted by all, and don't mind the lack of special effects, you might see the gem I see in this film.
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    Pure energy - a movie for actors and artists and those who appreciate the craft. All 3 actors in this movie give this theatrical adaptation soaring performances. Amazing movie about coming of age late in life, learning to control oneself and giving back to those less fortunate and how it's never too late. I recently saw Alec Baldwin's Broadway interpretation and although it is always impressive when someone can memorize the entire movie word for word but it was a blasé experience in comparison. The relatability of these characters is profound, as if there's a loneliness and need for change in these characters in each one of us. This film touched on humans deepest emotions and tendencies - I think everyone should experience this film. And if all you've seen of Modine is war or 80's heart throb this is a must see! He is Birdy but way better and deeper. I bumped into him in the west village once and discussed this film with him and he remarked that this is the movie he always talks about at colleges and seminars because of how important he feels it was. This movie title is my security questions on some phone banking apps when it asks, "what is your favorite movie" hahaha
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    What can I say but the very ending gave me two tears (one for either eye)again. I remember seeing this as a video rental (as did so many others.) I've always considered Matthew Modine an excellent actor ever since watching "Visionquest" (don't knock it, a great coming of age film!) in HS so I've watched pretty much all of his movies. When I saw this in the store I had no idea what it was going to be about. All I know it was excellent. I've read how some were underwhelmed by the "staginess" of it, I think one reviewer even mentioned the "stage acting." Uh, no. I have to disagree. This was a brutally real, human story that cut me to the quick, especially the end. Truth is, I don't have any different opinions that other fans haven't already mentioned in reviews. I just had re log in to say how much this film moved me... again and maybe one day folks will do films this intimate and powerful.
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    I love when I just stumble on to a movie like this late at night, I wouldn't have known the title if not for IMDb here. Modine and Anderson are great, believable brothers. Albert Finney is always good

    I gave this 8/10 8)
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    Two ignorant, semi-depraved brothers, dead-end kids abandoned by their parents and living (so to speak) in a condemned house near Newark, New Jersey, kidnap a drunken Irish dandy and hold him for ransom, but get more than they bargained for after daylight and sobriety transforms their prisoner into a cunning thief (and surrogate father). Director Alan J. Pakula makes little attempt to open up the stage play that inspired the film, and the artificial theatricality of the setting and dialogue doesn't translate well to the big screen. But the often absorbing dynamics between each of the three high-caliber actors is enough reason to recommend the play itself, if only to stage buffs.