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Code Red Code Red (1981–1982) HD online

Code Red Code Red (1981–1982) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Drama
Original Title: Code Red
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Writers: Laurence Heath,Carole Raschella
Released: 1981–1982
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: TV Episode
This is the story of a family of fire fighters. Joe is the patriarch; he is a former fire fighter, who is currently an arson investigator. His son, Ted is fireman, who's laid back. His other son, Chris is helicopter pilot who flies the victims to the hospital if necessary. Presently, they are investigating a series of fires that appear to be insurance scam, because the property's owner is in debt and his property is heavily mortgaged. They have one of the arsonists, however, he was so disfigured by the fire that they can't identify him. So Joe is hoping that Ted, who saved him can convince him to help them. And also there's a situation at the firehouse, Haley Green is the first female fire fighter and some of the guys are not pleased with it.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Lorne Greene Lorne Greene - Battalion Chief Joe Rorchek
Andrew Stevens Andrew Stevens - Ted Rorchek
Martina Deignan Martina Deignan - Haley Green
Julie Adams Julie Adams - Ann Rorchek
Sam J. Jones Sam J. Jones - Chris Rorchek
Joe Maross Joe Maross - Captain Mike Benton
James Crittenden James Crittenden - Rags Harris
Joaquin Garay III Joaquin Garay III - Rico Ortiz
Dennis Haysbert Dennis Haysbert - Stuff Wade
Jack Lindine Jack Lindine - Al Martelli
Anthony Pena Anthony Pena - Johnny Raincloud (as Anthony Penya)
Robert Alda Robert Alda - Dr. Gerold Brooks
Burr DeBenning Burr DeBenning - Sam Buhl
Josh Albee Josh Albee - Art Waldon
Judith Penrod Judith Penrod - Sharon Brooks

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    Born in the same year as Denzel Washington, Dennis Haysbert made his screen debut in this television movie titled 'Code Red'. Like Denzel at the time, he was unnoticed, and you could be forgiven for thinking they are one and the same person. It's worth a watch if only to see Dennis in his first project.
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    This TV-movie served as a pilot to the last series produced by Irwin Allen (Master of Disaster). The series concerned itself with the exploits of a family of firefighters headed by Lorne Greene. Of interest were a female firefighter and a Native-American arson investigator (two non-traditinal roles).

    Among members from prior Irwin Allen endeavors are Burr De Benning ("City Beneath the Sea", "Amazing Captain Nemo") and musician Richard LaSalle ("Land of the Giants", "Swiss Family Robinson", "Fire", etc.).

    The original concept of "Code Red" was based on a script by Irwin Allen called "Pumper One". The story was set in San Francisco and was based on the fire department featured in "The Towering Inferno". When Allen moved from Warner Bros. to Columbia Pictures in 1981, he had to remove all "Inferno" references. Thus, "Code Red" was born.