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Blood on the Backlot (2000) HD online

Blood on the Backlot (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Horror / Short
Original Title: Blood on the Backlot
Director: Michelle Deal
Writers: Donald Petersen
Released: 2000
Duration: 22min
Video type: Movie
Detective John Waddington (JOHN BILLINGSLEY Dr. Phlox from the series Enterprise) investigates the murder of aging starlet Sabrina Morgan (BRINKE STEVENS) by what eyewitnesses describe as a werewolf. With the help of Studio Security Officer Holbrook (JIM HANKS) Detective Waddington rounds up the suspects, pieces together their stories and ultimately discovers what really happened to Sabrina Morgan on that dark and foggy night.
Credited cast:
Grant Axton Grant Axton - Bobby Smith
John Billingsley John Billingsley - John Waddington
Silky Blackwood Silky Blackwood - Gladys
Cliff Castlefield Cliff Castlefield - Geezer
Jim Hanks Jim Hanks - Officer Holbrook
Brent Kirkland Brent Kirkland - Sidney Pepercorn
Bill Miller Bill Miller - Police Officer
Kem Saunders Kem Saunders - Jacob Callahan
Brinke Stevens Brinke Stevens - Sabrina Morgan
Jennifer Tierney Jennifer Tierney - Tilly Bondurant

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    I loved this movie! It was creative, Shot well, looks like it had a decent budget! And the acting was great! Including that of Miss Brinke Stevens! I love this woman! At times she can be a really horrible actress, but she never fails to entertain her many fans. And we love her for that. I say go to Brinke's website and purchase this movie, you'll have a great time!!