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Typist (2013) HD online

Typist (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Typist
Director: Sergey Vlasov
Writers: Sergey Vlasov
Released: 2013
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
In an underground world a group of typists are typing texts constantly. Suddenly one of the keyboards gets broken and the typist has to exit the room to find himself a new keyboard. The thing is he is the first one to exit this very room ever.
Credited cast:
Vitaliy Freadland Vitaliy Freadland - Typist
Michael Lerner Michael Lerner - Suprevisor
Yoram Levinstein Yoram Levinstein - Boss

Reviews: [2]

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    We join a room of hooded men, all furiously typing on keypads, producing endless streams of numbers. At the front is an overseer and, when someone has an issue typing, an additional authority figure is approached, and the problem person is stopped and removed from the room. We do not know quite where we are, but we know it is bleak and without any real point. One of the men breaks his keypad and is allowed to leave the room to get a replacement – something that has never happened before.

    The word you are looking for is "Kafkaesque", and the reason you are looking for that word is because the writer/director of this piece has taken it away and made it his own possession. Or at least, that it how it feels since there is really little else to this short film but that word. We have a very simple scenario that screams it for the most part until, at the end, we have some sort of hopeful ending which (a) doesn't fit this type of film, and (b) doesn't actually fit or make sense in the context of the narrative (such as it is). The film takes its time to create this world but the key thing it lacks is atmosphere. I mean, considering the budget, the sets are actually pretty decent even if they are understandably limited in size. However the film tries to create atmosphere by just moving slowly and having a solemn tone – which does sort of fit, but without an atmosphere around this, or a narrative outside of it, it mostly succeeds in making the film feel like it is dragging somewhat.

    In the end, the sense of it being Kafkaesque is really all there is, and one feels that the film was so focused on just being that (or what it thinks that means) that it forgot to be its own film and do something worth seeing.
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    Remembering Kafka short stories, it could be defined as parable. A parable about dictatorship. Hooded men typing in a gray room. An accident, solved in silent manner. And something different, posing real problems. The end is the key of a short film who could seem too abstract. Because, like many brilliant films, it is just a film about the viewer.