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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action
Original Title: X-DuckX
Duration: 7min
Video type: TV Series
Fasten your safety harnesses, dudes and dudettes! Extreme sports meets " Wayne's world ". Feathers are gonna fly when the Extreme Ducks bite the air, slam the snow and kiss the asphalt. Tonight, those lean and mean grain-fed Ducks-boys return to television with their own extreme series. The Danger, the Unexpected and even the Unimaginable are regular guest stars. Like Batman without Robin, Beavis without Butt-head, hip without hop, that's what Geextah's life would be without Slax. And vice-versa. Join the hip Geextah and the slack Slax as they take it to the limit with your favorite extreme sports : skyboarding off the Eiffel Tower, mountain biking down the Grand Canyon and extreme snackin' from the fast-food stands.
Series cast summary:
Claudia Besso Claudia Besso 77 episodes, 2001-2005
Daniel Brochu Daniel Brochu 77 episodes, 2001-2005
Mark Camacho Mark Camacho 77 episodes, 2001-2005
Ellen David Ellen David 77 episodes, 2001-2005
Carrie Finlay Carrie Finlay 77 episodes, 2001-2005
Pauline Little Pauline Little 77 episodes, 2001-2005
John Stocker John Stocker 77 episodes, 2001-2005
Rick Jones Rick Jones - Slax 76 episodes, 2001-2005
Julian Casey Julian Casey - Geextah 76 episodes, 2001-2005
Simon Peacock Simon Peacock 71 episodes, 2001-2005
Helen King Helen King 70 episodes, 2001-2005
Terrence Scammell Terrence Scammell 53 episodes, 2001-2005
A.J. Henderson A.J. Henderson 49 episodes, 2005
Sonja Ball Sonja Ball 45 episodes, 2005
Anik Matern Anik Matern 34 episodes, 2001-2005

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    X-DuckX is one of the most, if not the most, funniest cartoon I've watched to date. The dialog is very lively, the art style is absolutely unique and everything is exaggerated to the point of perfect humor, even it the humor itself is very silly.

    For those who find fun in things that might seem gross or in cartoon violence, the show is perfect. The colors are more stimulating than Spongebob, the weirdness is more intense than Invader Zim, and the action is greater than that in any cartoonish point of comparison you may find.
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    I can't believe I saw this horrifying cartoon. X-DuckX makes no sense whatsoever. This is so messed up beyond belief. Xilam did better animation than Alphanim. I really wonder if some of my friends really hate Alphanim. I'd rather watch A Little Curious than this. This literally makes no sense. It's a French cartoon that sucks. Don't get me wrong, I love French animation. Shows like Oggy and the Cockroaches, Code Lyoko, Corneil and Bernie, Mr. Baby, etc. But I never liked Soupe Opera, Robotboy, or Mona the Vampire, and I sure do not like this messy show. This is definitely the 2000s Breadwinners. What kind of names are Slax and Geextah? Those are really retarded names. This show makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.