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Westworld Virtù e Fortuna (2016– ) HD online

Westworld Virtù e Fortuna (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Western
Original Title: Virtù e Fortuna
Director: Richard J. Lewis
Writers: Jonathan Nolan,Lisa Joy
Released: 2016–
Duration: 59min
Video type: TV Episode
Dolores makes her next move; Charlotte scrambles to protect Delos' most prized asset; Bernard gets closer to the truth.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood - Dolores Abernathy
Thandie Newton Thandie Newton - Maeve Millay
Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright - Bernard Lowe
James Marsden James Marsden - Teddy Flood
Tessa Thompson Tessa Thompson - Charlotte Hale
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Ingrid Bolsø Berdal - Armistice
Fares Fares Fares Fares - Antoine Costa
Luke Hemsworth Luke Hemsworth - Ashley Stubbs
Katja Herbers Katja Herbers - Grace
Louis Herthum Louis Herthum - Peter Abernathy
Simon Quarterman Simon Quarterman - Lee Sizemore
Talulah Riley Talulah Riley - Angela
Rodrigo Santoro Rodrigo Santoro - Hector Escaton
Angela Sarafyan Angela Sarafyan - Clementine Pennyfeather
Gustaf Skarsgård Gustaf Skarsgård - Karl Strand

The title is Italian for Virtue and Fortune.

The title of episode is inspired by Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince, a treatise on the relationship between power, fate and free will.

The song heard in the opening sequence of this episode is "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.

In the Fort infirmary, Peter Abernathy's "I am bound upon a wheel of fire..." is a quote from 'King Lear'

Rotten Apple by Alice In Chains is played throughout the episode.

First appearance of Park 6 - The Raj.

Reviews: [13]

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    One reviewer wrote "This show is going south so fast". That is a perfect description. Season 1 was far more cerebral, which could have been continued into Season 2 - even if Anthony Hopkins didn't come back. He was the shows focal point. It has become a bloody hot mess with no direction. I am hoping for a turning point.
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    What is the dumbest way to assault a fort manned by folk with revolvers cannons and repeating rifles? Well my first answer would be a wiffle bat charge in broad daylight. My second answer would be a handgun charge. The third but very well entrenched in the 'Stupid' zone would be a SMG charge in broad daylight. Of course defense also wants their forces on the outside the walls to catch every bullet fired fired one handed by a running soldier with a SMG otherwise WHO KNOWS how many defenders would have been pelted by crumbling masonry in the FRIGGIN FORT!!! Those 9 mil bullets would have turned that gate to kindling in A WEEK OR SO of constant fire! Oh...and make sure you have 2 guards at the back gate that can't even see a dune buggy drive right up on them. This scene is blatant disregard for physical laws and tactical thinking. The writer altered logical principles for what got in the way of his story and I have no respect for that. Before all you fanboys get on me for this, I'm a fan of the series. Episode 4 was amazing. It is only because the series has so much going for it that I get passionate about aspects that ruin it for me.

    I hate the way in which makes the pretty young women such major bad asses. Maeve I can see. She altered her stats . Dolores? She didn't. She 'Chose' to be good because her will is as epic as her 'youth' and 'Good Looks' I said "FAN FIC"! The handsome pretty boy gunslingers are gentle to women but brutal to men like some BS Harlequin Romance. If you happen to be ugly and or old and are not one of the main villains then someone could probably kill a full room full of these guys by throwing a handful of marbles at them. I find the logic of that flawed and worthy of the worst shows and the best trashy novels!
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    Within Season 1 this was a unique show, something mysterious. Now it's a blood bath, filled with cruelty and illogical moves. No human being ever (mercenaries) will risk their life ever just trying to kill some robots. And if they will, they will gear up till their teeth and not just die all the time. The show is getting terrible, im afraid of future episodes.
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    The intelligence, ideas and plot died with Hopkins (Ford), and I'm starting to believe that they should have ended it with season 1. Ed Harris is the only reason to keep watching the show at this point. It has been reduced to a complete and utter illogical mess with increasingly bad acting, uinteresting characters and cheesy lines.

    And the endless, pointless shoot-out scenes, hailed by some (probably teenagers) as great action, are absolute garbage.

    How many times do we have to watch a character pull up his/her revolver and shoot all 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 (or perhaps 20?) enemies dead with no problem whatsoever? And why are the human soldiers - at least when they're not dying in the background, as they have been doing for 4 episodes in a row - constantly walking upright towards the enemy gun fire like complete idiots?
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    So far, this season has been a real disappointment, devolving into an endless series of mindless cartoonish shootouts, and random acts of violence and carnage, as our intrepid heroines seek revenge and retribution. The fact that all the strong lead characters are females, and the men bumbling idiots is instructive, and reflects the current pc imperative that is seeping into nearly all new media presentations. This heavy-handed approach is glaringly obvious and adversely effects the whole tone of the show. It's now just a vehicle for female empowerment.
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    When the episode began, I found myself asking "What show am I watching again?" It felt like an entirely new show -- a bad reboot -- lost the plot, pointless killing, lame dialogue, and dry acting. To be fair I gave this episode a chance despite how painful it was to watch. Many conversations or substories were unexplained or poorly executed that you need to google to understand and that's no fun because of the risk of being exposed to spoilers. Overall it felt pieced together unprofessionally and I can't believe it's produced by the same guys.
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    For those who don't like it when the show is too slow-paced, this is the episode. The action and the fight for survival feel most complete here, including a small battle. We really get to see the various parts of the park fit together. Delores and Maeve take the lead here and their journeys become more surprising.
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    Unlike the episodes before this one, it was exciting. It's all starting to piece together and it's not confusing.
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    I for one think this season is quite strong. This episode just came up as largely uneventful, and felt like filler. Also, definately care more for the Bernard, Old/Young william storyline, or essentially anything other than doloris's story - unless they finally give some more info to stop it from feeling like empty buildup.
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    It was good but couldn't be better. Need to see a highlight Action soon, or getting a little bit too much of what is present.
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    Doesn't move on to to slow big disappointed until now
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    I am liking this season...only with the hope that Dolores meets her end. I can't tolerate the idea of a creation, going off on their own. The Hosts aren't human. I don't care how much they look it or act it. They aren't human. They don't have a right to stage a coo! It is not the same as HUMAN beings who are being mistreated, enslaved etc. HUMANS have the right to stage an uprising from their mistreatment. After all HUMANS don't deserve to be treated in such a manner. ROBOTS on the other hand, are just that ROBOTS. While the park is an acquired taste..(some sick idea to give bored rich people something to do). It doesn't take away from the fact that these hosts are ROBOTS that were built to be murdered, raped and whatever humans desire. After all, they are PAYING for the experience and I am sure it isn't cheap. I am not feeling sorry for the ROBOTS at all. They are bugging me. Almost puts me in the mind of DISRESPECTFUL children, who grow up to talk crazy to and mistreat their parents. With the exception that children are HUMAN. The idea is still the same, how dare you disrespect your creator!. People love their children so all can be forgiven. ROBOTS on the other hand.....kill em all!!! IF it was happening in real life I would say drop a bomb on that whole world and that would be the end of it... One thing that has me confused in this episode is Dolores asking Bernard if he had been out in the real world. We have seen Bernard out in the real I don't get that.
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    This episode was filled with action and I love action for e.g. I love Banshee the series, but this seemed like an episode that was a fight for survival to hold off the men that were coming but just felt dumb. I hope they make sense out of doreles incorporating Wyatts traits because in season 1 their was a scene where they showed him when he was angry with the way he hid face looked. It has the other narrator in it. Now Dolores apparently is him in this narrative when Ford said the new narrative was based on wyatt and they teased him out.

    Again, maybe they rewrote what their going to do bu having delores obtain his narrative for the plot and I'm positive theyll explain it good. It just threw me off and the episode with the battle scene didnt help advance the plot really.

    We know somethings up with Dolores dad that theyve planned. How teddy still has his character traits (Thank you to the writers for being consistent there bc if he had shot him it would have killed it for me as a huge westworld fan, so it's nice to know they're remaining loyal to season 1 source season) and Dolores sees it and it's pretty obvious how shell handle it. An internal conflict most likely.

    This episode just focused on one set of the actors primarily and it is at its worst when it does this I feel. It's a bit jarring. I love when the episode does what it does best. This seemed to abort the format or formula. This was the least mind stimulating episode in the series imo and my least favorite along with the pilot. Episode 2 was just like season 1.

    From the ending I can tell where about to visit shogun a world with swords so I'm absolutely looking forward to that.

    I can see why people would love this episode and why people would not. I understand. Just like this review will be of unpopular opinion. But I'm really a westworld fantastic and theyve achieved a level of quality that I've come to expect and after episode 2, which people that was slow, though it visited all the questions and some theories to set up for this season as I love, it also came after a jarring premiere. It felt like I could relax again.

    This episode was like an action filled filler if that makes sense. Yes, there was information to advance the plot forward technically, but it was a wasted opportunity imo.

    Even westworld with one of their bad episodes is still a 8 to me!!! I love this show.